Sunday, September 26, 2010

viral yarnalyses

drew aspires to viral yarn collector (collider, accelerator) and collectivator still and lately strapolated nother strident.

i will put it to you, in dutch too (and first), that ambition has gone from towering to worm'wholing'. Haaah!!!!!!!

mooie sier maken met iets afleren ..... veel poeha over 1 of ander vernobelizatietje (slavernij afschaffing (ovt 26th of sept) .... maaaaarrrrrr, uiteindelijk word het een regen in drup, lood om oud ijzer en zelfs kwaad tot erger verhaal .... omdat die opschudding der zeden misbruikt word als afleiding ... aandacht wegleiding van een voor velen nog onvoorstelbare verdieping (opeenstapeling - levenlozende doorstructuring - doorgeschoten levenlozing) van het kwaad... and what's the new next big sturz zur besturztheit????? well, simple, eradication of all scale n awareness of scalage, stop scaling and flipoff scalings.

Go inward people hurry up ... into the silence .. punctuated by frantic formulae.

followed up a Drewoid recommendation and this is the result:

guerrilla psychonautics - -- Neil Kramer .. a worthy followupper of the Topper like meme-skew-spew.

we are food for the greys and reptiles, our own shadows, the intertia .. blah

we are the shadow, .. complicit, .. disavow it, .. projecting and collectivizing
'stuck energy, only by going within, can we disperse the dark patterns that
ultimately emanate from us'.

what a load of cunning bull. Let me repeat once again, we sit somewhere along the true and radial axes of being, between radiance and dark, silent inert, stuck 'patterns' (crystallizations, simply that which holds us up patiently, eminently recruitable, but not by 'going within' ourselves but THEM (as part of ourselves, to make them part of and thereby radicalizing ourselves yes).
Only by going within them/it, rock do we help lighten and green that up, turn it to soil and the inert, silent long suffering stage can by our doing begin to transform and knit infrastructure in a meet and mix with the radiance coming towards all and it from above. The diabolicism and predation we are according to Neil Kramer and the like susceptible to, lies with giving them credence and is, luckily, limited to exactly that. He likes (us to voluntarily) lock ourselves up within ourselves (don't blame him!!) instead of UNlocking the stuff he so cunningly deflects and steals from in order to turn it into a
scary threat instead of the source of trust (object of thrust) and comfort 'it' is.

SciAm (+400 yarnerings) and Loll via Drew: '..fractal where scale does not exist!!'

hey, who wants the bumpy rides, who wants to see the world champ motocross and mogul moghul deal with the choppy bits as if it was a 6D trampoline? Boring, and i am on a diet formulae diet anyways, ...cheeezz, cheerzz.

much hypie ado about fishnets ... like i said ...tsjeeeeezzzzz squirt, better have your spout looked at.
September 26, 2010 3:38 AM

oops, sorry (stupid importune linebreaks again, i keep forgetting to show n copy in n out of firefox ... and am beginning to think i better get with the google mindset if i want to have all sorts of prestidigifold(butgold)ness at my fitseefutzy disposal in the near future.

yeaeeeehj bunching!, yeaheey trains! .... yall trying to kidnap sound principle into outer space again aintcha???

not into the nwo, ... just figured out the bequation equation of the firefox folder order.
Click 'name' for proper ((alphabetical)) places as well until then Capitalized names go on top upon first click into them)

bout the pics for that Loll mama
(she is one of 3 females out of 30 ENRAGErs) very quickly become irrelevant, .. there is even only one other diagram amongst them, from a conf held 07 with never fleshed out, thus left blank and blind hyperlinks - the most honest kind perhaps. Even run into fellatio - at beautiful and surely patriarchically victimize rather than royally rewarded. they get payed little enough to have to return starting a progression into tortuousness some of which i see early on in this search Howard Stern machine orgasm. I am for first- and fewtimers i guess.

also via google images i end up, via very different looking results, perusing a post from last nov, at (steve ludlum in Va)
Steve quotes a comment on Chapman (whom i am listening to, on the 'proof negative' patriot show by freedomizer (overamped phone on blogtalkradio - TORTURE!!!!!! hate to have to listen to something worthwile using technique this crappy ... oh wait, i had a book in front of the speakers - visited via a very beautiful but totally hysterical and compulsively vidding newslassie - where ads that are helpful for autonomization are mixed ((diluted, polluted)) with goldbuggery):::::

I usually ignore gold bugs and climate change deniers but Bob 'Gold bug' Chapman was featured on Automatic Earth, maybe he's a friend of Ilargi's family:

::::long quote omitted:::::

Gold bugs and others obsess about the value of currency to the exclusion of common sense.

::::piet: djees, what a sloppy sentence (implying gold is currency ... and none besides ... on top of that suggesting that any of that can be separated from common sense):::::

The worth of anything, including gold, silver or any currency in every instance is both consensual and arbitrary.

::::hmm??? remedying mentioned mistake and making another ::::

What matters most of all is not the worth of currency but the worth of commerce.

:::::aahaah, there's the arbitrariness, that 'but' is, entirely .. alien::::::

The economy fails because the value of our commerce is diminished due to decades of waste and bad investments.

:::::the gold bug makes the mistake of implicitly (mumly) clinging to (again, implied but long defunct and non-((no longer))existent) condition that guaranteed reflection of prices for and of real goods real people, real commitment, real, sustainable, durable anything !!VALUE!! in the price of gold. No longer (does the state have the type integrity Spinoza worshipped so religiously without understanding a thing about it, too busy with abstraction wasn't he?) and that is what this article makes fairly clear despite my criticism.

nother quote from the neighbourhood, both mine (circa 81 i fell in love with the ex-lover of the maker of the camel image, deported back to Oz) and that blog post's::::;

Like 'Mr. Penis Head', ideas become easily- consumed 'quanta'. The consumer can pass down the aisle with a shopping cart and fill it with a helping of Federalism from James Madison and a box of repressed sexuality from Freud, a container of Jew- hatred from Billy Graham and several servings of paranoia from Franz Kafka and Glenn Beck. What are you 'up for'? Marshall McLuhan is still right, the medium is the message.

::::;funny, on this search, by contrast to the last, loads of charts show up and the first lascivious luscious bod monica belluci type image doesn't till page 12 (on zionistgoldreport)

... and you know what? this is how he started his comment on the omitted quote (about the fed manipalated gold markets quoting tyler durden and greenspan):::::;

Good grief! It's hard to know where to begin with this self- contradictory and incoherent nonsense!

:::::;one cannot but be the ghost one sees in the rear view mirror, up ahead and everywhich other way one manages to look, .. .with that i shall go view my assininity buddy down under again (it's that time of the year again i guess) and i need a break from that good old gold.

oh wait, loose end:
Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Cs No. (over 1200) on this (aug 7th post):
AAaaaaarggghhh!!! talking about atrocious audio (and this guy does it deliberately):
Paul is Dead - 89 - Helter Skelter - Part 1 is a disturbing and accusatory piece that attempts to link the Beatles to the Manson murders, of all things. Although there is not much factual substance in the video (how could there be?) it still is quite effective in provoking an uneasy feeling in the viewer. It makes you want to brace yourself for a disturbing event on August 8 or 9.

guess it is a Beatles fan crowd .. or a death cult
'pid' (paul is dead) fabulosers
one of 97 vids on Paul McCartney
.. guess reversalisms and anagrammars are key concept bushed about the beat(le Paul, not to mention messiahnism ... something Manson obviously picked up upon and decided to treat as found good - grinders creepers .. gritsomely grinning as the trouble with dirt saga grinds on):

hahah hey, I think if anyone should have gotten a credit it's Phoney's arch-rival John Charles AKA youknowmyname321. What's up with Phoney taking credit for the coolest and best clue EVER to come from the PID saga?
September 24, 2010 6:57 PM

permission to fold is on me .. but until my 'no objection' is heeded i will make do with looking around for discussion as to when googloidss plan to begin allowing the uploading of entire folders (so one wellplaced and prepared for click gets you within reach of all i know, am inspired by, fend for and seek to disseminate)?? That itself should be worth the price (every( google account holding )body) seeing his credit/storage drawn down to near zero.

"Teeny Lucifer" by revlover has a good beginning (just before the 11th minute ((of 14.5)) mark on the wingedbeatle 5/5 ((Comments (55)), latest of over 70 concerning the ID of modern day jesus Paul, a myth will yet alive) by the person who pretends to be someone else as flippantly as he investigates this doppelgearer steereouia (stiryouable) mercmurk

alienated by mirror stagings of self without the savetie net of a stepped down rickels meeting a stepped up poetpiet. Tragic.

lots of people are meansed away from the golden one(s)
by meanses of trapsnorts as much as meanses of medjayshimshamses and other nonsamsam satorihoodblocks ..webaffnete juden .. anybody??

pid wingedbeetle manson
reversal of negation, owning up to extrusion, repair, repent, the 100 year old tree reich ... eh riches, ... sorry.


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