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The Virus Fear Economy Ends in December




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 Welcome to my 2020 remarks on Corona [the citations minimized version] up to october 22nd
'Covid' is the giant global boost for 'een zekere' [that certain] protokiller sector [all protected by censorship robots these days btw .. which is where a fave practice of mine, coinage of neolojizzums, comes in handy. Here's the latest: plancademic fascism .. cucadamediatic fascism] .. .. i am keytappin 'bout duh psyopias of psyopiates and psyopic hates ....

In march i begin to focus on the possible bioweapon aspects [via George Webb's web of intrigue, spiking at his tiff w CNN and subsequent youtube channel loss, after which he guests on the channels of his fans].
Later [not until october] i zoom in on the infowar by crisis actor factor ... and in between there's lot about terrain vs germ theory.

As usual ... i find fault as often as i point to 'core action correctivism' where solution meets prevention and all cleanses as if by the kind of magic very few children get to carry into adulthood intact.

my tappage in dutch in these matters amounts to not even a 10th, but very significant and relevant (... from the 9th of march onwards)

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homeopathy "corona virus" = 19.000x
first place is a satiric post w 33Cs
written yesterday by Edzard Ernst - MD, PhD, FMedSci, FRSB, FRCP, FRCPEd.
here, i'll help you earn your first place atop the 19.000 search results for 'homeopathy "corona virus"'.
Please explain why figurehead skeptics get away with deriding homeopathy after they demonstrably neglect the difference between stirring and shaking. Yeah, that happened, though it might be outside your satirical purview.

Why I became a Homeopath
27 views - Jan 25 - Sue Price
I hope you enjoy this little introduction to why I became a homeopath.  Don't forget to subscribe and like my channel so that as I build it you will be notified.  Let me know if you'd like me to do any specific snapshots of remedies or any part of homeopathic philosophy.
on her discussion page .. cause comments turned off under her only [fresh!!!] vid too: why are you intimidated by satirists? And comment sections may be like a wilderness or at worst an encroaching desert ... but you don't have to pay attention to them if your notoriety levels aren't hi enough to trigger the big & universal guns (like payment services) of the intolerant. godspeed effective praxis to which 'deeplorrible' conditions need not apply.

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Infection Numbers - #PropagandaWatch - 6,578 views --- Mar 3, 2020 -- 785 : 34 - corbettreport -- 355K subscribers
let's say the test works on version 3c4d5e ....... will it work on version 7g8h9i ??? Doesn't the same reason it doesn't, also apply to the vaccines????

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see yesterday's PM items and comment paste
only the cogn. traumatized wil contamper with viruses

i would add to that a tale about Fort Detrich being the inception and deployment point (infected soldiers) .. which paused the one and only great WW for a generation from the fall out .. they landed in spain rather than italy ... and that wasn't the most gruelling biowarfare thereabouts (Maryland) by any means. America is simply a religious cult much like islam and christianity, spawn of the pyramid monotheists, traumatized from loss of their lowlands ... richland, most sacriligiously contaminated lands ...
btw, i got this tale via Douglas Dietrich who has an awful case of woo complicated by cuckery of the most virulent kind, he thinks assange, aquino trump and just about everybody he worked with before being thrown on that heap, has Putin staying on top of it cause he's the richest man in the world. if you wanna hear bloomberg and nyt read at the  top of 'supposedly 'gulfwar scarred lungs', can't stop you, won't join you.

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Covid-19 Worldwide Quarantine Explanation
119 views -- Mar 15 - LucidLorax -- 2.09K subscribers
Here is exactly what "flatten the curve" looks like and what the alternative is.

though the homeopathic factor is by definition astronomically small ... it is also ..... ubiquitous ... ground rule so to speak so do not discount it or rule it out as you do .... loads of carriers coofin into weather systems that keep the virus alive and dump it thousands of miles away along a curve quickly reaches ... hundreds of thousands after a few rinses / repeats .... ergo ... it's been aroun n aroun a round world multiple times now ... and many have had a dose in perfect potency to pioneer the way to herd immunity ... i fancy i am one such cause i had an unsually sharp sore throat very briefly weeks ago. it's mother nature's vaccination program, old as the hills .. and causes our spacious dna library to provide pleasant ambiance and never sound hollow.

tuesd 17th of march, 77st dotY ::::: k248 magnetic star
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further clarification about the worldwide quarantine
lucidlorax 2 days in a row after months and months of silence
hey .. i thought C.A.L.M.ers had more respect for homeopathic thought than i find here. Don't just ignore me dude ... your presence on youtube is in my top 10 ... so watch out ... there's a loooooooooooong way to tumble in my purview (thousands and thousands of vids listed .. but oddly, huge output guys don't even bother with lists ... must be a similar one way street thingie ... hmmm)
lorax requests more explanation
@LucidLorax i assume you refer to my weather reference ?? To 'fullly see' the content behind the second comment will take a while  ....
i followed up at a few more places (hope i did not mischaracterize your work):

The Great Deception of the Coronavirus -- 1.5K views -- Mar 16 - Apollonian Germ --- 11.6K subscribers ----- yesterday: Covid-19 Worldwide Quarantine Explanation 119 views -- Mar 15 - LucidLorax -- 2.09K subscribers Here is exactly what "flatten the curve" looks like and what the alternative is. /Q
-- me: trick phrase, his point is that alternatives make no diffs in the long run ... at least i think that's what his numberdance is meant to express, he did a short follow up today to which i go: Covid-19 Worldwide Quarantine Explanation 119 views -- Mar 15 - LucidLorax -- 2.09K subscribers Here is exactly what "flatten the curve" looks like and what the alternative is.
Metokur (MIRROR): Secret Weather Stream 3
 2:20:18 --- 41K views - Dec 20, 2019 - Full-Blast Forever
17.2K subscribers ---  Special thanks to fellow archiver Xyllon's Archive: channel/UCaH9oka_bW57d3DSPtk6Wvw
 further clarification about the worldwide quarantine [lucidlorax 2 days in a row after months and months of silence]
hey .. i thought C.A.L.M.ers had more respect for homeopathic thought than i find here. Don't just ignore me dude ... your presence on youtube is in my top 10 ... so watch out ... there's a loooooooooooong way to tumble in my purview (thousands and thousands of vids listed .. but oddly, huge output guys don't even bother with lists ... must be a similar one way street thingie ... hmmm)

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to Xirtus (removed half an hour later)
HIV 2.0 .. REMEMBER HOW IT WAS USED IN AFRICA? before your time i guess ... suffice to say corona tests are barrel fish shots ... and so all who die are recruited to be counted among duh last psyopiate spasms of the global deceiver cult

sat 21nd of march, 81nd dotY ::::: k252
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last bike ride before lockdown
80 views - Mar 20, 2020 - garryentropy - 9.69K subscribers
pharmacopiate mongers .. the clever bastards from the same stable the protocols have catalogued are going for global status status after the present one more or less failed ... i mean duh zionizzum that sacrificed germans and other whities ... the international nazis that sacrificed the national ones ... these testfaithers and number tweakers pretend they can hunt viruses .... hubris par excellence. At this stage all hospitalization, and medical vigilance is a witch hunt and leads to sacrificial altars under the guise of care ... i didn't think you'd cuck this bad .... this is only a simulation, a cover for testing weaponized versions of a totally common but agile flue strain in selected places to see how far they go before running out of carriers

people would rather die in an ic than live thru another scorcher of a summer ... the bad news: a lemming move .... the good news; only for the true believers in duh dumbest and globalest of cuckistries

Coronavirus: What if we did NOTHING? -- 254K views -- 23 hours ago -- 13K : 1.3K - Thunderf00t --- 895K subscribers
he's on about a hypothetical ... perpetuating the simulation almost everyone pretends is real ... Coronavirus - A respiratory illness like every winter? ( Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg) ... |
try stefano montanari and  thomas cowand too/instead.

mond 23th of march, 83th dotY ::::: k254
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neptune into pisces ... what could be a more suitable overture to the insular age of duh nerdificatorily reserved friendly acquarian ... most of acquatic life is ultra territorital and formalized ... house arrest

Covid19, Syria update, MMA -- 3.2K views -- 11 hours ago - 235 : 28 - Ryan Dawson -- 55K subscribers
"normal" flu is the type a succumbent who doesn't cuck to the testcult (dna harvesting anybody?) expires from

/watch?v=B3Hx6fTALTM ---- Ashley Frawley on Social Change in a Time of Crisis --- 1.2K views -- Streamed live 20 hours ago - - Zero Books - 62.7K subscribers ------ 23:45 "didn't have that information at the time."
... Some of us are well familiar with the pattern though. I have called it AIDS 2.0
Wodarg gets shared around a lot, here for instance:
.... and luckily there's quite a bit more (plenny in german).

tuesd 24th of march, 84th dotY ::::: k255
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Late Nite Quarantine Chat - Topic: Is this Even Real? (live chat room) -- 1K views --  4 hours ago -- thetruthergirls - 107K subscribers
why epidemics are frequent relative to pandemics: weather systems move a virus all over in 'heads up' 'fair warning' homeopathic dilutions and brace people against the stuff .... all the measures are too little too late and the more draconian, the more damaging in the long run .... educate people about the uselessness and positive evil of pharmaffiyose care porn instead.
COVID Impact Forecast for Early April, USA
87 views -- Mar 23 -- LucidLorax
2.1K subscribers ------- this video uses the latest data to lay out a likely timeline for the collapse of the US medical system and subsequent mortality spikes beginning in early April
i go: iCs filled to capacity means less prolongation and actually worsening of suffering in most cases no? i mean most cases for whom Corona is the proverbial buckettipping drop. you say 70% in the end but for most of those Corona is not at all a critical factor

The gains - for the borderline terminal in any case, pushed over the edge by Corona  - from IC treatment is total peanuts ....

.... compared to the non terminal / non lethal forms of life quality degradations, ratcheting up on all fronts ... not to mention that putting all on hold [to put it too kindly] in order to cycle as many as possible thru ics does, to me at least, smack of cultic bottleneck traffic to the sacrifical altar. Carriers, transmitter, 'nonsymptomatics', vectors, etcetera, increase exponentially no matter what .... you could quarantine the elderly preemptively at best ... go on then boomer poppies and mommies, demand the ultimate sacrifice ... or renounce it ...if only bycause you balk at a humiliating treatment that gives you only half of what little carefree life you had left back.
.. half of the patient make it thru IC alive he says in the end

truth convoy (unposted):
so someone questioning and exposing ft detrick must be a chinese agent huh? that's clearly too clever by halfassed thinking, white lady on red soil. You a bad faith Webb fan ..

wedn 25th of march, 85th dotY ::::: k256
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to Amazing Polly:
common sense is a side note to massmedia, a fringe phenom to the big gullibility and unfit to live monetization heist perped to accelerate degeneracy and suffering. i just watched a great sober vid by doctor who counsels 'hands off' of viruses, rely on sounding your lifestyle. i tried to translate it but google's translator is awful stingy. Does anybody know a good one?
and to:
Covering the Latest Coronavirus News on HealthFreedom.Report
998 views -- 13 hours ago - The Conscious Resistance
47.2K subscribers
you're awful wrong about the testing ... really ruins an otherwise informative vid

Trump to America: Drop Dead! -- 8.5K views -- Streamed live on Mar 24, 2020 -- 587;75 - NPI / RADIX -- 20.5K subscribers
a nooflue travelling quicker than a flue burns thru it's fuel quicker than a flue and ends quicker than an ordinary flu ... if you insist the 'succumbents' cycle past pharmaffiyose altar ICs without cueing, you can cue everything else ... sure ... the young sacrifice to the old pedo cabal as per usual ... i think this guy has it right: Claus Köhnlein im Gespräch -- 100K views -- Mar 24, 2020 -- 5.4K:356 -- Der Fehlende Part

thursd 26th of march, 86th dotY ::::: k257
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March 25th Wuhan CoronaVirus Patient Zero Revisited
7.7K views - 16 hours ago - George Webb - 86.9K subbers
For the original CoronaVirus video with 511K views, go to
he should have put bioweapons in the title really ... here's what i posted:
some[ wan ]'one' pranked the ccp and told them 'hey i'll show the way' to awe and respect .. we'll help you pretend you can handle an epidemic. Remember china had bioweapon experts AND pandemic simulators over for a prepping excercize ... and we know how often these are upgraded to live and sharp oopsies.
The stampeding specialists i am talking about knew full well a flue is uncontainable and goes round the world in no time, using planes boats and the weather itself, the latter doin a heads up homeopathy prep that natural way.
Anyway, they fudge the numbers and manage to turn the whole thing into a nepture entering pisces celebration leveraging the make believe into a worship of costly terminal care which succeeded beyond their wildest dreams with an 'at all cost clause, ... draconianisms stacked to ever more perilously sharp heights of alpha position clambrin after ever more staggering proof of decept, belief & compliance.

Good luck educatin  people about the uselessness and positive evil of pharmaffiyose care porn ... you'll need it.
btw, i found the most levelheaded vids on the subject are produced by german speakers, hands down ... with this notable exception:
Viruses: Do you believe they are making some people sick and killing others? Part 9 - 495 views -- Mar 20 ---- Calen Tanner Lightheart --- 26.6K subscribers - Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. discusses the Coronavirus

plenny of italian ones with this antivaxxer:

Entspannte Toene aus Italien: Dr. Stefano Montanari (20.03.2020) -- "Sie Wissen was Sie tun, das ist Kriminell oder Sie sind total Verbloedet" Geloeschtes Original Video von YT  byoblu --
 here's a few more good ones in German (first a translated one):
Coronavirus - A respiratory illness like every winter? ( Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg) ... |
Corona - Eine epidemische Massenhysterie
672 views -- Mar 22 -- ViaVetoTV - 2.03K subscribers

Corona-Tote: Was verraten die Zahlen? | Harald Lesch --- 1,487,725 views - Mar 23, 2020 -- Terra X Lesch & Co -- 687K subscribers
Dirk Pohlmann
Corona: "Ich sehe wirklich keine Neuerkrankung am Horizont!" - Dr. med. Claus Koehnlein im Gespräch

Das Coronavirus macht uns nicht krank - Prof. Dr. Stefan Hockertz 24.03.2020 - Bananenrepublik -- 16K views -- Mar 25, 2020 -- DieBananenrepublik --- 45.5K subscribers
AN corona sterben nit gleich MIT corona sterben

ps: if you liked my comment go here for more:
Coronavirus: A call to (in)action
13K views -- Mar 22 -- Maximus Ironthumper -- 94.7K subscribers

say 'one' can attach something deadly to a virus .. and it's deadlyness is if affected if the virus decides to change / disguise that side of it's appearance ... which it comes 'around' to sooner or later ... strikes me as a russian roulette situation ... to test this one has to use general populations ... i hope yall ferret out all the ones subjected and bring all weaponizers to trial asap ... i'll prolly have won the world cup for best treatment of worst disea .. i mean, that sort of crimes by then. ... Hope to relay from you. Congrats with your catchon rate.

the bad news is in the last 3 minutes

the one i commented on the other day went big:
March 23rd, 2020. Origins of CoronaVirus - Metadata Says Ft. Detrick -- 56K views -- Mar 23 - 3.4K:89 -- George Webb -- 87K subscribers
1030 comments, plenny from china
woops, guess i did not comment on that one ....

frid 27th of march, 87th dotY ::::: k258
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ramzypaul on the world's greatest authority adjusting their model (hundreds of percent point fewer casualties, everybody already has had it, the whole excercise was false flaggery perped by fakers who fan flames of funerary fascism).

sund 29th of march, 89th dotY ::::: k260
Law of Time Calendar : 23 solar  : 243th dotSolarRound
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WEST NILE HYPE IN NYC prompted blanket neighbourhood pesticide reactivism and this created supermosquito in the years thereafter - xirtus guest

bart sibrel (bible addlement patient) likes ossebaard and claims the cia sold the stuff to a wuhanee in the market and dropped a sample in the market to jack the price up with proof of concept .. i mean -ceit.

a GW vid on the NATO courier born in the Netherlands and famous for falling off her bike short of breath during the wuhan games goes viral from chinese visitors and inspires digests that attract 3 miljan Vs in 5 hours [a 4m rebus vid]
i replied to Meng Ding:
a mirror:
.. but he repeats himself a lot so only the comments on this viral thing [half a miljan] got lost
Recovery at Home - from Death's door in 4 days of natural therapies
... nebulizer (home version of a  ventilor and not subject to speculative price doubling ... dey up to 50thou now) ... heh ... kek ... could it double for my dust???

i don't need no doctor .. comin down with misery't+Need+No+Doctor
R&B song written by Nick Ashford, Valerie Simpson, and Jo Armstead. First released by Nick Ashford on Verve in August 1966, it went nowhere. It was then picked up and recorded by Ray Charles and released in October 1966.

GW work:
the full version rogue gallery PDF is 371Mb [1397p]
CoVID19 - The Facts! = 75 views -- Mar 29, 2020
Ann B -- 14.6K subscribers
CoVID19 Mystery Solved as Fearmongers Implode
Mirrored from Fintan Dunne's Channel - The Beautiful Truth
as to his puzzlement in the 13th minute, it's the dose dat does duh diff. If you get it via weather in suitably homeopathicized [size reduced] dilution it works like nature's head's up / warning. She hands your cells the code to brace and prep u for when the time comes you get a load coofed in your face. It is therefore criminal to lock people up, prolly satanically intentional ... not that dumb isn't intentionally satanic enough of a choice .. to give your life to those choosing to exploit your compliance .. which is infelicitous complicity. Nice test though. why resist an offer to make us leaner and meaner. ceding to our betters is really the only way forward.

tuesd 31st of march, 91th dotY ::::: k2
Law of Time Calendar : 25 solar  : 245th dotSolarRound
Cosmic Turtle Calendar : 10SE : 94th dotSolarRound
2352d sinds .. 1st tzolkin wave

truth about the coronavirus over hyped scam (exposed)
rashid buttar

Is Coronavirus A Bioweapon, a talk with Dr Paul Cottrell
mirror of Shaun Attwood vid

George Webb work. He defends Trump against his 'onslaughterers' routinely but defended China against his 'Wuhan virus'  ... it's of course a globalist biolab 'fabrication'

CoronaVirus/ Covid-19 [PLAGUE] - FluTube & Family Quarrels
488 views -- Mar 30 -- PoliceStateRadio -- 7.35K subscribers
and for your amuzement: bob dean (protegee / hub of magn suppl hawkstress) now in hawaii but a toronto blab radio head with a taste for the marginal, maverick, outcast and somewhat of a McLuhan expert, also a world champ ego bloat sugarkick patient who will go as far as garnering praise from the dead, insisting a sidekick of his is a disembodied intelligence, his personal john the baptist or something .. there are 10s of thousands of hours since the 80s .. and the 1 in a 1000 times he allows being pressed on something (preferring female groupies and drop buyers most of the time) he pretends to 'just have a bit of fun' to show words don't matter or something, he's a germophobe apparantly and extended his biography decades into the past ... i guess ever since he conceived of getting rich off snake oil, for which he'll play mascotte to earn his keep i guess. He claims to be almost a 100 years old but if you look at the bunch of pics from around the seventies nobody is gonna say he's in his 40 there. Here's the clincher tho: he's been 'joking' about lockdown Bobrule for ever. Compensation for his discordian subgenius complex i guess. Payback for not being taken seriously or found funny.

wedn 1st of april, 92th dotY ::::: k3
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2353d sinds .. 1st tzolkin wave

about a flag scammer in ireland - McNationalism - 509 views ---- Mar 31, 2020 - 80:1 --- Btwixt -- 1.82K subscribers
my fave ire channel .. until i find one that softens rockhard bottom for treeroots to burrow into ... there's a mountain of the stuff in amsterdam as a sideproduct of the paradise paving pro-abjectivation ... and people are so traumatized with toxic slibs (cross border 'trade' starts at a single one folks, sometimes the sell outs are awful close) that they associate the wasteful action of burying it under forementioned stuff (coin of the norse realm btw, the very stuff Julius Hensel - he dead and i try honour his name - had so much hope as the protocullian pharmaffiya had chased him from his perch via their breathers in 'hi' places of justery) which is urgently needed to be a live pond bottom all over the lighter soils if we want to do some real tree nursing our weather back to health ...... is: ..

Mathematics and Coronavirus - Numberphile
86K views -- Mar 31 - Numberphile -- 3.26M subscribers
mathy bio'ist coward cucks hard, too afraid to tell the truth .... how about a program featuring precedent .. like the late 1800s courtcase of Julius Hensel vs the budding graft on the old grain (egypt) to spirits (russia) to pharmaffiose chemistry (glowball) heistersheisters, huh? Or haven't you gathered big enough numbing piles yet?

51 likes for:  TheNickStrike: Math Is important, And this is an example of this, It is nice that math is helping us with this pandemic.
you mean lying cuckmedia pandemonium? cuckering the innocently stupid into doing exactly what might actually strut, prop, prep and strap herded lambs into actually blowing stuff out of proportions???
iow, the opposite of this:
 fresh air* and the contact with non symptomatics .. iow .. the right dilution causes a healthy head's up immune response in the viable [it basically goes 'thanks for the info, a literal breath of fresh air, noos i can yoos'] ... and you're below that threshold no amount of pharmaffiyose product and prowess will keep you alive.

* = warning wafts in on clouds .. in the right dilutions, nature's homeopathy. Similarly social interactions are  and remain digestable only when free of and without all that control cramp bdsm armory and fascistoid protocol fetish paraphernalia (invariably as toxic as the supposed toxins they are alledged to protect against, doin the complete opposite ... cause our funding mechanism magicians bank on counterproductivity, .. from the emergent markets to the emergency markets is only a small step in the age of thanatoid fracking hell and the means to completely distract as well as emerge made whole again from that cataclysm).

Fauci is WHO's man with FT DETRICK access .. teamed with an ethiopian active there, who commercialized the breach contraband (reason for it's closure last august) and sold it to Glaxo Smith Kline

plummer was a winnipeg wistleblower

you w'ong ... 1psent fall ill, of that one percent dies, everybody else tests pos for antibodies the world over in no time on account of a will travel for food toughness which is kinda selfdefeating cause it dopes people via weather [fresh air helllaportant ... and the dutch satanopharmediots want a selflockdown in the next sunny spell], and they pass on immunity without falling ill ... what skews it all is the stuff George Webb is on about ... a plane is a perfect pandemia panic and pandemoniae victorious vector and someone has payed 'hansomely' for a demo i reckon .. by the time adversarial and malicious culturage comes around to unload the overdosage needed, a whole new league of max mad capering will appear, sapiocittadinicidality hellho ... maybe a good idea to disband cities on a volunteer permie principle basis before it gets to that huh? ........ ponds, swales, fresh clay, tree nurseries ... even the rottenmost lablord ought to see the fun of that once we show them huh?

frid 3rd of april, 94th dotY ::::: k5
Law of Time Calendar : 28 solar  : 248th dotSolarRound
Cosmic Turtle Calendar : 13SE : 97th dotSolarRound
2355d sinds .. 1st tzolkin wave

vast majority of testers count the antibody carriers among proof of infection but that's like saying the cure is worse than the disease. On the contrary, i think that contact with healed 'containers' is prolly beneficial (pass me that password bro, i wanna be counted amongst you). they are the couriers of normalcy and mingling in the park / orchard / neighbourhood care and growing area would prolly be enough to spread their 'molecular robustness'.
What complicates matters is bad habits triggering brief flare ups .. oopsies if you will, an infectious window of time before your immune response ramps up and saves the day once more.
But what really complicates thinks is the stuff our metadata sleuth George Webb churns up. Perversity of that is that a very very tiny and sick elite stampedes all of us and we go and act as if these guys, their intent, the ways, means, actions and effects of their abject schemes .. are here, real or at the very least soon to be ... any antichrist or satan must approach virality levels of a saviour and messiah to be worth his boxtopofferice smelling salts no?

the transcript thinks it's funny to turn your i into an o .... and i agree .... it resonates better with the bullletsoup you're serving ... time to go pick up your trash and cook up another one bro

02:36 as we saw my prior video conformed right here is the only word in the entire Bible that adds up to 20/20 okay and what's the besides Christ okay Christ and conformed the only two words add up to 20/20 and I find that not only - 02:52 - fascinating but spiritual

sonja vid
something amazing DID happen ... Amazing Polly .... she eclipses the living fragrance out of you ... better scramble to catch up ... here's a hint: even she does not pursue the testing anomalies (which i thought might be a run for DNA harvesting but never mind that now).

sat 4th of april, 95th dotY ::::: k6
Law of Time Calendar : 1planetary : 249th dotSolarRound
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2356d sinds .. 1st tzolkin wave

posted to the JF vid (below):
the baubles, accoutrements, implements and paraphernalia of dealing with death# have gone into overdrive ... a hysterical inversion of what needs to be done*, a precipitous acceleration via the schizy spyop that is left fascism (the media / gov complex augmented by a few targetted seedings using simple lineflights), hence the amazing activity all around ....

# = [pisces -- completion / healing .. and yet also the basis in proper mirror mode, the clay feet as the foundation for properly welcoming incoming golden light, hitting canopies of 5 story mature treehouse stands, the crown]
or # = pisces which the planet of vision, neptune - a higher octave for the one limelighting riches and robustness, all things green and well rooted, venus - entered at the end of march, coterminous with the 'panysteria' / thanatoPsyopia

* = for instance, deploying the mountain of perfectly fresh granitedust to be had at very reasonable prices (it's just an asphalt byproduct at this point). sorely needed to line all the new ponds necessary to deal with coming droughts, specially on light soils ... but instead we see and suffer a perversion of that healthy way of dealing with "DEAD CLAY" as it was called by the site for the province that houses an internationally renowned ag U of Wageningen.
Hence, toilet paper, IC beds ... all to supposedly be kind to the weak and helpless .. give'm a leg up to overcome the difficulties of beginning ... but diametrically opposite that, postpone the decession of a small population segement scheduled to suffer the ultimate consequence of bad habits sooner rather than later with or without that 'kindness' (as if a death by lungprobs isn't the most painless way to go) I can hear Nietzsche roar: 'told you so'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and btw, a mask against a virus that's been around the world a few times now is as good as a mask against airpollutions downtown a chinese metropolis

got the transcript and most long threads from today's GW
if you are a 'predictive programmer' somebody needs to 'postdict' it all. Can't the good outgrow and lure, cajole and seduce the bad to abandon their efforts and join 'it'? The spook game is getting old. Why don't you 'champion' them? If only to have a break .. proleptically leap into a better future. Use that sharpest mind's eye of yours to paint from a totally different palette .. process the goodest bits of blackest black nitgrit bits ... for a 'change'. For instance, i got upset in early march over people calling perfectly fresh granite dust "dead clay" in Holland. Sacrilege i tell you, ... blasphemy!!!!!

Update on the Coronavirus | TPS #722 --- 3.6K views -- 20 hours ago -- 251+1:26 -- JFG Livestreams - 23K subscribers
all the excitement might be over the weaponized anomalies... a type of rehearsal and 'test' carefully covered with fayxerwood fake flag footage ... if you care to probe these possibilities, invite George Webb to guest on your program. .... i wrote him this on his latest:
ry with new pal on the virus .. joking a lot

tuesd 7th of april, 98th dotY ::::: k9
Law of Time Calendar :: 4planetary : 252th dotSolarRound
Cosmic Turtle Calendar : 17SE : 101th dotSolarRound
2359d sinds .. 1st tzolkin wave

Paul Cottrell sidekick Gail does a jewish bias affirm / confess rap: '... get along with anybody anywhere' [2h5m] .. yeah, and leave behind traumatized needy, grudgeful, cruel and thanatopian broods just as overboard the other from your one way and notsee nazi reversees
joe rogan w Peter Hotez w 12,702 Cs

 Blake Green - 5 days ago: im a truck driver, driving 700+ miles a day. These podcast give me something to listen to and keep my brain focused when driving. Thanks Joe
3.3K w 269Cs ----- i go: here's better fuel bud .... when a medic uses "anecdotal" and "... incidental.." in any context, run for your life; here's vaccine history 101:
Coronavirus wheeler dealer? -- deep spook diver George Webb

the pharmaffiya is the queen of pharmaphiyas cause it has duuuuuh .... best cover .. and it will reach into your very vitals and bloodlines without a qualm. They have their guys in the highest places. You don't think they can get a stooge tagteam to write up a false report or 2? ... about young people 'getting it' therefore paralysis or death, take your shtick. the antibodians will soon immunize the rest and a weapon purposefully spread worldwide by plane will be the shortest pandemic to end psyopandemicizzumz for a loooong time.

The Creation of a False Epidemic by Jon Rappoport Part 1 of 3: How It Started --- 4.1K views -- Apr 6, 2020
355 : 12 - The Solari Report - 15.2K subscribers
if you need a weapon .... if you have nefarious, malificent intentions ... you want a tool that doesn't wear out and cannot be caught, neutralized, stolen, cured .. debunked or discredited and shown for the neptune charged with all the bad karma stacked on pluto and saturn in attendence as it 'charges' thru pisces ... splash!!!

wedn 8th of april, 99th dotY ::::: k10
Law of Time Calendar :: 5planetary : 253th dotSolarRound
Cosmic Turtle Calendar : 18SE : 102th dotSolarRound
2360d sinds .. 1st tzolkin wave

how's my poetry lover today ? .. bring thy corona patients to me, .. your deadly sick and death's door dwellers .. so i can breathe a blessing thru the air for their belaboured inbreaths, .. mayking my corona history theirs also. -- i had a violently sore throat for mere hours over a month ago before the perfect defense kicked in ... prolly something to do with my early 80s AIDS contact .. it did cost me incredible decades long struggles as all those aminos fought for a share of the pie ... but i calmed their asses eventually ... with vitamin c more than anything.
irony is, that the work i parked at last fall, the first installment of notes that span 20 years of keyboard wridership, has the potential to reach many many more .. with infintely more, but more delayed, benefit, once what i say is acknowledged and widely corroborated. Meanwhile .. along my first lines, a serum can be cultured and mass produced by the pharmaffia industry .. as a last suicidal act ... then, once the queen of maffiya dead, long live the return to her herbs and stuff. --------- 3 days later:
... i thought i said 85 aminos ... i meant to

frid 10th of april, 101th dotY ::::: k12
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2362d sinds .. 1st tzolkin wave

Gail Angeles / PCottrell
2:55:44 = "freedom to decide" --
but there's a catch, latch and snatch complex in the way - ain't no such thing as "top down transparancy" .. although the coquettation / trial by label [cover, hide and at least camouflage by mislbel rather] has begun (the dutch have a neutral version, transliterable to 'throw a ball up' .. a throwback  to pushed down and punished yet tough connection to birds, To 'see fly' means certifiable lunacy, 'we zien ze collectief vliegen' - our collective craze n guilt is duh strong)
Imagine a 'transparanting' that drillls down all the way to where the real money is, rockbottom .. the portion of which that rises to the top and weathers .. is actually the free handouts all of life has depended upon ... but there's law against minting the stuff ourselves, provided we mind remaining faithful to reality and model our actions accordingly. Dark inerts meet sparkly surface ... there truths the mistified rub

sat 11th of april, 102th dotY ::::: k13
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lorax goes full tecno84 on us in his fresh near future prognosis .. his feb calculations were exactly spot on 6w later

16th minute: "they can't ..." this that and the other 5x (on 3rd Worlders). ... well, ... good thing they also can't become obese overnite .... ... but it's all a cheap hollywood world power grab which you place next to ... no, before "getting close to nature" alternatives. You're gonna have to be a little more specific if you care to budge the ranking there brother .... watch this:
Fauci, Birx, and Redfield - Army Virus Bioweapons Plan
Coronavirus Bioweapon or an Accident of Nature??
George Webb -- 8.4K views --- Streamed 20 hours ago
mp3ed succesfully

mond 13th of april, 104th dotY ::::: k15
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sprankje hoop--smidgen of hope--hoffnungsfunkli
long time no see for most of you /// skuzeer lange stilte /// kontakt erneuerung

join me celebrating a small ray of hope in this time of 'term oil' and rationings ... and memory falsifying rationalizations .. faulty, missing, broken and plain bad memery warz

a man of great courage and clarity of mind is hot on the heels of the world power grubbers ... a confluence of base emotion farmers w duh queen of maffias, the care industry (best cover for their favorite squeeze right?). Undeterred by the first phase of threats and harm infliction he soldiers on and i just discovered something that could simple flip the script if the abruptness pinballs manage to rack up a few points as they careen across your screen and give you pause at the right moments.
my playlists are open 24/7
.. but the pinnacle has to be this fresh vid (which i haven't even seen yet myself):

1:18:48 -- McDuff and Webb this morning at 11:30am
McDuff: Kennedy's Man to Smash the CIA - 1.6K views - 91 minutes ago
here's where the money went: fearfailfetish fixated femperial fauci cuntfesttop .. i mean can't fess up ll to paying the chinese to upgrade a Winnipeg / Detrick 'halfproduct' now, can he? Trump is trumpin himself keepin his enemy too close for too long ...

HOW BOUT DAT? THANK YOU MOTHER AND FATHER WHO art IN DUH HEAVENS .. if we have more than 1440 elect among us, our harmers' [idea of a good] time is up for doing some (may their redress ed progress at revo speed).

 Ukegal: hey guys those of use who may have had covid 19 and are still here....sometimes feel like we don't stand a chance to continue to live...can  you address that?  Whats the prognosis if we;ve had it
i go: you are blessed and a potential blessing for those in danger, you breathe the good fight formula upon those around you, a password key to an effective defense .. don't you think?

tuesd 14th of april, 105th dotY ::::: k16
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 Another Divorced Dad: Trump is not happy with 'Dr. Deep State?' I'm not at all happy with Fauci or Birx. They are all about : retreat and fearfully cower in your home, and we will tell you what to do from now on."
femperial fauci cuntfest .. i mean can't fess up to paying the chinese to upgrade a Winnipeg / Detrick 'halfproduct' now, can he? Trump is trumpin himself keepin his enemy too close for too long ...

wedn 15th of april, 106th dotY ::::: k17
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2367d sinds .. 2nd tzolkin wave

UNFINISHED: the chinese volunteered info on being payed by Fauci et al for becoming complicit to/in a 70 year old project. This happened between the 'security break' at ft detrick and the resulting manipulated version of Corona getting a headstart on airliners

Fauci and Redfield's Real Russia Connection at Fort Detrick -- 3.7K views -- 70 minutes ago -- George Webb
94.6K subscribers
29:55 nope, Soleimani killed american isis mercies [not that there's a greater than degree difference ekshoelee] ... you do have a very dark streak disfiguring your findings Djourge
iran sold the left overs from the nato demrothjewsee iyey yugo lyb
syrolution? if the nsa idf man says so ... is there something you
don't get about spyVSspy mirrors?

frid 17th of april, 108th dotY ::::: k19
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2369d sinds .. 2nd tzolkin wave

"Brain Cancer Cluster on the San Diego State University Campus."
80 victims of a peculiar ailment all worked in a computer lab with one of the first and in hindsight vastly overpowered cell towers on top of it

 sat 18th of april, 109th dotY ::::: k20
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 G B: The book about Fauci: Good Intentions: How Big Business And the Medical Establishment Are Corrupting the Fight Against AIDS -- Bruce Nussbaum

 margaret hunter: Clif High talking about 2019 -nCOV being a bacteriophage ----

i always knew Prof Sickbock was the most evil and dangerous character of the entire Marten Toondersphere (latter stage of a 50 year run for the underappreciated dutch comics). I ought to be guest of honour when the tables get turned on the 1880s courtprocedings of then barely nascent pharmaffiya [now queen of protoughia tentacle] vs Julius Hensel ... w Fauci et al in the defendants bench/trench

20th of april, 111th dotY ::::: k22 galactic
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2372d sinds .. 2nd tzolkin wave

Velora Velvet [at GW vid] - 4 hours ago:
George, please consider reaching out to Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD. She was interviewed for the Epoch Times documentary on corona virus and has a long history with Fauci. Her new book, Plague of Corruption is mindblowing.
wedn 22th of april, 113th dotY ::::: k24
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2374d sinds .. 2nd tzolkin wave

Coronavirus What You Should Know with Judy Mikovitis PhD - 13,764 views -- Feb 24 --- HealthMade
Dr. Judy Mikovits has a Ph.D. in molecular biology and biochemistry. She is a Ph.D. biochemist, a molecular biologist
hey normies, before you femcuck yourselves into even more careporn bondage & torture via the hospital equivalent of the inquisitionist tsjujts retro-actively ... in case the stockholm trauma don't stick so good anymore since then ... look to modern stockholm, full of other probs to the point of literally ceding no room for the latest fascfad ... anyway ... this is the lady Fauci robbed and even jailed ... a long time ago. Her gag order expired and this is  the result.

EXCLUSIVE: TOP Scientist & HIV/AIDS Research Pioneer Dr. Judy Mikovits Blows Whistle on Dr. Fauci
TruePundit ^ | 4.21.20
spacejunkie2001: A top U.S. scientist and research pioneer has broken her long silence, revealing an insider’s nightmare spanning three decades of conducting research under the governmental control of Dr. Anthony Fauci. And the allegations are downright frightening. (more below)

conny bevan does george webb material transcripts since 2017
320 parts
judy plu 728x

to Derek Broze:
listen to stephanie sennef [seneff?] on the subject (she actually balances / juggles it with lots of similar factors) ... but what will totally blow the psyop out of the water is judy mikovits ... if they supress all of her case entails we know this a maffia coalition made to deal with jfk and fortified by 9/11.
what will totally blow the psyop out of the water is the judy mikovits case ... if they suppress all that her case entails, we know the maffia coalition made to deal with jfk and fortified by 9/11 has crowned it's queen: Meds&pharmaffia [ best 'cover' ever].

Dr. Judy Mikovits on AutismOne Radio on Dr. Fauci
Dr. Judy Mikovits on AutismOne Radio on Dr. Fauci and her book "Plague of Corruption"
at the bottom Anne W (who founded the neuroimmune institute cause her daughter had a tiredness syndrome) accuses JMikovits of stuff Fauci did?
chinese works on reinfections
so ... it keeps pounding those who don't change their ways ... even a little ?? a little is enough .... my sideways glances at work by Stephanie Sennef, and lately a great interest in George Webb, who happens to have med background , comin to the fore and in favor of which he dropped all the arms tracery he got into after dyncorp organ trade led him there.
A comment on one of his vids, by Velora Velvet, allerted me to Judy Mikovits about who i posted this on various vids today:
repiet omitted she mentions the only mercury remover on the market: + restore iome biome - ----

The Truth About Fauci Featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits
79K views -- Apr 19, 2020 -- 2.6K:43 -- Children's Health Defense -- 12K subscribers
RFK, Jr.: Judy Mikovits is among her generation’s most accomplished scientists. She joined NIH in 1980 as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Molecular Virology at the National Cancer Institute.
another day, another kennedy, another maffia, the queen thereof this time, the pharmaffiya
 Tommy Cotterill: This needs to shared far & wide.  Trump will not fire Fauci until the public's mass perception of him changes.  This is how Trump works, put them centre stage allow them to expose themselves.
aaaahhh .. so THAT's why he dropped Kennedy and ceded to Fauci ... clever him, clever you.

 Darshan Whitlock -- 52 minutes ago .... is another snopestress --

discredited by professional discreditors ... quell suprise ... how long before snopes is outed as yet another russiagate temple?? ... where's your homowoke Milo? My Russia ate duh template mistress ...

 the tests are absolutely all over the place ... perfect little tool for fetish psyop inquisitional powerplay

THURSDAY 23th of april, 114th dotY ::::: k25
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my greatest respect and gratitude
my work here (nonscience but by no means 'wooey' either)
would you please tell me what your birthdate is please?
a 'rainbow family' elder launched 'dreamspell' in the early nineties and my 'kin' is tied to hiroshima and 9/11 .... i am a dust specialist
make sure you garden with fresh rockdust .. a 'money' you can [soil]BANK on
autismOne .. lots of audio programs but a chaotic page maker leaves finding the mp3 a puzzle & pry quest, via 'tools' - 'web developer' - 'page source' in a firefox menu:
51 minutes with coauthor

28th minute (of an hour, sometime after she spoke at a rightie todo - she mentions the bundies too): "..when they say you stole your own notebook" ... comes down hard on 'deathdealers'
fastest/angriest rant so far
NONE OF THE description LINKS WORK and no comments (oddly enough):

Dr. Judy Mikovits Talks About Corona Virus and the Plague of Corruption --- 24K views --- Feb 17 ---- AutismOne Media ---18.8K subscribers -----
04/22/20 Update! New data and Questions asked! Mystery Test kits arrive from Korea! --- 682 views ---  live on Apr 22 --- Farmer Jones
6.15K subscribers
what do George's brother and Judy Mikovits have in common?
.. can't find their birthdates ...

frid 24th of april, 115th dotY ::::: k26
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2376d sinds .. 2nd tzolkin wave

New COVID-19 Antibodies Testing Shows that Mortality Rate is FAR LOWER than Previously Thought ---- 1.1K views ---  10 hours ago --- The Conscious Resistance -- 52.1K subscribers
your inflation meme is done gone .. nowadaze those of the greediest who set their topdown snowballs rolling fastest and overreach most, are penalized after a while, creating bigboy bet incentives, teetering on the tight rope between earning 'reserve' or 'toxic debt heap' labels, the latter kept on ice, treated like radiation waste if too big to fail until the next bet goes asouthin, at which point, poof, instant pushbutton deflation, inflation no more. Sessions like these are designed to enable moves on the accretion  of biguns at expense of more independents 'uncreasery' fronts.
your inflation meme is done gone ripe for burial .. nowadaze those of the greediest who set their topdown snow[minee]balls rolling fastest and overreach most, get penalized for their risk indulgence after a while. The topdown allocations create bigboy bet incentives, teetering on the tight rope between earning 'reserve' or 'toxic debt heap' labels, the latter kept on ice, treated like radiation waste if too big to fail ... until the next magnitude bet can take it in .. stride due to tuckaway spaciousness (all imaginary, 'don't min' me, jus' ridin a new frequency to sacrifice), at which diminutization point, poof, instant pushbutton deflation, good ol' inflation no more, meet the new spinflation. Sessions like these are designed to enable moves on the accretion of biguns faking the 'uncreasery' fronts at expense of more independents.

Ep 31.1b Live George Webb interview with "Donnie from CNN" (audio only) ---- 1.6K views -- Apr 23, -- Housatonic Live; --- 3.14K subscribers
175th like for his tale on the 175 participants at the wuhan military games on the phone with a CNNer
cottrell cracks down on kaufman:

"or they're 07:03 just so flat-out wrong and it's not even funny I mean like for example there's this this guy that we were talking about behind the scenes here that is dr. Kaufman that's promoting this idea of exosome theory instead of viruses .. now there are exosomes and that's how we excrete out certain chemicals out of the cell for in you know intercellular communication all right but he is saying you know that the viruses don't exist that they're actually the exosome and it's like that's total garbage and in in how do you how do you how do you account for the sequencing of the gene the genome and I that how do you do like CC how do you there's something called cDNA where you make a library of complementary DNA from from so what you can do is you can take RNA out of out of a cell all right so like messenger RNA if there are what is being transcribed so in in organisms like us we have introns in it and extra exons so in intro in so these these spaces within the genome are coded and non-coated but they can they can be spliced in certain ways where you can have a whole plethora of different different proteins that are created
... at 10:33 he switches to the effect of smallpox on injuns as proof stray waste is not good for you ... specially if handled with evil intent .... duuuuuh ... if you have a visceral response to Kaufman you will never get to the holy of holies defiled in the late 19th century when the parmaffiya had it's first great court victory over Julius Hensel

Fauci Sexiest Man Alive ??? LMAO #firefauci
793 views -- Apr 24 -- TrutherTalk -- 28.1K subscriber
do a vid on Mikovits, if Trump can't do it alone we'll cook up a storm for him .. and then we'll twist his arm till he drops the frackery, even more biocidal than the pharmaffiya

Dr Fauci and The order of the jesuits
10K views --- Apr 23 ---- aplanetruth 4u
48.3K subscribers
listen to Hamamoto guesting on Duffie's channel, recounting how the dutch freed the koreans from the jesuit grasp ... not much of that dutchness left ... not by my lights anyways ... but i guess i just don't make their grade huh?
mirrored from:
the venom is in the tail end ... pure proto'kolder' .. kul van de bovenste klittekliek plank

sat 25th of april, 116th dotY ::::: k27
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2377d sinds .. 2nd tzolkin wave

How has Turkey managed to keep its Covid-19 death toll down?
13K views -- Apr 24 - TRT World - 765K subscribers
better answer: turkey cucks to the pharmaffiyose hegemony thru femopoly and gets rewarded by numberskew ... just as it sees no other ['fit'] way to express masculinity than thru militarism (instead of swale digging and the like)

George i am your sancho panza ... the dutch have once again globalized something extremely nasty .. biomass burning rules ... heavily subsidized .. cause putin/gas is duh devul doun chu no?
and devils  take pleasure in teasing me cause they don't want to fix their repressive circuitry such that their inner prisoner can still be felt their very own  but quite diferently
nporadio1 --- 8:47:40 to 9:00 AM on the 25th of april
i mean ... you focus on one hydra head and 4 of them gang up behind you .... i'd like to say come sell my house and keep the money, find the john galt / asterix biohome where the collection it contains can be kept safe and withstand the weather for the longest time .. i failed to do so ... no hope left at the mo ...
posted here:
GW in NatRev

don't miss the previous one with CNN reporter
google results suggest G's own version is gone:
CNN Debate LIVE - Origins of the CoronaVirus
560 views -- Apr 24, 2020 ---- 2,891,509 Views -- 2.77K subscribers


Dude, this is not a vaccine or virus channel. I did this becuase it spilled over into something else. I am not getting in on this horse shit. It's horse shit. I declare it so. Moving on.
reply to Suspicious0bservers  Horse shoe theory, meet declared horse shit vaccination, made with the finest horse shit ingredients. Has John Galt moved 'on'? Nobody can do more than pretend to but all try 'harder' evree day. Judy is but a tiny sparkle in George Webb's firmament but as i just wrote him after hearing the biomass related subsidy maffia 'rules' pushed worldwide [and pushing god knows what all off-world ... was it schauberger who said we spilled water into space when we don't stir stuff rite?] on dutch radio, "you focus on one hydra head and 4 of them gang up behind you"
one note of caution regarding George Webb: it appears he may be following NSA/Likud convictions versus the CIA/jewleft 'typerology', truely a spy vs spy situation. Don't expect tips about ecoGalt outfits out of him mysellf but by all means, 'press' him them [grin].
It's hidden in plain 'site' really .. unless he's clearing the way for the likes of me to lead the IDF, in which case we're as good as john to jesus .. ready to roll .. and roll to spin .. for 'blabsolute' groundery .. return of palestine olives ..

55:05 he just got done saying "to me that makes sense" (last 3 words twice). At that point in the 'recountery' i'd be saying 'that makes ABsense'. ..... first minute after an hour he mentions a publication claiming 55x more people affected in LA ....

sund 26th of april, 117th dotY ::::: k28
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2378d sinds .. 3rd tzolkin wave

The TRUTH About Trump's 'Disinfectants' Comments! Obscure Cures that Exist - Live chat room
1.1K views ---- thetruthergirls - 107K subscribers used to report, in the noughties, on hydrygenperoxide ('ozone' ... the drinkable grade is different from the surface sanitizing variety), it's dirt cheap. i'd love a follow up ...

via Karen4

Dr. Erickson, DO Accelerated Urgent Care, Bakersfield, CA Full press conference:
Press conference credit 23 ABC News KERO
about halfway  the pudgy anglo guy in asia (biolab expert) says 'spy vs spy' .. yep, don't catch the spookeys .... the subject of the  show is disgusting me to levels reminiscent of what i felt when getting acquainted with .. waaaaay back .. before y2k
this is a wartime 'know you enemy' message. But what about my friends you sneaky recruiters for the femopolygarchs????


    Hi Piet Thank you four your stimulating comments. I gather you have certain reservations about paradise-engineering. Honestly, though, I think you'd find a world where everyone was blissfully happy isn't nearly as bad as it sounds. I could of course be wrong! Anyhow..... very best wishes for a Happy Christmas! Dave Pearce
My answer: I guess I owe you a completion of phrases: I can't believe you haven't included the natty link in your list since you are in Brighton too. I went to their gathering last summer. Leaving aside the positive aspects it was nothing but same old usual hedonist shit heaps stinkin to high heaven with everybody sleeping a hole into the, thereafter too hot to work, day; just like I am used to at the rainbow gathering. If I should find out you haven't I will become even more ex seethingly mad cause I am a (murderous?) butcher's son who knows where you're coming from (been all the way up to fruitarian for a while but retraced my steps somewhat). And cause I call "vergoeilijking', 'verharmlosung' and such tacitly uncritical approval of hard drugs, even if or when and actually, especially when saved for the last moment in life, and suggesting it is similar to sex (on drugs implied?), quite unpalatable and proof of another rave culture victim; a gem of a mind worped by boring bottom base lines, it's a miracle you have such a love for nature left. I mean, how the cluck do you harmonize your infatuation with chemistry which is so far from that of a certain somebody, lurking in my files, by the name of Julius Hensel who certainly shares your interests nominally but manages to not go into and on the artificial, manipulatory cheating stage with it, unlike Dupont I would say....

 large text site defending designer drugs and other technocrazy surrogates in the name of, and/or backboned up by voluntarist principles....tragic; a link from the equally strange, maker of which rates this one high; a typically lost angel abuse of accuity and ground loosing loftiness  spouting awry and profaning more decent truths like...sorry found an even better one to illustrate the top class schizoism than the stuff I saw earlier (something about spasms of or on the 'periphery' whatever the fuck it may mean in his terms; perhaps I'll find out after christmas break):

"When heaven has been biologically implemented, then the very notion of tampering with our new-won "natural" condition and feeling "drugged" will come to seem perversely immoral. For who would want to contaminate the purity of their ecstatic biological soul-stuff with alien chemical pollutants? Until that era arrives, however, we still need chemical mood-enrichers"
.....A bit sad no?

mond 27th of april, 118th dotY ::::: k29
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2379d sinds .. 3rd tzolkin wave

Ken Fishkin goes: says that Mandan tribal elders are "convinced traders deliberately spread smallpox", but there's no evidence beyond that.

his link goes to a site that has posts posted for the 3 years before 2018 and a diary for the 11 years before that

Genocide & Intent Of The Infected Blankets
August 10, 2009 admin
there are 13 links there nevertheless but no thread although facilities ready

and of course the old thornton thing that kicked off large threads on the lbo-talk list i read regularly at the time [2006];view=fulltext

Did the U.S. Army Distribute Smallpox Blankets to Indians? Fabrication and Falsification in Ward Churchill's Genocide Rhetoric -- Thomas Brown -- vol. I, 2006
w 121 Cs
Ep. 178: Top U.S. Virologist Blows The Whistle On COVID-19 with Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD | Vibe Podcast

Robyn Openshaw, MSW - Apr 22, 2020 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links


    [00:10:12]: Fraud! Dr. Judy Mikovits talks about her first interaction with the man behind the corruption.
    [00:19:03]: Puzzle Pieces. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains how Covid-19 doesn’t fit a SARS-Cov-2 virus.
    [00:27:37]: Risks. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains some of the risks when mixing human and animal tissue for a virus.
    [00:41:53]: Contaminated. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains why Covid-19 is not a natural evolution virus as well as the questionable ingredients in common vaccines.
    [00:55:21]: Jailed. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains why she was jailed in regards to her research and the coverup.
    [01:02:37): Masks. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains why masks can do more harm than good.
    [01:18:17]: Germ Theory of Disease. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains the germ theory of disease and a deathbed confession.
    [01:35:53]: Hope. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains our next steps in standing up for freedom and our rights.
Wolfgang Wodarg, Stefan Hockertz, Claus Koehnlein, Sucharit Bhakdi, bodo schiffman, Shiva Ayyadurai, andy kaufman,

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Coronavirus War Room Ep#2 (with Clif High) by Dr. Paul Cottrell
3.6K views -- 9 hours ago -- 388:13 -- Paul Cottrell
42.6K subscribers -- my last long comment here [dby] earned me some cpu draining skoopery spookery (which gets discussed in the first hour) ... suffered 4 crashes before they decided to set a time limit .. not much room on a box w 1.3G processor ... and i use linux btw.

one hell of a thrilling video ... warmly recommended, specially for all herbalists ....... march 1st the CCP cut off deep web access for cliff
saved transcript as 'sailer john -CliffHigh- on Vit C CCP and DarkWebDooDoo'
how corona differs from other flues 1h33rd minit

in the other one with the pudge [#3  Kevin McCairn] he calls kaufman [at 'richie from boston'] a psyop / mkultra in the 34th minute

i don't get why you are so harsh with andy Kaufman [34th minute, no proof] ... is that some sort of sephard / ashkinnotsee beef?
Ep. 178: Top U.S. Virologist Blows The Whistle On COVID-19 with Mikovits
began workin w ruscetti in 83, they validated luc montaigner
she was on the phone w fauci around 1990 and he blew up cause she wasn't handin over the work she'd done with her mentor. a few days later fauci bullied it out of him anyway. that kind of work was respressed of test falsifying. claiming something something something and a string over them thru the decades ... are horrible diseases .. to cover for the bad habits that lead towards terminal states (making money for the whole goddamn panoply of maphiyas every step of the way).
Her next contact was 2010

januari 2019 italians were given a new flu virus grown in dog kidneys (containing corona cocktails)

59th minute: sept 29 2011 is when the Fauci gang stole her 30 year long research and began treating it like they should have treated their own ... schizo much?
never did a day in court

Fauci Robs And Gags Mikovits (Sep 29, 2011) -- Blue Rhythmic Storm .. kin 19
Tweeted By 39 ---- Twitter Lists 12 ----- Tags 320

crrowshow 205 is a uk guy
What Really Makes You Ill?: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong -- by Dawn Lester
endtime satanopharmaffiyose thanatopia. Ehrr, .. can we switch to the begintimes already?

to Cottrell:

Audio from the UNDERGROUND on Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism by Dr. Paul Cottrell -- 1K views - 2 hours ago - Paul Cottrell - 42.7K subscribers
if anyone can hurt your credibility easily, it's Rex Bear
you like clay stories? how about nebuchadnezzar's dream of empire 'stages'. It unravels what is actually a whole picture into linearity ... the literacy illusion ..mistaking the impression for the expression, imparting meaning to the 'figure' made by the vacation, over what actually 'figures' as ground ... i am talking about rock of course, and the role of fresh dust in vitality and diversity ['clima(c)tication'] which you'd know if you have read me before ...
EXCAVATION vacation [depth dependent on the force and erosive pressures brought to bear upon impression making],  ... i am talking about rock carving / early literacy and it's vitally beneficent fall out and by product of course, the happy coincidence that forgave the beginning of a bad habit a bit too much, .. iow, the role of fresh dust as basis for diversity ['clima(c)tication'] which you'd know if you have read me before ...

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The line between Andy Kaufman and Paul Cottrell is very fine (seamless in fact, similar to that between Netanyahoo and Spinoza .. although i should have chosen contemporaries, let's do Jeffrey Blankfort / Dershovitz .... Lenny Brenner / Jared Kushner, you get the idea).
If you like to condone, sanction, continue and cover for bad habits, then the dystopian side of the equation is the result of that self amputation, technologization and self banishment. In that situation it makes sense to do a large pandemic excercise ... and who to better and more convincingly lead that than the biggest medimaffioso of the last decaades than Anthonly Fauci ... cheers.

self obsession is not sharable and that's why indulging that illusory dogma quickly ramps up to hysteric pitch and reaches for compensatory control tec as crutches to strut their truff [stut in dutch / trut is the word for cunt in that language .. duh fearfemigarchy be strong in 'em lowlands ... the meminatrix card in this game]

Small edit the next day:
The line between Andy Kaufman and Paul Cottrell is very fine (seamless in fact, ... seemingly seamless i should say, cause all i stand for falls thru that crack fact a giant rift .... similar to that between Netanyahoo and Spinoza .. although i should have chosen contemporaries, let's do Jeffrey Blankfort / Dershovitz .... Lenny Brenner / Jared Kushner, you get the idea).
3 hours and 40m long (PaulC War Room)

the slowdown can be caused by 'contentproc .. childID ..parentbuildid .. griomni .. prefMapSize' command lines in firefox

Tackling the climate crisis: shifting from global to local in the context of COVID-19. -- 79 views -- Apr 28 -- Local Futures -- 2.87K subscribers
A webinar with local economy pioneer, Helena Norberg-Hodge, and Extinction Rebellin spokesperson, Rupert Read.
my emphasis and red thread thru 30 years of drifting from far left to far right has remained unchanged: 'micro-locality' .. the use of rockdust as central to a worthwile worldview ...

sent to C and K:
the isolation .. the virtue signalling .. all conducive to and producing chain reactions for people to suffer thru
... all my fault ... i started it all very long ago and get my madness mirrored ..... riiiiiite? Right. Now what?
the brightness i imagine i am bringing precipitates realities that are steered by the likes of Bill Gates ??? He wants to help evurree buddy too riiiiiiiiiiiite? Right. Now  what?
punishment is acomin though ... got a letter from the bank warning me i had 10% less  to spend ... on  that land i try to be worthy of .... those mythical trees and denizens en tour feeling lonely without me .....

George Webb's Patient Zero Conspiracy Damages Maatje Benassi #Webbgate2 -- 648 views --- 11 hours ago ---- defango ---- 20.8K subscribers
A US Army reservist and mom of two from Virginia has become the helpless target of conspiracy theorists, who have falsely accused her of starting the global coronavirus pandemic. That Conspiracy came from none other than George Webb the guy we have  had so many interesting run in's with. Now he's really gone off the deep end in a big way since his days of shutting down ports with Jason goodman and OMR. it seems that the Larpwave is coming back in a big way where does his Brother sit in all of this?
larpwave channel is new dave, active on his old one also
LATEST GOSSIP ABOUT HOAX NEWS INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS Complex civil litigation in the federal courts
ps [half a year later] it's actually a Defango sockchannel

Kaufman is not a silver fan, fasting not to exceed 7 days, but the 5 day mark is when fats are mined and soporific ... likes  the turpentine lady

Medicamentum Authentica #4 - Detox
12K views - Mar 23, 2020 --- Andrew Kaufman
29.8K subscribers

 vladimir: I am so happy I find you so much good information ! Tonight I was watching news on Netherlandse TV, they talk about fake news and in one moment I sow photograph from you!  I couldn't believe what I see, something weard is gooing on....

perhaps cause i commented to Paul Cottrell, after hearing him scold Andy, that i was detecting some sort of seamless divide as in sephard vs 'ashconnosey' .. Andy : Paul is as Spinoza : Netanyoohaa

i guess andy needs to discuss the production of poisons in biolabs huh?

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Former AIDS Scientist Exposes Dr. Fauci's Medical Corruption -- 592K views -- Apr 29 -- Valuetainment - 2.22M subscribers
wait ..whaaaaat??? is mikovits responsible for the 'protection' hysteria raging in memeseedland .. 'lowerland' .. former beamfloatland?? .. 48th minute ..... her confusion and vascillation across that lifestyle divide ... duh [vulnerable/inviolate] border which definitety can range from undetectably and invisible vibe and frequency type sharp ones to vast territories, ranging from nomanslands to ravaged region to the famous hinterlands colonial times .. rear view mirror active and soon their peak thanatopian stage product [radioactivity] will be the only one left if you are you believe Clliff High's projections of extreme localization under ice age conditions ... oops .... back  to the border between 'growbust' regions and those with too many coercions and lacunation, hardships, shorts an lacks to make one vulnerable to invasives.

29:21 ep 8 p2 file [got it on the 23rd], she says - 6:51 - "hit it with the AZT" .. so she prolly has a part in developing azt in the first place huh .... ???

WTFU Ewe All ~ Virus' are NOT CONTAGIOUS ~ #Greatest Hoax Ever ---- 6.3K views --- Apr 30 --- 809 : 9 - aplanetruth 4u -- 50.7K subscribers

 Purple Carnations:
drumsinger: Dr Stefan Lanka, her name is Amanda Vollmer

 mighty quinn: So I'm more or less on the same page but I do have some questions that seem to contradict this theory. For one can anyone explain to me if a virus isnt contagious how does chicken pox or measels or herpies pass from one to another via contact. And two it sewms to me some vaccines like Chicken pox do work to irradicate or minimize the spread  the disease or virus how does that work in this theory?
I'm not trying to be argumentative but these are questions people have asked when Ive said a virus is not contagious and I dont have an answer for them.
poison --------- infection -------- nasty suprise
cure ----------- antibody---------- timely warning
'sathanatopians' have turned the breach of infection and the antibody of immunity around - the pharmaffiose 140 year long and slow but victorious and presently cllimactic march thru the institutions have stuck to tried and 'true' [but alas, evil] needleage .. inverting and reversing cause and effect. Profiting by 'cures' and 'preventions' (which are nothing of the sort and worse than short cuts or emergency measures, nothing like proper living at all but rather quick fixes that sanction, condone and promise ability to perpetuate bad habits with impunity).
The infection thing is real but it applies and takes hold of those below certain thresholds, incredibly sharp and often invisible, more and more 'merely' vibratory frontlines of tec and memetec where timely warnings (ignored, such as my 13000 pages of notes and hints since 1996) stop without starting much at all in the first place and nasty suprises begin with the speed and range of weather systems
nice long comment:
DaBluntTruth - 9 hours ago: Germ THEORY has been debunked since 1918 ... ... this is all an obvious PLANdemic by Bill Gates and his friends.
today i rebutted aplanetruth 4u:  yeah good info .. except that viri do exist and can cause epidemics in any and every region compromised in some way or other, then travel on weather systems to the next, but the dilution and homeopathicization of that transport gives surrounding regions a chance to leaf thru their micro / cellular libraries and build a lock to capture and pacify the key gone so haywire it's become a drill with a mad spin. This info passes at the speed of gossip, which is notorious for its height no? Thus very few epidemics turn into pandemics and a predatory pounce becomes a news item and matter of record.

8th in thread:
aerosolization and contact infections are real but apply in compromised regions only. the number of 'immuno compromissory' ['compromissive'?] items increase and stack up cumulatively until a breach is found ... a bit like screwing our weather up to the point we lose water to space ... i think Victor Schauberger explained that sometime in the 40s maybe. Another man that jew and german sacrificing miscreant mixbreed we know as naZio Cabals peppered throughout turtle isle managed to break.

Bureaucracy Coofs us all HBR Talk 131
this year's priority and american health budget earmark 101: help  the obese survive corona, crown triggerly puff weight loss queen before the end of it ... or is she canadian?

hannah missed mentioning fish are full of vit D the cabal is robbing the world of .... best tool to fight their multifrontal assault backed psyop, next to vit C btw

ascribes the spanish flue to radio (black uk guy) .. got Broze and latest discovery, Amanda Vollmer on board .. they did a 5 hour thingie with another 10 presenters yesterday
Coronavirus Endgame -- 2,495 views - Apr 16 -- EVENT 202
5.83K subscribers ---- Mirrored from DMurphy25

yes electosmog is real, no, the 'spanish' flue is not a radio result, prolly not even a vaccine one. fr Detrick organized a trainride for chicken and soldiers (in that order, across mountains in unheated railcars) until they got sick and could select a number to cook for bigger numbers then shipped to already heavily compromised regions (where it don't take much coofin n contactin at all to start a very wild fire)

Coronavirus War Room Ep#8 by Dr. Paul Cottrell -- 3.8K views -- 18 hours ago --- Paul Cottrell -- 42.7K subscribers
normal flue season = 100% .. covid, speeds it up so it's quicker and over with faster ... this shortens the seasons and conjures the spectre of overbooking and care traffic jams (flipped into the opposite by the very hysteria you employ switching to warcasualties instead of normal mortality numbers). i don't think it was me expressing snoopery suspicions that got the warstick up your butt but just in case ... it was a misfortunate coincidence with connectivity and/or browser troubles ... the firefox elements in question allow 5 priority settings and after clicking to lowest i seem to be past that prob at least. Also, fracking is a hundred 1000 x more biocidal than something that culls the weak can be, wether it's power grubbers orbanal obesity haters or just bucket tippiing top ups of relentless biocidality stackery courtesy the 140 year pharmaffiya run with ddt [poliio] thru glyphosate and electrosmuggery stop and runaway points in between.

Cliff, thanx .. and a Q about aerosolization and pan- vs epidemic: as above

1st of may
ConspiPalooooosaaaaaa with preppr sauce ... or flunked hollywood [con]scriptease artistes ... why do they upload a 5h file with the first hours an orchestral rif that repeats over a hundred times in the first hour and a half??????

EVENT 202 - APRIL 30TH 5PM UK time --- 53K views --  22 hours ago -- 2.7K : 74 -- EVENT 202 -- 5.9K subscribers
Shelley Lewis --- Celeste Bishop Solum --- Shai Danon --- Cyrus A. Parsa - The A.I. Organization --- Jennifer Bruce --- Derrick Broze --- Dave Murphy --- Yasmeen Dahdah --- Mark Steele --- Amandha Vollmer --- Ron Angell --- David A Barstis --- Matt Landman --- Mark Devlin --- Kate Semirani
posted to pundude, above the one above ..
China Comes Clean, Discloses USAID PREDICT Bioweapons Contract
53K views -- Streamed live on Apr 14 -- George Webb
99.1K subscribers
unlike the 15 spokespeople doin a give or take 60% ConspiPalooooosaaaaaa with preppr sauce# spokery spikery vid for a few hours, posted below this one [earlier today], George Webb's hitrate is truely and blessedly astounding ... and god knows i know that to be a one in a 100 million kinda guy full of kindness is both blessing and curse, .. add to that a kindness to kindred as far removed as rocks and see where i fit on that spectrum.

# = ... or if i felt less charitable i'd call them flunked hollywood [con]scriptease artistes,

sat, 2nd of may - 123th dotY ::::: k34
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reposted 2d later at a Cottrell vid:
Cornoavirus War Room Ep#11 by Dr. Paul Cottrell
2.7K views -- 12 hours ago -- Paul Cottrell
42.7K subscribers -- Gail Angeles

i'll have to leave questioning exactly how rocked her food, much less rainbowfood really is, for later ...

prissie 'alt' missie gangs up on kaufman w her throb the 41st minit ...

2 days ago (apr 31st, midspell skywalker/reed/corn ear / bee) under a Valuetainment vid w half a milj. Vs:
gettting over and across that lifestyle divide ... duh [vulnerable/inviolate] border which definitety can range from undetectably and invisible vibe and frequency type sharp ones to vast territories, ranging from nomanslands to ravaged region to the famous hinterlands colonial times .. rear view mirror active and soon their peak thanatopian stage product [radioactivity] will be the only one left if you are you believe Clliff High's projections of extreme localization under ice age conditions ... oops .... back  to the border between 'growbust' regions and those with too many coercions and lacunation, hardships, shorts an lacks to make one vulnerable to invasives.

that same day i rebutted 'aplanetruth 4u':
'sathanatopians' have turned the breach of infection and the antibody of immunity around - the pharmaffiose 140 year long and slow but victorious and presently cllimactic march thru the institutions have stuck to tried and 'true' [but alas, evil] needleage .. inverting and reversing cause and effect. Profiting by 'cures' and 'preventions' (which are nothing of the sort and worse than short cuts or emergency measures, nothing like proper living at all but rather quick fixes that sanction, condone and promise ability to perpetuate bad habits with impunity).
The infection thing is real but it applies and takes hold of those below certain thresholds, incredibly sharp and often invisible, more and more 'merely' vibratory frontlines of tec and memetec where timely warnings (ignored, such as my 13000 pages of notes and hints since 1996) stop without starting much at all in the first place and nasty suprises begin with the speed and range of weather systems

Replying to a long comment by DaBluntTruth there:
 yeah good info .. except that viri do exist and can cause epidemics in any and every region compromised in some way or other, then travel on weather systems to the next, but the dilution and homeopathicization of that transport gives surrounding regions a chance to leaf thru their micro / cellular libraries and build a lock to capture and pacify the key gone so haywire it's become a drill with a mad spin. This info passes at the speed of gossip, which is notorious for its height no? Thus very few epidemics turn into pandemics and a predatory pounce becomes a news item and matter of record.

 George Webb: NanL Phillips  Yes, Vimeo removed over 440 videos. I will figure out an alternative tomorrow

GWebb - CNN smears, twatter & vimeo nix him - bravo for youtube = draadprikkel
he even lost his patreon

FBI: George Webb Sweigert - MuckRock
A copy of FBI files on George Webb Sweigert, born on 10/12/1960 in Cleveland, Ohio. T

i wish to make a coloured birthchart online

impartiality is 'bekanntlich', a vanishing point
an impartial one is a 'beurtelings' vanished and vanishing person
come to holland george and archimedicate me out of my grave proxshtick .. we'll go searching for 'de waayheid'

The Truth about Swedens Anti-Lockdown Strategy
25K views -- May 1, 2020 -- Angry Foreigner
232K subscribers -- Sweden has more fatalities per capita than all of USA. Our government claims their strategy is working, while nursing home staff and doctors are instructed to refuse oxygen to older patients.
since you don't mention the much kinder explanation [search cliff high on ventilators if you don't know where to start] i must conclude you took no more than a superficial msm look and worse, maliciously dislike swedes escapin n sidstepping meditorture / medinquisition ... to which you cuck ever so disgustingly.

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It doesn't work that way
14 views -- May 2 -- earthicastar -- 2.11K subscribers

did not the aztecs put out calls for voluntary movements towards the altar (the dutch use 'gang ' .. 'gewijde gang' phoney fearbased piety). it was my first thought/comment after the first cuckfemrun authoritative moves

if they managed to layer all the dope they crisprred in there we're in for a down to nothing count ... but if these get shed before they fire and catch fire ... we might just see a revival of real journalizzum before they shut down the internet .. which is suspected of harboring virusing at all times .. perhaps even memes and god forbid 'noo´ ones.
fintan dunne vid nixed on yt

the News, Censorship & Fear-Mongering insanity
12K views -- May 2 - Theoria Apophasis - 222K subscribers
banning alcohol and banning the truth about vit D and C visavi duh vyrus are of entirely different, even opposed orders no?

mp3 is the last of 5 links

BBC's Bridget Kendall: 1918 Spanish Flu The Mother Of All Pandemics. TX: 30 Apr 2020 -- 86 views - May 2 - Peter Borenius --- 6.84K subscribers
tuesd 5th of may - 126th dotY ::::: k37
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2387d sinds .. 3rd tzolkin wave instantly delivers an mp3 link (cause i wasn't the first and it has a memory/stash) although it doesn't look like one:

Moderna, DARPA, And, You. Where Fauci's Fast Track Drugs Are Going To Lead

 selective outrage: You need to follow PrayingMedic's decodes on Q.  There is a reason Trump is doing it this way, so why don't you find out?

would you mind explaining what Trump's brill trap for the most biocidall chemdustry ever might be? Flatter them with "freedom molecule" until they are a swooning mush in his liddul peacegrip?
86 comments complaining about the Q poster and just about 20 on topic
nixed this one:

Kathy McGarrity: "Dr. Fauci has served with dedication under several administrations; so no, he should not "be jailed", and the wording of this question does seem suspect, in general? ... Though we respect both Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx for their inputs and medical leadership during this pandemic; their data analysis estimations did turn out to be grossly inaccurate, ..."
you just don't know you are an evil witch protecting greedy gangsters serving worldpowergrabbers do you? it doesn't show when all around are ok with it. this whole thread doesn't mention bruce nussbaum and judy mikovits - wonder why. Cause the CNN witchhunts are swallowed whole? Leaving it for me to post? Here:
the question is fully justified and to be expected from anyone who takes the trouble (not much at that) to look at some history. A free 1991 book pops up before long and that is capped by a fresh one with the author all over alt talkshows .. so .. the cancerous boil on Quoras ass is the fact none of this info comes up and yall do nothing but banter each other into lullisleep.

wedn 6th of may - 127th dotY ::::: k38
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McDuff and Webb Wednesday Update. 11:30am. 040620
new twist in the transfecting tale. Singapore comes into the picture. Obama enabled dpt work to be patentable to lure 'brilliant' [read 'greedy'] minds to the works of war? and now we have 'Leiden' (= lead) franchise of 'Johnson & Johnson' doing the grunt work for these worldpower grubbin thanatopians. the TinTin comics had a spy vs spy version named 'Jansen & Jansen' btw

PLANDEMIC, a film about the global plan to take control of our lives, liberty, h.. --- 4K views -- May 6 -- vanessa beeley -- 10.6K subscribers --- Also watch:  "Harry Vox predicted The Elites Plan for 2020 already in 2014!"
open source
152393 Views Uploaded a week ago
Duration: 1:08:09 -- File Size: 209 MB
Category: Health And Wellness
Rating: Safe For Work -- The full video that had reached 5,000,000 views before being censored by YouTube.
Part 2:
This is the YouTube alternative that I've built, I'm starting a video series on how to use it and also how to run your own version of the software that powers NewTube since it is open source and freely available
Welcome To NewTube hosting - No Email Required
Start your channel on NewTube without having to verify your email Over 30 file formats are supported between video, audio and image uploads -- 100% Open Source - 3248 Channels - 2414 Uploads - 403309 Views
8th of may - 129th dotY ::::: k40
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Former AIDS Scientist Judy Mikovits PhD EXPOSES Anthony Fauci -- 101 views -- May 7 -- MrJacktemplar -- 15.5K subscriber --- AMERICASVOICE.NEWS
april 14 she published the sequel to / remix of the 2014 'plague'.
 Vince lersch: this women judy Mikovits should be in charge of the cdc not fauci or birx
one wonders what is holding trump up in that matter .... if you hear ian masters repeat the clorox injection smear and recommend the madhouse multiple times in one show  ... and if you read this:

HAS 317K VIEWS since april 30th

A Discussion with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Marcy Cravat
8.2K views - May 7 - Andrew Kaufman - 33K subscribers
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny & Dr. Andrew Kaufman sit down with award winning film maker/documentarian Marcy Cravat
the reason for the mystification has to do with the inversion principle implied / at work in all evildoings. ... it's very simply a perversion of the thumbrule when doing good: applying crushed rock to hygiene .... from immediate washing to delayed remote periodic application of say ... writing the line 'well fed forest' with 5 tons of the stuff over a kilometer or so .. with the sweet spot being a pre- and upcycle thru compost ... or 'compoost' as Collette O'Neill so eloquently puts it [not that she's ever on about rock dust as i have been for 33 years now].
You simply do not know e.x.a.c.t.l.y what the chemical composition / proportions of the trace minerals are ... but you can trust the life in the soil you present it to. Let them be the judge and pickers and choosers, no need to get anal about it and play favorites. Do the whole deal.
+1 and 442 shares
james herer is a big fan

Analysis of Dr. Fauci’s Breakfast Club Interview, SARS-2 and Dr. Judy Mikovitz on Fauci - 4.1K views --- Streamed live 23 hours ago ----- AfriSynergyNews -- 65.7K subscribers
this is too important to yell and scream about w all dem reps inum ... as if you wuz a black person ... on red ground ....

10th of may - 131th dotY ::::: k42
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46 Comments ... lots of contentious back and forth
this person attributes the very same characterics Mikovist uses to describe Fauci to herself ... iow, she may in fact suffer duh perfect schiz ....
Langmuir was a famous fraud i guess:

nejishiki (not verified) on 16 Jan 2011 #permalink

Mikovits treats the formation of the ad hoc hypothesis like it is going to be an Olympic category.
She fulfills the definition better than the cold fusion guys AND Langmuir's original examples to the extent it is the only plausible explanation of her behavior.
How strange (and kinda cool) is that.

Judy Anne Mikovits 1958

fairly recent
audio plus 29

Judy Anne Mikovits (born April 1, 1958)

k253 rhythmic skywalker --- 253 = 37th order of 7 .... Prime key, reverse of 352 (11x 32), 352 – 253 = 99 = 11 x 9, vigesimal 12.13, triangular of 22
sorry it took so long john but climbin out of the Judy M rabbitholes proves to be a more and more slippery trick every time i need to reinvent it .. just can't get her out of there to save my life .. to try another day .... beware duh white coaters .. specially when they start using potemkinwoke colours ... remember that o so popular uk forensics tv series?

.. snip ... as above  ... AND frankly it is more important to me than restating  something that by this time takes 14x PgUp taps to get back to. forgive me.

may 8th

Two months later, the entire Science paper was retracted. Mikovits refused to sign the retraction notice, but she took part in another major replication effort. That $2.3 million study, led by Ian Lipkin of Columbia University and funded by the National Institutes of Health, was “the definitive answer,� Mikovits said at a September 2012 press conference where the results were announced. The rigorous study looked for XMRV in blinded blood samples from nearly 300 people, half of whom had the disease, and none had the virus. “There is no evidence that XMRV is a human pathogen,� Mikovits conceded.

2nd of 3 post tagged 'mikovits':
missing material parallels? Ft Detrick and WPI ???????
.... evil is leaky and infectious ..... duuuuuuuuuuuuhhh

Anthony Stephen Fauci born December 24, 1940
galactic dog / kin 190 ... he puts her in jail on kin 19

uh oh ... FD has lost faith in Judy ... he does a hack job pulling ugly faces (not hard for him ... )

176 views -- May 10 - Fintan Dunne
unlike fauci, on whose level she was and must have been, in order to spar with him at all, she drew level and blew past him even as he shut her up for .. what ... 5 years was it??? she has meanwhile ripened to the insight that the average virus hype is either a: 99% psyop [a reverse stampede in this case ... to punish me for laying that sport bare over the last few years], or b: 1% 'bioweaponous' poison but always c: leaky as hell d: a way to punish the sheeply for following your advice and thronging around the altar, the jesus complex is not something the most unique human ever to walk earth suffered but on the contrary, something you can only 'get'/'catch' as a collective (thresholds may and do differ from place to place), e: in other words, an instigator, organizer, transfector and deployer kicks off, yar spraydrone and a surplus potlatch sacrifice ensues ..  to establish status and look towards the gifts acomin ... ???

what's a battery anyway? abuse? a curse in a container?
i still do love that rascal judy .. was she born april 1 1958, 91st day of the year ... and kicked into prison on kin 19 by kin 190??

hey, ... weren't you the guy being unfriendly to my pal 'christophera' (C A Brown over 9/11 concrete?

11:52 -- your 'proof' of fraud and grifterism rests on a single stupid graph labeling mistake ... prolly by whoever she delegated that to ... ????
14th minute: to 'anchor shit' you don't use other shit / another's .. you use rockdust .... am i gonna call you lots worse than grifter just cause this grave mystache entitles me? Nope.

fintan obsessed w 3/3 ... k234 / 26th of the years .. and some sort of vinal

10 hours ago - Fintan Dunne replied: "Totally coherent post dude. I think you've nailed it all."

Ep 29.2: Live w/ John Brisson of We've Read The Documents (May 10 2020): Updates! Pandemic! Mikovits! -- 1K views -- 10 hours ago - Housatonic Live; -- 3.24K subscribers
i hear what yall are saying but .. if only for duh sake of shaking off duuuh fixation, indulge a tide reversal meme here and there .... like .... what if the only kind person escaping alive to tell on hell must be a good if not better part angel
unlike fauci, on whose level she was  for a time, and must have been, in order to spar with him at all, she escaped gridlocking to it even as he shut her up for .. what ... 5 years was it??? I think you should invite her to view this vid and come on to discuss her Ft Detrick experience.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Del Bigtree, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Rashid Buttar.
TTAV2020 "Vaccine Roundtable" (Part 2) ---- 21K views -- May 4, 2020 -- 909+1 : 20 -- The Truth About Vaccines -- 50.2K subscribers
healing the gut w judy ... first 2/3rds have graphics

BD confirmation ... ?? she talks about a needle headline from 1980, a day before her bd .. as it its that last of march 37 years later (her opening):

Dr. Judy Mikovitz Doctors For Accountability In Medicine D.C. -- 48K views ---- Apr 15, 2017 -- Parents For Healthcare Rights -- 11.9K subscribers ---- Dr. Judy Mikovitz's speech at the Doctors For Accountability In Medicine PRESS CONFERENCE in D.C. on March 31,  2017.  Camera, sound and editing by Joshua Coleman.
12th of may - 133th dotY ::::: k44
Law of Time Calendar :: 11 spectral : 288th dotSolarRound
Cosmic Turtle Calendar : 22OvTo : 136th dotSolarRound
2394d sinds .. 4th tzolkin wave

the 1018 Natural News vid mirrored at TruthSeekerTV from a year ago has this comment by Robyn Erland:

There is a lot of misinformation being spread online regarding this.  I know because I was there since 2009 helping her and the suffering CFS patients through it all. I also have all the proof of everything that happened. I also tested positive for the mouse retrovirus in her family study and my whole family is sick, have cancer or are dead.
............. snip ...............
  It's all in the book and everything that happened is still online everywhere.  She also did not find the retroviruses in vaccines.  She found them in CFS patients and the blood supply.  This prompted officials to look into cell lines used to make biologicals.  They found many mlv's in those cell lines. Here's one of their findings: Frequent Detection of Infectious Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus (XMLV) in Human Cultures Established from Mouse Xenografts
.......... snip ......... on bird viruses:
The infectious retroviruses are in their genomes and have been for decades. You can read about that here:

  One other problem I found a few years ago was the fact Asia has been using mousebrains which are filled with retrvoiruses in their JE vaccines since the 30's.  Interestingly they stopped using that version of the vaccines in 2010 shortly after Judy's paper came out and they sighted safety reasons.  Here is the vaccine they had used to vaccinate all of Asia and elsewhere.

  The problem is not just vaccines.  If the birds can spread it via close contact  and through vertical transmission, it's a sure bet that has been happening for decades in people.  Many of us are already infected, so are our children and grandchildren. All it takes once the immune system is compromised is a viral or other infection or a vaccine to start the disease process.

14th of may - 135h dotY ::::: k46
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The Whole Tooth #2 w/s/g Dr. Dirk: Root Canals, Decay, and Fluoride -- 5K views --- May 13 - Andrew Kaufman - 35.6K subscribers --- We dive deep into root canals today. Dr. Dirk also presents a new theory of tooth decay, including the body's secret inner tooth brush.
there's a Dr Tennant (with amazing life story) who is a voltage doctor. He says to remove root canals immediately ... thoughts?
... and since i am here,  disturbing aspects of/to the roots of 'care' efforts discussion vid by Alan Green and Dack Stevon is worthwile imnsho. fear porn diversions and pile ups that don't stack up: Tikkun Olam, Contagion & C0VlD-1984 | KMN LIVE feat. Black Pilled
22K views -- May 13 --- Know More News - 127K subscribers

Yummy Mummy Emporium & Apothecary = Vollmer
hey you two, there's a slim 1917 book about migrant labour 'camps' with aspects of re-ed and penance (from which the cured and redeemed were sent home with money) by an austrian officer who went on to write popular 'home novels' [dramas soaked in decentralism]. It has a cover that obviously referres to my parenthecized lines

That kind of thing [those camps] helped continue .. kinda weakly and fakely .. but nevertheless kinda continue the popularity of germans / whities - (begun waaaay back .. before christ ... witness the statuesqery for the likes of cernunnos, based on bringing a long since emptied of it's meaning, vedic icon back alive in the west. The 'milky way churn' 'iconography, still huge, equivaltent to our nativity deco, IS ALL ABOUT feeding the role of rockdust into daily hygiene) ...
i collected 20 years of notes leading to this fairly recent insight here: on Mikovits .. no isolation of virus possible.
1h27th minute

Jon Dhoe: Mikovits: totally agree. We've been calling her out on Twitter all week. All of the alt media who interviewed her were punked and totally bowed down to her without question. They showed how out of their depths they are on science. Also, someone on Twitter dug up info to the effect that her mother was army intellience, her twin sister is married to army intelligence, and it seems clear she is army intelligence selling fake government science. They're from the Virginia area. They're all govt spooks down there.
maria gon: Jon Dhoe wow! That's good to know, I was listening to her
the trouble is, we won't get gentle souls like Kaufman to take her on .... or will we???? Either way, she's worth fighting for cause she has a foot in and the other out the door ... which alerts her to the leakiness of it all .... i took an overdose of a boil ripening homeopathic remedy which is made of rotting flesh .. and my mom, saint that she was, and will be again, took me in  to let it rage out, but before that i had infected my down syndrome sister 9 years my senior, blessed be her soul, i dreamt of her last nite. .....

15th of may - 136th dotY ::::: k47 Gal Hand
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2397d sinds .. 4th tzolkin wave

Dr Klinghardt latest COVID19 15th April 2020
25K views -- Apr 16 -- Klinghardt Institute
9.05K subscribers
23rd minute he claims The Lancet accepts only 'concrete' research ... when was the last time he looked? has he not read the brill expose in the Off-Guardian .. ?? Dear Doc, that rag is now part and parcel of the worldpowergrab by autist control cunts who made careers in cleverly marketing autistication tools that you claim to know more about than you are willing to say on Swiss TV, riiiiiite?

got out of bed to search and wrote the intro the next morin for this [bloody] batch:

Contaminated Blood Scandal & Me 2
524 views - May 4, 2016 -- Nigel Miller
I have severe Haemophilia B and was infected with contaminated blood during the late 1970's. 5000 people with haemophilia  were knowingly infected with HIV/AIDS and HCV/Hepatitis.
Blood Brothers - The America Blood Scandal - 1998
"Blood Brothers" is a documentary on America's suspect blood supply, with extremely rare footage of blood supply companies and gripping interviews. Director : Jeff Patterson - Running time approx ...
a compilation, mostly from the nineties

The Suppression of the Film, "Factor-8: The ... - reddit
Factor-8 : The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal [Film] Suppression: Kelly Duda produced the documentary film [1] about the Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal [2][3], in which Clinton cronies knowingly sold HIV and HEP-C tainted blood collected from prisoners to Canadian pharma companies including Bayer, which was ultimately culpable for lawsuits when hemophiliac children were infected and died as a ...
Clinton AIDS Trail ... via Brian Redman of Conspiracy Nation -- Saturday 12 September 1998
RCMP tracks HIV-tainted prison blood
QUEEN of maffiyas leads worldpowergrab

16th of may - 137th dotY ::::: k48 Solar Star
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2398d sinds .. 4th tzolkin wave

Coronavirus War Room Ep19 (with Dr. Judy Mikovits) by Dr. Paul Cottrell --- 5.5K views --- after 7 hours 11:26 my time, 12k Vs this morn -- Paul Cottrell -- 43.6K subscribers ---
Judy Mikovits keeping her top gear up for nearly 3 hours .... it's downrite astounding .... ['specially at 1.75 speed, my standard at Paul vids]
JM talks about a 35 year span [of corruption] but if she wasn't so lost in detail myopic and obsessed with being the good wizards herding evil wizards ... she'd say 35 centuries .. or millenia even .. still not much in the scope and zoom out such people as Oscar Kiss Maerth present (approaching tibetan / mongolian / mayan timespans with tales of cannibalism ... oh my).

10th of may was electric wind, k42, the day i find out JM is a Rhythmic Skywalker [reed / corn ear / bee], k253, the last one in the wave spell of a tzolkin, which is a schematic that needs and benefits from dynamic viewing, prolly much like 'dem vaunted, vaulted and revaulting to being crowded too frictionheat raising closely' 'live' viruses and live dance scenes might be more instructive than pixelated ones. In this case a recent thought reaches heights [no pun intended] hitherto escaping focus although the simple slingshot gravity game - only one i ever enjoyed [thanks jorn barger] and it so fully satisfied i never longed for any others or even for more ...

a skywalker is preceded by the 14th seal, wizard
when times are bad, entartung etc, are rife ... red guard antifa types rampant ... a plague of wizards and wizzies is never too far off, wishing and wooshing along ... the very stuff prophets warn us about and then get blamed for instead of being asked about alternatives bycause of.

a wiz failng to pay attention to 'rock gizzards', lazy lizards and all sorts of rubby rubble dub, scrapey scapey apery .. causes plagues sooner or later ... .. and all that data crammin'# ...  without ever doing much with them ... [# = the dutch call studying 'blokken' ... was a bloke once streetlingo for the studied ones, idyids like me who cycle across the apalachians with 5kg of duh fave found treasure, curated for purposes of memorabiliaca and display .. which never panned out neither, 40 years later].

don't ask a dreadie but a tangle lost it's tingle [i am partial to petting with silky hair .... goldmine if there ever was a cornpatigory able to compare).

if there is already a designation for a multiple of wizzies i don't know what it is but i suggest it be redesignated to CROWD of wizzies ...  to indicate lack of o so necessary barrier between humans known as trees playing perpetual guest of honour. no chance for them in her breathless, part excuse for being lost among the stars and part expose on how to get out.

if the tzolkin was a relay and a wiz must take most of his cues from the walker, then this is not a case that leads to the red thread thru my work very easily, though it points in the right direction for sure.
in fact wizzies of the good kind come fast and thick these days, only yesterday i stumble over Klinghardt via Andreas Tuebner, a small mirror channel that's been very valuable. His chat about Bill Gates on Swiss tv is revealing = undoubtedly a heavier calibur wiz in the negative sense referred to, than Fauci.

Dr med Dietrich Klinghardt über COVID 19, Stand und Entwicklungen NaturMEDIZIN QS24 07 05 2020 - YouTube
so much tox n dope in circulation we get the run for singular starscape volassitide and the termite stackery of a 'stakker' begins to be catered to ... by big health 'bodies' and their gowners and gooners.

the 70s and 80s were tainted with contaminated blood supply troubles moved around internationally in great big batches [links below].
The story came to me via douglas dietrich in the late noughties -- it seems all his shows are gone once again, after being back up onto youtube in a huge archive by his UK friend John Warrington .... ... i failed to find a single reference to the curious tale of a Clinton / Bhutto deal except an overly skeptical one at - ongoing enmity between DD and 'cryptobeast', nick of steve outtrim, a fringe private eye in NZ takes care of that. Steve goes overboard on skepticism much like DD gets carried away into fabulation land a lot of the time. dd tag goes into nano blood transfusions and the supposed messianic effects DD claims for them, including vids, near the bottom of this page:

if you like this comment, more here:
vids i slapatapped comments t'wards

Rosemary Lee: She mentioned that taking any CV vaccine will kill you. Could there ever be a vaccine against CV that would not kill you?
Denniss7420: Mutates too soon for a vaccine. Probably why there's no vaccines for: Common Cold, Mono, Herpes, Lyme.
she's in favor of personalized vaccines .. but as in all areas of life, all bets are off, null and void when living properly ... and absent smallpox laden blanket 'gifts' policies of course.
Alan Kropp: Thanks for a very informative interview. What really stands out is Dr M speaks clearly with references and timelines. Fouchi, Azar and the other criminals running the show just deny and shut down discussion. It's walking, quacking like= bioweapon gone wrong helped by our own criminal handlers. This is a dystopian wet dream. Get out the pitchforks and limber up the rope.
Pied Piper: Have pitchfork, will travel.
i think live streaming chaingang compost duties are the best punishment / cure (throw rocks and turds at their feet and see how fast they set to mixing thoroughly to eliminate stink immediately and improve climate gradually).

Dietrich Klinghardt - very revealing about Bill Gates and heavy cases in an early 5G deployment case - In  the grand Scheme of things,  Seattle hospital is the counterpunctual 'Ground Innumeratable' 21 years after the Battle of Seattle

COV-19 Circuit Boards in the 5G Towers! WTF is going on?
903 views -- May 15 ---- islandonlinenews
shows you how considerate 'they' are huh? ... check dietrich klinghardt for info on early G5 at a certain Seattle hospital he works at periodically as he goes around the world to his different natural practices ... lived close to BGates there too. Jawdropper alert.

GW--Judy Mikovits - Paul Cottrell Interview Summary

pudge guy

United Church of Grifters: Reverend Dr. Judy "Smallpox Blankets" Mikovitz et. al. --- 770 views -- May 6 --- Kevin W. McCairn Ph.D. -- 1.89K subscribers -- 13 Comments
 care to provide some timestamps to where the blankets issue comes up? the transcripts doesn't work ... you stupid abject fat fuck ...

17th of may - 138th dotY ::::: k49 Plan Moon
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Another Huge Speech from Sara Cunial - with English Translation -- 811 views -- May 16, -- SSerebra SSana
1.07K subscribers
A Lesson on Logic with Tom Cowan MD - YouTube
Andrew Kaufman 36.6K subscribers Dr. Cowan may be found at: Dr. Kaufman may ...
8 hours ago - Uploaded by Gil B
this is all true within a bioregion with shared microflora ... but it discounts, ignores and neglects to zoom out to invasive and border crossing leaps, as in smallpox on turtle isle. And in fact, just within a bioregion there is a horizontal border of sorts, the vitality levels, those below a certain threshold will be susceptible to infection.

18th of may - 139th dotY ::::: k50 Spectral dog
Law of Time Calendar :: 17 spectral : 294th dotSolarRound
Cosmic Turtle Calendar : 1 Rhythmic : 142th dotSolarRound
2400d sinds .. 4th tzolkin wave

global travel increases pandemic risks hence it stands to reason if the biggest health institutions play thru scenarios ... even if the border between warning prophet and wishful profit chasin programmer becomes razorsharp and too wildly unstable to follow with the naked eye.
In fact, my personal philosophy is in line with keeping virus libraries and virus cocktail stocks topped up, welcoming them, excercizing them ... like a dog eating rotten food, which i did again last nite after i began hearing popping sounds and soon discovered a small glass i had filled with left overs a handful of days ago was under gaseous and oozy pressures. I ate it after recooking even though it didn't exactly smell great and i did not feel great afterwards either.
So ... who am i to fault Fauci .. were it not for the likes of Mikovits who makes it clear that the borderline between virus and vaccine is erased, crossed and flipped with nefarious purposes (although if you ask them they have some sort of Gatesian 'clean up' and resource pressure relief memery packaging handy).
Taking out the immuno compromised is the way to a trimmer and fitter humanity?

Dr. Judy Mikovits on HPV -- 5,997 views - Apr 5, 2017 -- Laura Larue --- 329 subscribers

19th of may - 140th dotY ::::: k51 Crystal Monkey
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ON THE PHARMAFFIA by Amazing Polly

5G Causes Coronavirus? Health Dangers or Hype? 2020 (Esoteric Agenda 2) -- 525 views -- May 17 - Ben Stewart
7.13K subscribers ---- Many beliefs began circulating around alternative ideas of what the Coronavirus truly is.  Some say it's just a virus from a bat.  Some say it was created in a lab.  Some say the 5G infrastructure is causing Coronavirus like symptoms and the testing kits are not really proving that Coronavirus even exists.
I've placed a few alternative ideas in this video so you can make up your own mind. -----
i repeated my 'rotting flesh' remark from 5 days ago
Ep 28.G: National Cancer Institute, bioweapons, CFS, XMRV, Lyme, anthrax, and questions for Mikovits
1.7K views -- May 18 -- Housatonic Live;
3.29K subscribers
1h09 .. after reading that epigenetics is a nonaltering mode of study, a hands off one if you will and mentioning EpiGenX -- i'd personally make the association to ethics .... epigenethix (watch for this comment on google as the first time it sees that wor[l]d) would be my choice of a company name if i wished to hi-lite an ethical approach to genetic studies .. coming to 'grips' with their needs, etcetera -- you throw in the Bavari [beware the transcript turns that into Boveri btw] crispr thingie, jumping to 2018 for a moment, .. yet somebody just listening might misunderstand you to say Mikovits and Bavari were colleagues or business partners or something
Plague: One Scientist?s Intrepid Search for the Truth about - books
Ken Richards joined EpiGenX in September of 2000, as chief financial officer, and recalled recruiting Mikovits from the NCI in May of 2001.34 Ken was originally ...
Kent Heckenlively, Judy Mikovits - 2017 - Science
it folded/sold 2005
2h09 .. after reading that epigenetics is a nonaltering mode of study, a hands off one if you will and mentioning EpiGenX, you throw in the Bavari [beware the transcript turns that into Boveri btw] crispr thingie, jumping to 2018 for a moment, .. yet somebody just listening might misunderstand you to say Mikovits and Bavari were colleagues or business partners or something -- -- i'd personally make the association to ethics .... epigenethix (watch for this comment on google as the first time it sees that noowor[l]d) would be my choice of a company name if i wished to hi-lite an ethical approach to genetic studies .. coming to 'grips' with their needs, etcetera --
NIXED a few hours later

68:10 "the study of heritable phenotype changes that do not involve alterations in the DNA sequence" .... yet 4 minutes later you have forgotten this??? If you are trying to say Mikovits worked for some bad dudes (the babyface types are always the worst) who drug a good name into hellish schemes, OK

Italian politician Sara Cunial accuses Bill Gates
7:04 -- On May 14, 2020 Congresswoman Sara Cunial accuses Bill Gates and his foundation of ultimate corruption.
2 days ago - Uploaded by Parents For Healthcare Rights
21th of may - 142th dotY ::::: k53 Magnetic Skywalker
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Trump vs VA Hydroxychloroquine Study
118 views -- May 20, 2020 - AgentOfDoubt - 12.9K subscribers
27 pages ...
given early and combined with zinc the numbers are splendid .. but people pointing to this have less than stellar reputes ... D Klinghardt is a man in the same boat / tradition as a number of doctors hounded by the AMA over it's entire existence ... Hoxsey [a particularly charming story, he observed what type of herbs horses sought out] John Ray ['Body Electronics'], just to name a few ...
Ep 28.H : Two sides to every whistle - The NY Times was celebrating Mikovits and XMRV in 2010 -- 901 views -- 17 hours ago --- Housatonic Live; -- 3.3K subscribers
the EBV Association and the iacfs and

35:24 ........ so this uh habla she dr. o bla she [ABLASI] he goes back a long ways .. he's been affort he was at Fort Detrick in the 1960s he was there before the the National Cancer Institute even inherited much of the ....

40:09 now on this other page here she does talk about how again doctor uh doctor habla she also worked in the gallows lab so again this is no way that that they could not have that they could not have met and and read this for yourself you can find this excuse me you can find

24th of may - 145th dotY ::::: k56
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New documentary exposing 'The CCP Method' to premiere
| NTD | CCP virus | Coronavirus | Hong Kong"
Rocks-to-Earth-SPInner - 3 weeks ago
alarmist and unhelpful

wasaglass - 3 hours ago: No it's spot on. The CCP is the most vile government that has ever existed in all of human history.
reply to wasaglass  well ... i listen to China Uncensored, Epoch Times [listened to '9 commentaries' years ago and they ARE belligerent and polluting and hegemonic in Tibet] and then to Wolfram Elsner  .. and i also know there's plenny of jewish nazis [suspicious loads among higher ups in fact] but i can only conclude, there's the fort da thing applying to the sun, genders, etcetera and that's only a first fair blow str8 down the middle .... nothing is monolithic except the ephemeral flimmerings in the female heart and male brain, ultimately delusional, it's traces long since ingrained, impossible to face head on, beyond heros, the movers and shakers invariably the most damaged, moved into posish to dilute their immunity conferral as far and wide as possible ... it's the queen of pharmaffiya's bees kneecap model, you can die 'with' it's holy mark of the true faith but you can not die with 'it'.

25th of may - 146th dotY ::::: k57 overtone earth
Law of Time Calendar :: 24 spectral : 301th dotSolarRound
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2410d sinds .. 5th tzolkin wave

New law will 'prevent, stop and punish' activities endangering national security
China Tightens Grip on Hong Kong with New Law
what all some sharply targetted hyphenation wrotheth ... is capable of wrothchildishery ...
thanx for doing a Mikovits sesh ... i'm gonna listen to it now ... and no doubt shall be disappointed but i forgive you ... an idyid can't help himself to.
may i suggest you do Dietrich Klinghardt .. a live wire John Ray of 'Body Electronics' fame and infamy.

ok, i finally break down and record the first of many many 'uses' of 'that number' floating by over the last week or so:

 According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the state paid $5.5m for the Bix Produce Company cold storage facility to serve as an 'emergency morgue.'

eric traub [trob?] 1979 named the areno virus group
start of the cocktailing and flipping bioweapons into vaccines in order to forestall passing of their sell by date

if you have no 'need' ... if you [o brave 'defendeur'] don't get an actual 'chance' or see 'fit' TO EMPLOY BIOWEAPONS, you start a scare of some mythico-mysteriously upcycled version of an ordinary virus to the back of which you hitch your campaign [choose a few flashpoints to jumpstart with fine fine mistbottle plungerpush or two).

27th of may - 148th dotY ::::: k59
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Ep 28.I : Daszak Returns - Guest Brisson joins us to analyze the TWIV Nipah 2020 Interview
Peter Daszak seems like a real devil ... a real purebreed clown from the fauci grifter stable
this is video is too naughty for a transcrip
shared on admissionary

28th of may - 149th dotY ::::: k60 = 7sun
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2413d sinds .. 5th tzolkin wave

"... give or take 6 miljan as a margin of error" (41st minute of the yoichi aud file, an article compilation i did after hearing George Webb praise the writer hightly).
He takes you in and out of several bioweapon labs in dramatic ways and around the world at least once a different way every shortish artlcle. A kind of medical genius equivalent of Ben Fulford .. or a that genius flavored clone of him, cause aren't asians nuttin but copycats. Ensler has the Iz memes down like there's no tomorrow left in a newly rewritten bauibill i mean buoyball of the moodmax fewture.

29th of may - 150th dotY ::::: k61
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2414d sinds .. 5th tzolkin wave

cahill with del bigtree
translated here:
Covid 19 : Profesora Experta Inmunologa y Biologa Molecular Da Su Opinion. -- 9.8K views --- May 28 ---- Planet Art Network
94.8K subscribers

100 Voices Strong Dr. Rashid Buttar Hosts A Doctor's Covid 19 Roundtable -- BrandNewTube -- 2406 Views | 18 hours ago

30th of may - 151th dotY ::::: k62 planetary wind
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2415d sinds .. 5th tzolkin wave

via Drew
Did SARS-Cov-2 start in a Chinese lab? -- 92K views -- May 16, 2020 -- 9.8K : 264 - potholer54 - 204K subscribers
even if this video is completely true, it does not exclude the huge likelihood a bioweapon wielding cabal is riding on the back of the 'natural' wave. Study what George Webb has found out before you say 'oh, that's all settled then'.

31st: exaltation of numonoia strategy ... all honour to ueber autist god itself .. brrrr .. freak male phantasee

4TH OF JUNE - 156th dotY ::::: k67
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2420d sinds .. 6th tzolkin wave

Genetically engineered human-animal chimeras - what could go wrong? - 19 views --- Jun 2 -- Organic Consumers Association -- 3.47K subscribers - Today at 11:00am CDT we'll be LIVE talking with Stuart Newman about how U.S. scientists have used genetic engineering to create a mouse-human organism, also known as a chimera
she had Latham on recently as well, same person who appears on Derrick Jensen's progressive radio show often.
about lab origins of most recent major outbreaks

lofty claims and lowly practice, false labels, commercialized vice .. the dupes and dupables always outgrow the precautionary and tidestemming attempts ... Once this mechanism solidifies and achieves institutional status the newspeak takes off and sharper descriptions get banned, denied and demonized, the censor and cast out treatment .. [protocols? why, dey false, mean, forgeries, slander, the worst]. i suggest you remove this comment cause it can be used as excuse you don't deserve this platform cause you don't do housecleaning, chances are that if i write the PoZ out all the way, robots will do it for you.

9TH OF JUNE - 161th dotY ::::: k72
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2425d sinds .. 6th tzolkin wave

MUST SEE: Italian psychologist and psychistrist discuss damage by CV communication and measures
176 views -- Jun 8 - SSerebra SSana - 1.11K subscribers
Marc James Levesque: Hi Serebra,  in case you haven't seen this yet...Italian parliament...I speak some Italian but not enough to really get this...  v=T70FNouRmZE
pardon my 'eigendunk' but compared to my efforts yours seem redundant ... i mean the auto translation works really well ... have you just taken that and took some mistakes out ????

also ... your txts are too piddly to read at 144p (for small boxes yadayada) ... i guess the big advantage is keeping the translation intact for dwnldrs .. which i guess the autotranslate doesn't do ...

21TH OF JUNE - 173th dotY ::::: k84 Rhythmic Seed
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webb w cotrell [dwnldd as mp3]

06/20/20. Webb and F.J. Continued.
names names of the bioweaponists / mixracists and mental cataclysmical inbreds

23TH OF JUNE - 175th dotY ::::: k86
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2439d sinds .. 7th tzolkin wave - 39K Vs now ... Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters Fact Check on COVID-19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans
.... lots on testing Richard could learn from [his take at 1h6m] ... but won't of course, being an anti terrain body like inquisitional indulgence toilsnake salesmen from half a millenium ago were [complete with torture dungeons, made over to meet IC standard 'status'], back with a vengeance. Such was more or less my first remark on the whole thing back in april once testing took off in the west.  All the protection measures are nothing but formal affirmative sanctification of unhealthy conditions[, foods, influences, etc .. not to mention the enormous rise of casualties from single use toxic 'equipment' bulk up] and those who abide in and by them, not to mention profit from them.

24TH OF JUNE - 176th dotY ::::: k87 Solar hand
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The Flag Burning Cargo Cult - 6.6K views -- Jun 23 -- ramzpaul
77.3K subscribers
Bodo Schiffmann just did an incredibly hard hitting vid that's 'rite on topic' btw ... .. about the new quarantine for half million around town in densest germany where a chinese owned meatpacker employs migrants and houses them between walls that feature black mold. ... but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ... they get ill from dah koefff dIDn you beleaf and purchase your mobmember undilgence yet???????

flags do fuel things ... if you frame, swivel and gear them juuuuuuust rite ...

25TH OF JUNE - 177th dotY ::::: k88
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Zack Bush blames glyphosate specifically and other assaults more generally [w SS] .. a very special doctor
5 Qs with Zach Bush & Sacha Stone - 56K views --- Jun 16 - New Earth Project -- 37.6K subscribers
nixed [after 13m]: SS can scold me 'raciss' a thousand times more and i'll still be immensely grateful he has brought Zach Bush to my attention

41st minute he says feminarchetype ... then a minute later apologizes for the need to edit out a cuss word uttered since then ... hah ..

7th of july - 189th dotY ::::: k100 solar sun
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IT'S WARHORSE RELATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Kulakc thinks it was a fast acting bacterial disease, the same to which the horses succumbed after suffering 'shipping fever / travel fever / transport fever, being taken to europe for war .....

Ep 33.3: Revisiting the Spanish Flu - AKA the Kansas Flu
1.3K views --- Jul 6 -- Housatonic Live;
3.61K subscribers
9th of july - 191th dotY ::::: k102
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Grim math | COVID-19 death rate in EU way higher than those of any flu outbreak - study -- 560 views -- Jul 9 -- RT - 3.9M subscribers --- The COVID-19 - related death toll in Europe, both among older generations as well as the 15 to 44 age group, is 2/3 higher than expected in a bad flu year, according to a new study. --- RT speaks to Dr. David Nabarro, the WHO's special COVID19 envoy to Europe.
way to throw your good name away link to study, no flue / cowrunna differentiation ... and on top of that a WHO official ..... is this cause Putin cucks to the pharmaffiyids so cravenly?

12th of july - 194th dotY ::::: k105 - magn serp
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4 variable John Hopkins Mask graphic
someone who collects this kind of thing lately .. yep, that's about as dishonest as it gets and as you'd expect from JHU life science dpts .. who are up in the big league of 3 piece global montes [one cup w virusies, one with vaxies and the third with 'stellar' jerkbot jackpot profit pandoriscs] ... if you care to improve this, add a good few more situations and weight all of them by frequency and grade [susceptibility threshold .. for which VitD and other simple stuffs are great yardsticks] ... example: unprotected, virus arriving by weather and dilute enough to trigger response AND allow for start up time to nip in the bud and quell at source so to speak (the vast vast majority of cases, badly tweaked by weaponizer who insist on seeing what seeding by airtravel might do for them). Then there's the follow up of a person thus immunized on the cheap and automatic reporting his experience to especially those vulnerable .. cause on his breath not only the virus, the riddle travels, but also the cure / key / answer / containment. The restriction to archival copy and demotion from live threat of invasive 'displacatory' overgrowth. Have i said enough. Say no more.
36thou notes
something similar from John Hopkins triggered this response a minute ago:

... and then it gets even weirder:
wore masks, used disinfectant yet 3 Az team buiding teachers came down, 1 died ... keep schools closed ...

12th of july - 194th dotY ::::: k105 - magn serp
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It's Coming Down...Can You Feel The Call? -- 3.1K views - Jul 11 - YumNaturals Emporium - 20.5K
enjoyed this .... love to meet ... am in the Netherlands .. tell andy to stop by ... you say - 1h44th - the divine fem is soft, etcetera .. but the 'preduced' [unreduced] feminine is tough hard, takes a shine can be readied to roll (some rollin rock .. finally some mismemery rectified .. after 3 to 5 generations ... ) ... i caught lyme twice and i am starting to get weird creaks in my neck ... need you, andy or Dietrich Klinghardt on the double .... the factoid mentioned above is the red thread spun out since my first 1996 website .. hosted on the Hasbara Hollywood - Hilversum line .. enough to do a good doctor sheman allkinmister or allkinmistress proud:

13th of july - 195th dotY ::::: k106
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one more to the 'comin down' vid:
love you dearly .. but ... why do yall make such stupid mistakes like:
1: rainwater can be laden with industrial offal
2: germ 'VS' terrain theory?? Noohh!!!!! it's a moving border / flip / trap line ...
ps: can i have a look at your chart please?
--- the next day i thought about trying to improve it ... using the word level ... but then decided to delete it ..
amandha is in Minden Ontario

16th of july - 198th dotY ::::: k109
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YumNaturals Emporium replied: "Klinghardt would say hyaluronic acid, Andy would say turpentine, I will say MMS/CDS with DMSO, and then I will say, rotate all 3."
17th of july - 199th dotY ::::: k110
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Professor Hamamoto, George Webb, and McDuff tonight at 8pm. 071620 -- 38 minutes ago 213 likes at the end ..... McDuff: Kennedy's Man to Smash the CIA -- 9.56K
biological passwarrieurs vs crowdsoresfing duh scare tactics .. using scare tictac nitro magniffursniffur ayshun .. eh .. what?? Oh for .. sooth ... a kingdom for remorse ... if only i had Andy Kaufman's purity fortitude to toe tally ignoryall .. .. aren't you the trumppitters in the evil deck wheelin n dealin yoursulphs innennaut???
Like Andy's  soulmate, a bottled n bagged soluable for a free thing ... yet mum about the true ground .. all figure instead ... runnin her lips a mile a moment ... iow, nerdy and genius health sleuthery instead of the dust .. the dumb and simple dust which any and even the doozy of a kid can be taught to be part of his lives funding and founding, finding and saving routine ... ¨biobanking" [Hamamoto mentions his version around the 80th minute] alriiiite ...
2 fresh Andy vids btw:

you can pray for ethic tecthic all day long ... or roaddog 4000 vids together ... it won't bring the nerd to what is excluded by the very tox it was founded on ...

21h of july - 203th dotY ::::: k114
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to Amandha ['Modern Med' vid]:
please explain: i had a boil and was prescribed pyro???, a homeopathic remedy [made of rotting flesh] to ripen it. Some time later i found the bottle and treated it according to my false understanding of and confusion with schuessler salts ... as a supplement ... and so highly dilute that downing what remained all at once was no big deal. But it was .. and i broke out in constantly pus producing boils in all my weak spots. Mom accepted me as patient but could not prevent my nine year older Down sister getting it too.
Iow, germ vs terrain? No, the 'vs' is a moving borderline, depending on the strength of the virus and the resistance / immunity on the other side of the divide, by no means unbreachable as you seem to suggest.

23th of july - 205th dotY ::::: k116
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Lynn Gannet at The Harlem AIDS Forum by Vaccines Are Dangerous: Hosted by Curtis Cost - 531 views - Jul 22 -- YumNaturals Emporium
20.8K subscribers --- I have known Curtis Cost for many years. He is a solid voice in the HIV/AIDS and vaccine truth communities, is an author, and runs the website https://vaccinesaredangerous.blogspot... Curtis also hosted a forum with Phil Valentine, Celia Farber, and myself entitled, "A Historical Comparison between COVID & HIV tests, What Are The Facts of this Situation? PANEL TALK":
Recently, I was blessed to meet and share time with a true whistleblower and HIV/AIDS dissident, Lynn Gannet, who is a brilliant mind with an incredible life story. Here she is exposing an HIV/AIDS researcher scam which led to threats and intimidation on her life and wellbeing. ----
hellastunner but ... hope she aint cucking to the pharmaffiots as hard anymore meanwhile ... i mean, that was a point in time way past where kidgloves had to come off ... and be redesigned. A groundrule to tie humans into sentience [instead of flying and fleein off handles and their own fruckin continents for ungood gods ache] is putting the lovin squeeze on rock [judiciously, a liddul goes a long way] into fresh and fluff 'noosoil', .. 'clayplus', all traces readyset to go

24th of july - 206th dotY ::::: k117
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2469d sinds .. 9th tzolkin wave

to the wistia vid GW parked there:
Compulsive masquery threatens in the Netherlands. Unbelievable. And yet perfectly logical, if you take the tenacity of the russia scare into account. The hoaxiness about that was [ MsM] refusing to admit and clarify that the deep state dealt and deals with a wholly different set of russians than trump does, ... as if real estate nastiness is way way worse than the weapons, uranium and power scheme varieties of every stripe and toxpox. Similarly, the corona tests are finding the equivalent of regular run of the mean majority mill impure fire fall out, soot, smoke, stink. Plenny of that around and ready to overwhelm the stubborn refusal to improve bad habits in simple and affordable ways. the immensely herdsterical numeracy mockup is the most astoundingly fragile pushover sockpoppet. THE specialism slated for crowdsourced demonetization, most critical deflate slate candidate ever. I can think of a more grounded way to dress up endlessly fruitful supply side doxmatism. How jewish of me eh?

25th of july - 207th dotY ::::: k118
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duh four apocollapse horses:
alfabitism = 6 millenia before present
world trade = 3 mbp
world migration = 1.5 mbp
coronialism = now!!!!!!!!!!!

26th of july - 208th dotY ::::: k119
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broze makin some sense on terrain vs germ

I am officially retracting my earlier reporting that Maatje Benassi tested positive for CoronaVirus. I realize now I was being fed bad information to entrap me, exactly in the same way an FBI informant was used on my way to Piketon, Ohio three years ago. I am correcting my reporting that she only acted as a NATO Courier for the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO at the Wuhan Games which was my original reporting on this topic.
~~George Webb (investigative journalist) 27 April 2020
 george webb coronavirus reports
Uploaded by ArchivistsOfAotearoa
on May 17, 2020
.... GW vid from end of march
there's 309 of them

27th of july - 209th dotY ::::: k120
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should i post it here: 2nd wave warroom 13 - v=MBT5ePtIOFc
the cutoffing edge of medical tests are in reality relirites
cucking to them is handing your life to the zogstrous powergrabbers
capturing eyeballs was yesterday, snapture of bloodveins and, oh horror, bloodLINES is now.

every wave of innotec notches up the envirotox and increasingly invisible freqwrecking factors and pressures pushing the weakest among us over the edge.
Now, suppose the unethikillinmakers invented and/or adapted or christspurned .. i mean crispered[?] one or a few from the plethora of available viri to go along with and be triggered by a new fave innowave. Why? To give themselves the purification agent illusion and delusion .. or god knows why, who should be suprised and wonder?

More likely is a common as shit virus gets triggered by G5 inadvertently, advertizing and betraying it's presence, what are it's pushers to do in order to break that causation chain?

 We know they don't even hesitate at killing trees en masse no less ...

 Don't  you think one possible double / back of their potemkinate conjury and injury (which we are slated to celebrate no less than 1000genders they boom to bloom) might be a sideline of some equal strength virulence or other? One that dispenses with a telltale trigger like their product, a connexion they must distract from at all cost.

This is where George Webb comes in. He talked about manual and or drone spray release crews near the end of last week [on a solo vid at wistia, as mystic and nourishing mists drift by him visibly], deployed for revolutions hither and thither, loads more nimble than the cumbersome old school hardware goin thru bulgaria, albania turkey lybia syria ... iow, far and wide afield, in markets to be targeted waaaaaay down the line after initial crude clearing .... who can wonder if that scenario is essential to market strategy success??

Viri been tortured, twisted and screwed with since WWII and surrounded / encapsulated with heavy trigger crisis protocols [new george webb at Paul Cottrell's channel is informative on that point].

the test is a reli rite, a pretense you are special
hiv and corona are as common as coli
the human brain turns everything it touches into a cult, your transparancy may vary

28th of july - 210th dotY ::::: k121
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1,643 views -- Jul 27, 2020 ... 9 hours ago to be precise
Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Amandha Vollmer - The Current Scientific Revolution and Gathering The Tribes
Darlene Edison: Tony Pantalleresco is a herbalist in Canada and you both should check him out on YouTube and his website. One smart herbalist and he tells it like it is. He knows how to heal the body naturally. I am dealing with contaminated water and parasites and so many children and adults are dying from cancer here in Indiana and the doctors are misdiagnosing us all. God bless you both
29th of july - 211th dotY ::::: k122
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Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Amandha Vollmer - The Current Scientific Revolution and Gathering The Tribes
Now that i return to this vid i see the thumb has a faint rainbow ... i did the rbfamily / int. comm. route for 40 years without actually joining one cause your nose works best on borders eh? .. and basically letting go completely once 'coatcare' (as care for aging siblings is called in the netherlands .. mantelzorg) took 'hold' of me.

Here's a thought or 2 about travel, one of the main pushpoints for "major aggressions" as Andy says around the half h mark.

You plan a center, monastic sanatorium library, meds growin outfit that recycles patients and searchers into fit cloneseed of itself. That  costs money .. i'd like to try top whatever offers you get in the way of buying land to try lure and tip your favor to eurasia, not that i think it's "probable" i'll succeed with you lot any easier than with ordinary whities on red land. which will be the cause of loads more suffering unless remedied / reversed, i've been arguing this since 1997 but failed to establish the attractive inviting and invasion reversing community ['cult of transparancy' a good name?].

The separation tho, is to protect you, necessary and made extra so - due to your stance / present understanding of viruses [perfect health unassailable by and antithetical to it. Not my take, i alllow for a lot of caution where necessary, the bioweapon thing has gone vi[r]a[bl]e on multiple fronts]. that's why i have this playlist:
QUEEN of maffiyas leads worldpowergrab

i am pretty sure you only seem to but might as well pay attention to my playlists .. or at least find similar and sorta parallel breadcrumbs .. may they all converge and finally ... finally ripen the 60s rock rolling grip[pie]- rather than fistmaking into coming of age

the 51st m i expected andy to add: "crisis of the right mix, crisis of tracing a moving faultline" to his terrain vs germ crisis & schemery .. but he said "proportion, that allows the shift to be made"

I'd like to think you're not an either or / winner loser machinist Andy, it's polar opposite unstable extremes model between which as per boringly bloody usual the BIOFOCAL MUST INDENTIFY AND DISENTANGLE FROM BIOCIDAL which displaced it and turned life into dead deadly, deadlier and ever deadlier still, finally not nomans- as in all beings lands but into nogo for nothing zones, .. or else supersharpened borders, tenser and tenser ...

4m before the end, Amandha talks about the 'frenetic virus fear', denying the existence of bioweapons one last time, emphasizing she needs help 'setting herself apart' with as many like minds as possible .. where's the 'too good for this world' farm when you need to rescue some glib and stubborn naives?

Amandha Vollmer goes Farther Down the Rabbit Hole with Paula Gloria Barton on Woodstock Radio 104 WI --- 2.4K views - Jul 28 - YumNaturals Emporium - 21K subscribers
biophilial vs biocidal is indeed parallel to how bipeds get and/or try get a bead on carbon ... it's like tide levels ... influence on carbon: 1= sun, 2=volcanism, 3=minerals, 4= = jim lee's equivalent to your ... i am guessing they are similar .... Amandha, you sound like your most unsympathetically zealotous in this one btw.
YumNaturals Emporium - 25 minutes ago: No bioweapons other than poisons. That's just fear mongering and flexing, same as nuclear weapons. Games.
Viruses: Do you believe they are making some people sick and killing others? Part 24 --- 208 views -- Jul 29 -- Calen Tanner Lightheart -- 26.9K subscribers
i've lost faith in her today .. which i should have done a week ago when she did not even bother answering when i asked her why my sister caught a disease from me induced by an overdose of homeophatic remedy [pyro.. something .. pyrogen? made of rotting flesh to ripen boils]. we must have shared cups or spoons inadvertently (not our habit). it aint black vs white, there a dynamic grey tide between them. She however claims there are no bioweapons, only poisons (i expect her to petition ft Dietrich and its hundreds of spawn for a name change any day now).
W von brehmer
sophonospora polymorpha ... a ph wheel

30th of july - 212th dotY ::::: k123
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George at peak paramossiah
10 June 2020 R McDuff and Webb Wednesday Edition
14 views -- Jul 29 - CueAnon - 503 subscribers
Thank you John O’Lauchlan!
OffGridMobile - 75 subscribers
short one about black MD Stella who done gone viral
GW at the Capitol the 27th › understanding-the-ne...

14 hours ago - One of the greatest investigative journalists of all time, George Webb, just reported on these shocking facts. That would mean if Biden won the Presidency, ..

wiki has a lively back and forth on this page:
GW mentioned:

On 13 March, the US government summoned Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai to Washington over the coronavirus conspiracy theory.[148] Over the next month, conspiracy theorists narrowed their focus to one US Army Reservist, a woman who participated in the games in Wuhan as a cyclist, claiming she is "patient zero". According to a CNN report, these theories have been spread by George Webb, who has nearly 100,000 followers on YouTube, and have been amplified by a report by CPC-owned newspaper Global Times.[149][150]
on the discussion page i find a productive colleague of yours:
Mcbrarian dsmith[at]mcmaster[dot]ca
My name is Denise Smith. I am an academic health sciences librarian at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I am interested in information literacy, community engagement, and consumer health information as patient empowerment. I am currently working with two undergraduate students (Chimpanzee19 and Alanaaaa48) at McMaster University who volunteer for the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care to improve the following articles:
Opioid -- Pain Management -- Chronic Pain
fortnite old 17p pdf
Wikipedia as a health information resource in various contexts
Understanding The 'New Normal' - Society Reset
July 29, 2020 by IWB -- By Pamela Williams
I am surprised to learn that Joe Biden owns an island, called Water Island, across from the late Jeffrey Epstein's Island.  There is an old submarine base there, and Ghislaine Maxwell is connected with a submarine company in the same area.
One of the greatest investigative journalists of all time, George Webb, just reported on these shocking facts.
20 hours ago - 9.2k members  Open Source Investigations related to George Webb's Thesis.

Drew: Covid 20x worse than flue

31th of july - 210th dotY ::::: k124
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posted under Amandha's 'poison' reply:
jason Goodman takin a quick peek at ft Detrick w 4 guests on, including JMikovits and co-author. She keeps excelling when it comes to improving ways to bring her point across. My new wish is to listen to you and her having a 'one on one'
My new wish is to hear you and her have a 'one on one'.
i suggest you discuss with her wether ideally, everybody ever vaccinated with the types of cocktails she warns against, should be forbidden to breed, in order to give a new clean up twist to Gatesian 'clean up' intentions, worthy of being awarded his 'clean up' legacy .. for setting it right side up.

.... she has Ken Cousens on too

august second:
9:56 maro benassi filmmaker
George, would it be very Mo saadi of you to focus on the wrong benassi
wrong mo sadly wrong to distract from the rite benassistite
bloodflow velocity before and after earthing for 2 hours
shared with: George Webb, take note: filmed by a Benassi

6th of aug
When will the Overreaction to the lab-flu end?
3.2K views -- Streamed live 3 hours ago --- 346 : 18 --- Ryan Dawson
74K subscribers
Corey Hughes is the guest, his 'debunking everything' podcast gets mentioned 1h28th ...

crackles packed vid for sure ... knettergoed .. now if only it would have some knirp factor too ... [/knerp = sound of gravel underfoot, or squeezed or god forbid, crushed anywhere near compostables] you want all your subjects to grow out of it doncha? Tell'm how to outgrow themselves foreals

13th of aug - 223th dotY ::::: k137
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ask Klinghardt about 1h16m info on Paul's explanation of Covid as a blooddisease
Stefan Molyneux and Dr. Paul Cottrell discuss coronavirus and vaccines -- 1.4K views -- Premiered 3 hours ago -- Paul Cottrell -- 42.9K subscribers -- Stefan Molyneux ---:::--- commentarian Frank Jensen - 3 hours ago: The mortality is so ridiculously low that discussing a vaccine is totally ludicrous! The consequences of a vaccine will be much, much worse than the disease.
i go: the percentage of the general populace who 'realize' this is more than 'ridiculously' low, cause the 'gain of function' duh evil ones derive from filtration thru that 'medium' mulltiplies X metastatizes polarization of tragedy X calumny X abjection X squalidity X diabolic 'abethics'

29th of aug - 241th dotY ::::: k153
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Enough Is Enough - 6.2K views - 16 hours ago - YumNaturals Emporium - 29.1K subscribers
terrain is all .. germ nought. -- i'll accept on condition that we'll qualify your 'prejections' [from which i fear you reason backwards to the present a tad2often] as all warning and zero prediction ... to soften that predilection projection you theatrickle eyze too 2 often, capiche?. Deal?
your burstsun is hi in the sky ... scorchy blaze damage posish ... if i were you, a time when fire is used as the default weapon of extremes where too little left to lose reaction pacts and clots w blooperflluously surplus affluent for a noo red guard iteration .. i'd be more cautious with barricade language before the aforementioned show up in force to burn your store down. I have broken my sweet head over the proper way to harness and steer protest energy for decades [posted many a bulletpoint script on indymedia threads] but even the best of you all show no signs of ability to pick up where i shall have to leave off .. unless i finally begin to do as i preach, join a community and get busy dusting kitchen wastes, ... after a proper tune up by the likes of Klinghardt or equivalent such as yourself parhopes.

won't work ... reminds me of Ayn Rand's A = A ... did she ever even get any GaltHideOuts follow ups ... let alone eco ones?
see my other comments outside this thread please.

bottom line: be more careful w what you anticip[l]ay

2nd of sept - 245th dotY ::::: k157 cosmic earth
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what makes a woman -- 2878th: = exp. meds volunteers, whose ad got placed on this here kPerry vid. To punish her for .. i mean cure her of this, i'll tear off the mask, draw back the curtain, replace the potemkin panels, etcetera ...with Georg Webb and Paul Cottrell == Second Wave War Room Ep27 (with Patriot Webb) by Dr. Paul Cottrell - 4,093 views - Aug 31 -- 336:7 -- Paul Cottrell -- 42.6K subscribers
all the more reason to not let it in in the first place, .. which is why Paul Hammers on the toolbox, he's got a foot in the terrain theory door whereas Kaufman / Vollmer don't validate GW, PC et al at all .. we have to do something about that .....
encore what follows is a fresh contribution of the kind i seem to value as highly as most people do not at all ... veteran commentarian 'kwinkslag' / pie in the face / gesmeten kommentaartje ... try to keep ballistics from going ballistic, but back to a deeper understanding of volcanism, manager of light fantastic.


The Other Side of the NEWS Interviews Amandha Vollmer on Genetic Engineering of the Human Race - 3.1K views  -- Sep 8 -- YumNaturals Emporium - 30.6K subscribers
perhaps a tad irreverent but i'd like to note the irony that ozzies, most vocal china critics, selfimpose the rulebook of their targets ... or are they actually under sinosway unimaginable on the northern hemisphere?

15th of sept
the 'face diapores' as you misprizingly call them should be mandated for coughers .. a small percentage of us. Amandha should watch this docu and tell us what's wrong with it:
217 - Amandha Vollmer & Marty Leeds -- 2.2K views

not long ago i completely agreed with Amandha, Andy, etc. After all, it was a logical extension of my fave satanic anecdote by Doug Dietrich, one of the few pieces i thought it worth rescuing from the wreckage that is his narration sauce, bound to make you ill wether intended to do so or not. But i am ready to disavow just about all he says now. In the midteens he repeatedly claimed the flu was carefully cultured by intentionally choreografixing deprivation caused and catalyzed immunity breakdowns in otherwise very strong people [icy trainrides for soldier stuffed cars behind chickenpacked ones] selecting a resistant carryer / transmitter and giving him a prominent place from which to infect others [the barracks cook legend, my first 'contact' with Ft Detrick btw, from which troops went on to land in Spain] ... which i meanwhile believe is impossible cause even a nonsusceptible subject conveys problem/solution // virus/cure in one inseparable package .. this is the molecular grapevine way way older than the printing press.
Those who are so completely in love with whole world phantasies are too good for a cold hard world and will squirm and spin until completely smothering all awareness of infectiousness. Not the hill i'm gonna die on.
Deadliest Plague of the 20th Century: Flu of 1918
10,079,979 views -- Oct 1, 2018
you claim 'exclusive copyright' but the narration mentions educationworld and the trail dead ends here for me : = Best Instructional Videos: Pandemics Through the Years
used to have 2 vids .. the second one gone .. "An error occurred while retrieving sharing informa......" .. Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor  © 2014
16th of sept
1918 flu genome dug up in the nineties by a guy who had tried and failed in the 50s at the same Mi graves, for lack of amplification tec
Michael Worobey ecoprof UoA
he claims an 09 strain traces back to pigs 10 years earlier ... 95 was boar year, not 99

1872 toronto horse flu ... just a few minutes later another great 'anecdote involving Canadian genius

2 visits to my queen of maffias vidlist w a 100 vids btw.
this man owes it to us a follow up vid or at least an effort to open comments and present a report of his most meticulous and exhaustive efforts to rule out that Fauci et all got hold of the samples he hunted down [fesses that up 6 minutes before the end of this lecture w slides].

The Genesis of the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic
491K views -- May 1, 2014 --- The University of Arizona
33K subscribers -- Michael Worobey, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, The University of Arizona
"accidentally the worst was rereleased" - .. ? He seems to be talking ... joking even, about a 50s strain causing the 1977 spike

20th of sept - 262th dotY ::::: k175 6EAGLE
Law of Time Calendar :: 1 ELECTRIC : 55th dotSolarRound
Cosmic Turtle Calendar : 4 PLANETARY : 296th dotSolarRound
2526d sinds .. 14th tzolkin wave
7y day = 33d away, 10sp day, 79d

wsws vid w 2 distraught masked female Mi students
anybody suprised that the 'farfetched worldview chasin commies' would fall hook line and sinker for the inversion mirrorage of it ... AND assume these apparantly opposed walks n ways of life can possibly .. simply ... logically share the same intensity of 'guiding' [read: coercive] measures????? Measures which, again, are in- and perversion of each other, a dispossesive set to speed towards utopia, the other to recoil from dystopia, both based on 3piece Monte datajugglery.

23rd of sept - 265th dotY ::::: k178
Law of Time Calendar :: 4 ELECTRIC : 58th dotSolarRound
Cosmic Turtle Calendar : 7 PLANETARY : 299th dotSolarRound
2529d sinds .. 14th tzolkin wave
7y day = 30d away, 10sp day, 75d

Koehnlein shreds the [inquisitional indulgence extortion like] PCR [psyop]tests and gets heavily censored. Thank god for small channels.

Duesberg P, Koehnlein C, Rasnick D. The chemical bases of the various AIDS epidemics: recreational drugs, anti-viral chemotherapy and malnutrition. J Biosci (2003) 28(4):383–412.10.1007/BF02705115 [PubMed][CrossRef][Google Scholar]
Vier Thesen von Corona-Skeptiker Claus Köhnlein im Check von Ex-Klinikum-Chef Daniel Jaspersen

transcript in 5 languages

EcoNews BASE - in a troubled world we still plant trees, protect nature and humanity for our common future ! ---- COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee ---- Published: 21 September 2020
28th of sept
Klinghardt Webinar Q&A 5th Sept 2020: Recording now available to view ------

een encore:
FAUSHY is a 148 vid list 'grown' by hector nadal
48 = The Healthy Truth with Dr. Andy Kaufman
336,940 views -- Apr 16 ---- Shameless Maya --- 1.18M subscribers
5 thou Cs .... but no AK SI contact in the sample i clikked together ... if anyone would like to pursue this .. go thru the last 5 or so vids in the list linked in my other comment

for those interested in the core cause of the HCQ controversy, give this a listen:
Klinghardt Webinar Q&A 5th Sept 2020: Recording now available to view ------

4 october --- Crimes against Humanity -- 204K views -- Oct 3 --- Dr. Reiner Fuellmich -- 40K subscribers = truth and a lawyerly solution.
2044+1: a hiccup from 6 years ago blown into something only comparable to an overtone 6 centuries ago, the indulgence 'trade'
is Reiner the proverbial drop in the bucket or on on the redhot plate? can we count on the homeopathic effect for dearth of people that can think thru and voice facts this lucidly and logically?

5 october
The virus writes the rules -- Unlisted -- 1.2K views -- Jul 6 - Larry Keen Channel -- 637 subscribers
"commercial enterprise" - yes but only in part, no matter how over the top easy funds are matched to fear factors in our new feefee suprarti- and sacrificial hysterarchy; this is what drove cathedral indulgence gender split also: men to the deserts, women to the sparkly glam lighttrickshow. Assaulting hormone dynamics for a century using industrial strength thanatopic product threw us back six. we'll be under the sway of overtone ultimate female planet neptune getting up dah wrong side of the seedbed dambreakingly in march, till december 'only', nudged out by even stronger aspects.

Larry Keen channel ... not sure if the voice belongs to that name, ... talking with - bedtime listening yesterday is conversation of the month [i'll forgive her a few halting passages]
His channel is empty but that is, in this case, for a change, deceptive.

another 10 of his vids at the same adress as this one:

Memes - 1K views - Apr 13 -- News Today History Tomorrow - 1.38K subscribers
17th of october
posted to Paul Cottrell w Jeff Prather
corrected machine translation of comment written on the sixteenth under a vid in dutch w intvwd owner of 'Inner Beauty Retreat en Intuitive Business Coach' fixed manually:
I have come to my senses a little slower. Only this week have i begun referring to the Wuhan events as a psyop, sold and paid for to the ['keeling over', 'locked down, welded up'] perpetrators as an excercise, and as a real deal to the targeted west. Much like Christianity as a Roman weapon against the Jews and later as a Jewish weapon against the entire Roman Empire and then some. Fauci and the like [I followed George Webb closely on this until recently] solicit CCP services for stuff too unethical to perpetrate on american soil and after a while comes the impatience driven bonus crowned and baited request: just pretend you already succeeded.
However, the latter may be just be China losing patience or gaining emboldenment to perform what is actually a beautiful warmove of the type i was proud to see a dutch soccer player perform in the noughties, just before his rise to stardom. He faked out his opponent who went down without having touched him.

 How much does the ccp know about the whole protokolderian tektopia project that is turning the world into deserts? Surely they have had enough experience with that themselves, don't they? They also have a private label Zionist regrowth heralding 'reracinotionist' propaganda ... orphaned script littering stages the size of megalopoli, right?
... apparently at the beginning of this year .. despite the inexorable approach of neptune saturn conjunction at the fish border [oops oops] hardly anyone suspected how viral care porn fearsteria based care porn bankability would take [and be] in the speech-impeded beginning of a feefeefafoem feminarchal era ..

19 october - 293 dotY ::::: k204
Law of Time Calendar :: 1 Self Existing : 84th dotSolarRound
Cosmic Turtle Calendar : 6 spectral : 325th dotSolarRound
2555d sinds .. 17th tzolkin wave
7y day = 3d away, 10sp day, 49d away

Pimp My Grievance - Helen of desTroy, Oct 15 2020
If we all just stopped consuming poisonous establishment media, the OMFGVIRUS would die of, well, itself. Why is this so hard to do? What do you, the people who can finally read my website now that it’s out (however temporarily) from under the thumb of Unit 8200’s kiddie coders, get from reading that idiocy?
niqnaq responds to a sourpuss - October 18, 2020 at 7:07 pm
I know. I disagree with almost everything she says, but I can't resist her sense of humour. ... my blocked attempts
tell me if i'm a good Helen student, Worhan
135092: keep up the conflation of tests with infections, i dare you ..... we entered the age of equating every set of gonads with a rape after all.
Fireside Chat with George Webb & ShrimpZoo
70 views --  Oct 17 --- Pandemic Podcast: The Great Awakening --- 356 subscribers --------- 45th minute about "training simulations" ... 44:13 "and then the actually do it in real life, they actually implement it in real life"
you're way behind george, in the 9 months eralet between neptune kissing and/or raping saturn on pisces doorstep to the next giant scandal in december it's faith that counts ... or 'salvatory' by feintin alone .. did you not catch that comment by the chinese crisis actor union leader?
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