Friday, August 26, 2005

indexation has entered its (st)age of usefulness

I hope to find lots of relevant stuff; for now you could go visit the most recent time I had occasion to peruse some of Ulrich von Beckerath's thoughts (always a pleasure: This post concerns Pat Robertson's Fatwah over Chavez -----

I go: Here's the much improved version of what I posted at 8.13 AM the 24th of august: /monies-mystics-and-marksmen.html -

this long comment is concluded with:

The centralized sort that has even just about managed to do away with the distinction between state and open market money (feminine types geared to the satisfaction of immediate and intimate needs, non-profit and local vs the fast boy high risk stuff that have in the past managed to keep each other honest as long as there is some naturally incremental standard that keeps pace, I would suggest using ((regional)) photosynthesis rates and diversities figured into basic indexed commodity baskets* ((voluntariness not to mention volutarization factored in)) for that soon).

Piet: A second reading was more enlightening, but could you clarify the last sentence for me?
Thanks. --- Posted by insomni permalink on 08/24 at 03:43 PM

I go: find ‘8. 4. 1949’ in (the last sixth of) - quoting from John Zube’s note to the letter by Beckerath written on said date: “--- I do believe that one should clearly distinguish between those index standards which are intended only for optional, competing and privately or cooperatively issued currencies, which are refusable and discountable and those index standards meant for an exclusive and forced currency, i.e., one with compulsory acceptance and a compulsory value. The former are a problem at most only for those who voluntarily use them. The latter are a problem for all who are forced to use them. As a mathematician and statistician, who had himself calculated index numbers for the “Festmark Bank” and possibly others, B. objected only to the tyrannical aspects of many of the index currency advocates. E.g., Gesell wanted to “stabilise” the general price level by adding to or reducing the volume of the circulation of an exclusive and forced currency, and others, having only legal tender currencies in mind, do not want to abolish their monopoly or their coercion, but merely to “improve” or to mitigate (as in Israel) their effects by “stabilising” this monetary despotism via one index or the other.”

I am just thinking of ways to take the positive properties of the late gold standard applicable to an even and especially this day and age sorely missed ecological orientation regarding e- and direction of values standards.


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