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here ya go drew

there's all sorts of links to israel on Arguelles' website now, a dutch lass travelling with a very oversized drum getting folks to lift their arms to heaven ..... well, fuck him, what do you think palestinians will make of his latest ' luminous friends from beyond' sermon? A very absolute nothing since they lack wherewithall to make anything, not even ends meet. Fuck New Age sermonizing and the overhead & over all heads calculations justifying a guide status. What i make of it is a meme that IS a dream of separation (rather than the remedy). But hell, earth does not mind having a mind thrust upon her ... unless it is part of an even more than hitherto suffocating masque. He counsels not to rebel and let the comets and pole shifts take care of it.

Drew's denial of actual space (even while constantly pointing at cheats going on with tha timin of spacin of timin ad infinitesimalum) has to do with his occupation status. All whites on turtle island share it, most of those from the entire last millenium share but have trouble helping each other actually bear some degree of responsibility for the hell on earth in Gaza.
july 21st:
Drew withdrew his blog once again ... next post these sections: O (6 and 5 page ups and 1 down)

the diff/tension, span, playroom, current and potential between dia- and paramagnetism is where true growth curvature for all of organic life-forms is at, bottom broadness of pyramid, vortex, not the only but best place for appropriate stimulus. Politics however, shirks its duties in this realm and messes up royally with the likes of 'we all win' obama doing the pretty boy fine words on the up and ugly reality on the down side, under the illusion that the starker the contrast, the deeper the cleavage or his pockets or whatev, like, the more he will stand out favorably.

drew opines (repeatedly that bad is nazi is bad is ad infinitum and sidedishwise: --> CONTAINING INFINITY BY GEOMETRY (!)

the absolutely most primal and succesful (talewaging headstart) form of containment happens to happen in the myriad forms of rock, my counsel advocacy and urgings to merge more obvious urges with this thoroughly thought through mud ministry (there is a echo of chapter 4 again) can be said to
unpack geometriculated infinitesimals, iow:
deCONTAINING geometrically squared away minerals
symmetricrystals vs semitochrist stalls
la detent vous fait content, la detent du contents (rock loved to clay) features tendered tensility w tendency to intertain formatively ... discarded cornerstone formality receptive to sunny informalation

delivery speeds of the USAians always on the up and up

it is part of their identity in fact.

wether its is jew-mood-mode inspired and financed, terrorism causing drones, or bluegrass picking, or Les Visible's radio haroooooo syllable per minute rate, Dreeeeeew's commenting rates, ever faster is the device, motto and raison d' etre.

Drew seems to think and try argue his posts are about, are like and simply are music. To emphasize the very conventional empty fleetingness thereof (as opposed to my notions) he erases his posts every handful of months or so.

His mental omnivoraciousness causes indigestion throught mismatches of info gluttonating together. It's his way of blowing stuff up.

When the congregation of conjured up mirrorers and conversants have been conjured, cajoled, kindled ad kidded into a critical mass Drew 'comes' forth and goes back undoing. Info glut im-, op-, sup- and depresses him as much as musical prodigality did.

And while i am on about disconcerting Minnesotans, let me mention that i am troubled and sad seeing Karen Alloy spend way too much time teazing her baby barely one year old girl. Big tease gives birth (infects channels and instills) tricks of the tease trade to liddul one. And so it goes and keeps going.

Just another whity failing to become a native american but staying anyway.

last week i wrote this about you Drew:
His mental omnivoraciousness causes indigestion throught mismatches of info gluttonating together. It's his way of blowing stuff up.

it also causes an obsession related to your drive to read/eat your way out of surrounding glut, namely a wish for a clean empty slate/gut (hence the hemorhoids, very much a result of excessive shit expellery, due to not being deemed good enough to extract any more goodness from than from anticipated feed. This perverts yin yang productive splits and displaces fattening and hardening up a nice thrill and chill producing dildo-like turd).

A wish for harmony and not all these dissonating, non- and disresonant mixtures, bad combos is perfectly natural, the life or death permaculture science, but Drew being very much a multiculturalism believer despite all your reserves and phobic about the types of purity a teutonian would continue to come up with if his 'leefwereld' hadn't been hacked up and monoculturized, cannot see that.

Friday, July 30, 2010

careful planning

.... i think it is worth trying to describe a thought i had the 29th just before noon, listening to dutch talk radio .. .but not sure i can pull it off .. bear with me. The reporter was interviewing one of those typical 'charitablextremists' ... take in (and provide basics for) all strays, illegals, demographically incontinents, victims and refugees of wartorn areas, aliens, etcetera, at all cost. If it eats and sleeps and is humanoid, it merits rescuing. BUT!!!!! This one said something i never heard these types say so far, ever. Due to the inhuman treatment of asylum seekers in this country, she opines, it would be advisable to deal the issue a blow(torchblast) of paradox: legalize everybody in already AND/BUT ban any from coming in (taking this action as encouragement and invitation, one of the stronger arguments used by the right against it). Only now i see the absurdly mixed messaging and contradictiousness of this edict but at the time i thought this:

gosh, here is a lass who is the counterpart, a genuine denizen from/at/of the gendered extremist spectrum's opposite end, that of the leveragers, financializers.
The latter are misjudgers of self/other, gambling with another man's money, those that as- and presume to be, by rights able and willing to own other people's money, to herd savers into bunches patiently led to trust and pool with colleagues -- rival, competitor, tool, intrigant, accomplice or stand in the way, ...part of the mark .. or mark marker ... mark market maker .. as in bookmaker is even more to the point .. since gangsters have seen fit to declare the one on one era over and grabbing as many folks at once fashionable -- these middling means men however, at one remove, with just below top of the line hi-frequency trading speedlimit violations enabling wares can plausibly if not legitimately claim ignorance over duping their clientelle into making the wrong (opposite, less loaded, less victimizing) bet for them.

all in all, a severe de- and downgrade of money-quality in favor of besmirched and dishonoured but greater quantity. As with money, so with humans in the case of the lady. To extend the excercise, imagine a banker calling for a moratorium on or amendment in money lending laws a la Vrabel, since it downgrades and edangers our economies overly much, tipping it from healthy risk to disastrously reckless. To make the equivalence a little more exact, it would have to be a Goldman-Sachs man to come up with that, since folks like Vrabel are obviously not responsible for economic refugee like the GS men are. Almost as laudable as unimaginable, almost inhuman restraint from where you least expect it. More likely all's gonna blow sky hi .. not just float along..

true art no true start makes

via Steve Willner who finds fresh gems like this only to toss them in his old putrid stew which must never quit bubbling too far astray from the held held dear dear staples ... the fella he does poddies with lately is a number of the Ivry Dov type.

Can't get 'm to crack rocks i guess.

though i own hundreds and hundreds of inspiring piccies by now the greatly smoothed out google images page does not come close apart from the little cernunnos thing ... but to get that requires the archaic art of reading.

anyway, time for the reason of this post and its title:
Nature by Numbers is the featured of 5 vids
A movie inspired on numbers, geometry and nature, by Cristóbal Vila.

vid 1 of 9 by blisscup

Thursday, July 29, 2010

power and paychecks

Vrabel, townie with the ledgerism man called Todd Boyle (who i've just alerted to the former since i haven't ever seen him mention this well spoken dude) check it for yourself ...oh, and my title phrase appears in the last minute ...

sigh ... wish John Hamaker lived to see this.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

genius rulegion: conversion by womb

ok, something obviously made me mad at jews once again ... what it was? A satire on israeli tv about ken o keefe

everybody knows who the world champs of producing irresistable women are, totally uncontested (grin), plain and simply too seductive, quite exactly as tempting and attractive as a blackhole void AND/BYCAUSE/by contrast their male counterparts are scheming repulsive little shits.... like every body working on this program ... i think the inescapable conclusion (or at least feed for deduction, extrapolation in that general direction) is that jews are expert traffickers and unlike others who will, in a pinch at most, trade their own; jews however, prolly look on/at them kinds of times as familiar, homey, top, best, not just cause it is then they manage to drive prices highest, but bycause more likely than not 'it' started amongst themselves and so the closer tides of polarization ricochets towards their doors the more the feel consistent and justified to look on old times as good ... never mind this was the moment a sword came between him and his mate ..... breeding programs with great ups and deep downs could, did and prolly will start more cultural oscillations, set up slave trade, refugee and roust- and routage, desperate and zealotic migration and reckless exploration periods with relatively calm diffusion to punctuate those eras.

ok, i have calmed down now .... maldistribution is a given forever already though (summer thunder storms), therefore constant measurement (try the french pronunciation folks come on) is born from need, necessity and necessarily a drag on radical change of practice.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - 200 Years Together - Chapter 18. During 1920's
not the most telling part of that book but this one and chapter one are the only bits available in English so far apparantly.

Before 19th century - translated! by R. Butler and J. Harris. See the original site

Monday, July 12, 2010

at andy's blog

His last post in april, before the surgery

hope you are recovering ok andy ...

just finished reading your sept 09 entries and turned them into a post.

on one of your vids i meant to comment about pollution caused by siliconvalley and related areas. Not sure which is worse, that, the autism incidence or the fact that your fancies and projections (similar to those in 'live after television' by Gilder, BubbleBiggerBlowhardwarywhore) fall woefully short of the temperment(ality) by the likes of Todd Boyle's 'drill down baby, drill down' amendations (if i haven't tried pointing you thataway before it is hi-time), not to mention mine of course .. .but i did in that post plenny.

siliconhell is not quite enough to find the site i had in mind though .... (now a petplace) ... i checked and discovered it is work done 2000 by the sf bay guardian .. try this link:


anywho, BETERSCHAP!!!! my dear dazzling darling jew

an hour later i had forgotten about this post so far and panicked thinking i just lost another comment ... lostness of which makes me fear the worst about its maker/keeper. I therefore almost sent him this ... but decided to paste it here instead:

hope you survived / are recovering ok
if you feel up to it, a retrieval request .... once again (rather than more ... though i did not forget what last one was about - my dad's aneurysm operation - the butcher butchered ... wish the surgeon had indeed 'hated to work on a rupture' like you claimed in september ... it was his own work that ruptured within 24 hours .... i pray to all benevolent powders muds and happy splashes that be - the stein unto sein to spare you that fate)

hate to impose on an invalid ... a revalidating

by the way,.... why is 'invalids in hot climates' by tom robbins not the biggest hit of the last blastingly lasting duocennium pray tell???????????????????

i once again got caught in the maelstom of open windows ... eh ... browsage to be saving / pasting what i just tried to post on your blog in time before realizing i had overwritten its memory with another copy someplace else.

this library terminal allows me a type of hands tied access/functionality combo due to all sorts of christian duopolist (cow pasture X bibles) prejudices. just getting mail onto a stick to take home requires 8 clicks

so ...

not to confuse your tender and sore eyes ..... please send me a copy from your wordpress account at earliest convenience.... thanks ....

oh, .. .and before i forget .... you may not find what i am pointing at (due to settings you prefer or left as (annoying) default) so i shall repeat the essential bit ....

i posted about you .(at the indexterity blog / link below).. to contrast with Drew once again and am trying to alert you both.

bonobohandshake (blogspot) now knows about you too (vanessa woods).

the comment i posted at your vid (youtube is perhaps too cryptic ...

there is no as i knew it anymore (now a petplace)

but searching in combo with sfbg (=san francisco bay guardian) gets you loads closer.

found some at cnet and

funny, ... via askbutwhy i find another seattle man who equates the weather with money streams .... hidehoo ... that is the right direction bud!

now one more little effort and we can do it the beckerath way ... forget about computers altogether and soon haul no cards and coins either but seed and scions that is the kind of zionism right for any place let alone the most challenging one to try bless with it, if you do it the wrong way. That vortex better not suck too hard on us people.

Nelleke - Down galactic portal - RIP

this post bears my (Down) sister's name, she came and went on a galactic portal day (wind and skywalker) and lived 61 years in between

Michael Hudson
beowulf said...
Interesting stuff Michael. To reiterate a point I made on Stephanie's thread last week; since the Latvians already have a flat tax on wages, why not (also) take a page from Obama's new "unearned income Medicare contribution" and add capital income to the existing tax regime? And as Arthur Laffer has suggested, you could also include unrealized capital gains in the tax base.

Mason Gaffney, never one to be out-Henry Georged by the likes of Art Laffer, takes that idea to the next level --Congress can convert the income tax today into a tax on land income in two steps... First, exempt wage and salary income from the tax, in whole or in part... Two... allowing universal expensing of all new investments (but not purchases of land, used buildings or other capital)... the current proposal... differs from the current income tax on capital gains in several ways. The proposal here is to tax gains as they accrue, not upon sale... [and] is limited to land gains.

desertifyers get rid of all races and traces but the virulence of some carriers will be noticably bigger than that of others as well as the abandonment to it, Zizek counsels to enjoy one's symptom and therefore has lots to say about jewvolution, the tops of top leagues competing around/with this particular symptom are semites, some of whom shamelessly enjoy and strenghten the expressions of theirs while others rebel against them.

criminals lie about their record during bouts of and in order to speed expansion
SciAm - Krauss cosmologgerhead - - 'expanding universe erases its tracks' ..... mmm considering this rag counsels daily wanking and does a good bit of suspect wowin with fancy (artitruthful) graphics for those whose eyes aren't dulled enough to notice ... and given they belong to the class of media mogul that plays on the differences in society and its tensions off against each other by means of a relay ricochet momentum gain culminating to a built in program crash as follows:
get your theologians and politicians to turns truth about circulation into deceitful art using the hollowwood recipe and rule book where the first page reads: do not give rocks but egos air, thus installing parasitical meme and machinerie, enjoy yar simulation ... it is only natural to recognize them as players if not payers (escaping taxes and transparancy) .... paying is voldoen (counting is tellen, recounting is vertellen) but once upon a time redemption of slips emptied stores .. that is .. returns of entitlements (while valid, within specified timeframe) authorizes obtainment of product as advertized and available, or failing that, ... calls a bluff, either way, a verification of, and if not, prolly imminent verification of publicity, rumour and any other kind of circulation signpostage and specification.
zahl is number and zahlen is paying

pay attention pay tribute in order to obtain the status, level and stage one need no longer pay for sins nor debts

speed is one of andrew's fetishes but the guy has totally dazzling aspects also:

prolly same piece posted 3 times
december 08:
extreme neoteny ------ fetalization --- atavisms ---- evolutionary progenitors.
Comments so far

1.Tetsuya Sellers on January 17, 2010 9:17 pm

Actually, the reason I found your site was through a rather long and somewhat exhaustive essay, written by a non-academic familiar with academia, like yourself (and I, funnily enough), but is also intellectually-minded (admitedly, also like myself) and is able to grasp the real from the ecculturated. He bassically provides an alternative explanation for feminist theory of patriarchy, and virtually coppies your essay on the origins of culture in Chap 8, Sec. 3 of A Thermodynamic Interpretation of History. The website in its entirety is here. You should read the intro to the essay for some inside hilarity.

The author’s main point is that all the liberation movements, from the French Revolution to the feminist movement, were about incorporating more and more people in to the social supraorganism, and that the United States is the world’s best totalitarian state in this regard. Consumerism is the main mode of the totalitarian state to exhaust the earth. Also says that
academia is mainly supportive of these social trends, such as when cultural feminists talk of “harmony” etc.

2.Andrew on January 17, 2010 9:46 pm

Hi Tetsuya,

Indeed, a cute introduction at theophoretos. Regarding consumerism. I’m working on a video (that will post here sometime in March, probably) on the relationship between the consumer economy and human evolution. It’s about 7 minutes long.


3.rogerharris on January 22, 2010 9:06 pm

andrew i think at this stage you should be trying to present the ideas far more clearly. Its all too easy to fall into the trap of getting oversensitive when academics reject your ideas, and take on the lone individual stance.

academics treat each other like crap as well. I have made the transition from amateur to professional now so can speak from experience here. You just take the good with the bad. A lot of these people are slightly autistic narcissists themselves, and it stems from high
anxiety about doing the slightest thing wrong or to be seen to be even thinking about the slightest wrong thing.

If there is something to these patterns, models, and they work and apply, then produce some graphics to explain how they work or this is opportunity lost. Also if you don’t release papers then how can anybody reference the work to expand it, Are you aware that there are many preprint archives, so you can put together papers, link them to a forum and invite review without having to go through the torture and expense of journal politics. preprints can be referenced by other scientists.

You already have the graphic skills so why not transcribe the model…i.e. like the annet right shift diagram you used to use. Present the models in an easy way that anybody can just refer to quickly, i.e. a link with an easy explanation page. then these pages of text where you extrapolate will be easier to follow.

4.Andrew on January 22, 2010 9:30 pm

Thank you for your encouragement, Roger. The theory in book form will be available for free download off of this site in a couple months.

I’ve experienced very little rejection of my work from academics. It’s just invisible. When responding, they mostly just don’t know what to do with it.

About ten years ago a New Zealand professor published one of my papers in a professional newsletter. It appears here It has never been cited.

Regarding illustrations and graphs, I just don’t see opportunities to put these principles into graph format. I’m working now on several videos that will post in Facebook in a month or so. Perhaps they will help make the theory clear.

Blackbird said...
An interesting week to break down the 'angel' bonobo / 'demon' chimp straightjacketing. n the one hand a group of bonobos (including the mother) canibalizing an infant - presumably the result of infanticide; on the other hand, a report on how common adoption is in chimpanzees of the Tai forest, adult maes and females adopting both related or unrelated young, in some cases for years (see Plos One paper at:
Nature never ceases to surprise us! the above 2 items are a full and extracted comment (second obviously on topic, the other much less) out of 8 total from last februari, the rest is most definitely spam

Andrew goes:
all that craving for integration gets channelled into pictures, words and pattern observation.

thwarted and disfigured by, surrogated as, crammed and jammed into ..... ????

He compares himself to Geoffrey Miller and Marshall McLuhan in that item (sept 2 09)

Andrew (from sept09) to Drew (and company):

One last thing. Sensitivity to the preciousness of life seems to encourage a lifting of veils. If some of these conjectures turn out to be useful, if the central thesis offers physics-like leverage to open doors to additional useful theories in the future, then perhaps specific forms of spirituality might be useful when it comes to science. If, instead of rejecting mythology as a prerequisite to engaging in science, what if we instead embraced an eastern inclination to live in the present, with no mythology? Awareness of our own mortality may be integral to understanding that which transcends individual identity. Feeling our not existing may offer insight into that part of us that transcends individual self. ----- Twitter and social networking media are failing to offer insight. The reason for this is that the applications are not tracing the movement of information in real time, tracking the lineage of ideas as they move across the medium. ---- For this to work in society, as in nature, there can be no hierarchy. Every person in the system gets access to the reports that offer insight into the nature of the information. ------------- piet: his 'search' and 'report' must much more become mobilize (mint) and cast broad. ----

vagus? ---- I was planning to have an operation. Then the doctors recommended cranial, noting that shutting off my carotid was a possibility. They shut off my carotid artery during the procedure while I was awake and aware so that I could answer questions and indicate whether I was having a stroke. I experienced a powerful beating of my heartbeat in my neck, an experience that reproduced a symptom of anxiety, -----------

Andy doing McLuhan: “Instant speeds abolish time and space, and return man to an integral and primitive awareness.” (Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, 1964, p. 152) --- The shift in awareness is not just a shift backward as McLuhan proclaims. Yes, a powerful feature of this identity shift is one where the commons becomes highly valued and contribution to the community is revered. A feature of aboriginal consciousness is a definition of one’s self as a member of a community. Yet, something new is being engaged. The communities of our youth are far more than the few people in a local tribe. Hundreds, if not thousands, of self-selected individuals, folks connected to massive self-selected networks of their own, are coming together. ---- “At present the mechanical begins to yield to organic unity under conditions of electric speed. Man now can look back at two or three thousand years of varying degrees of mechanization with full awareness of the mechanical as an interlude between two great organic periods of culture.” (p. 152) ----------------

Piet: where is the (pound of) 'flash trading' story coming in to balance this rant, mad without it???

------ I must say that it suprises me just how many (lots!) of things about the world-cup did not escape notice and get reported the next day. Perhaps not let a street-fighter type guy spoil (and by association soil) the play of nimble fellas like van Persie next time, and leave v Bommel, Boularoes and all the otherschopperdebonken home. What is tragic is that the focus is not on a much larger tragedy ... i mean, they (media not just in holland) should translate, feature discuss and honour the work of Matt Taibbi more than anyone .. until the bad breath smelled around the world is called a halt and NYC loses status if not stature immediately. ---

McLuhan snippet from above): 'the mechanical begins to yield to organic unity' --- piet: the clever targeting of mechanical leverage helps matter, the most con- and preservative resistant and ponderously mucho peso, and relatively most lifeless (dead) forms of, open and loosen, up, flour and fluff, and distributable, so that it eases flows and feeds into biomass at all stages of its complexity. let's call it The punch and impact insight, not banishing rhythm into boxes wether clear or black, neither form of digital smarts replaces universal truths like: rock/dark forms X light/speed informs. Which one leads there best is another matter. (I prolly have tried to steer Andy towards Todd in the past but am not positive). -- whenever there is talk of sight (through whatever lense, in any and all forms and derivates, fore-, over-, .. ((dutch has a few more)) and as Andy prefers, in-) i now the real issue / providence /paternity is in the mix. ---- And seeing Andy allow the McLuhan quote about stuff (mechanicality) to stand uncontested is just as telltale. to show he has lots in common with you lot (just as schiz .. to note in passing how acculturated that condition is in holland i will refer to and expression used to enquire about the degree of satisfaction: everything ok? = alles kits?) i will further quote: ---------

Much more often even that 'sights' we see 'horizontal' crop up in Andy's september product, here is a great example (specially for yall): :::: But it’s also the speed. Information grows stale. The fact that information becomes available in real time to anyone who can profit from its availability means that the horizontal feels natural. Why believe in hierarchy when authority is informed by access to information, and information is quick and free? ---- Eliminate distance and collapse time and we redefine a foundation principle of human nature. That principle is that there is a difference between being human and being god. We still mostly believe that the difference between being human and being god is important enough that whether god exists or not, or what stories we have assigned to god, are integral to understanding our place in the universe. This is changing. ---- There are no atheists in aboriginal society. To be a member of the community is to share community beliefs. We are quickly headed in an aboriginal direction, where society will be characterized by a universality of process. This is a process not unlike a prehistoric band where each individual has access to all community resources. A result is deep systemic integration, not alienation, resulting in an experience characterized by synthesis, not stratification. --- If “the media is the message,” then the elimination of space and time does away with defining ourselves by what we do or don’t have access to. Which stories we assign to god or whether he or she exists becomes secondary to the experience that we are not separate. Eliminate space and time and you eliminate most conflict. We are talking about the de-alienation of society. --- It will take some time for education to catch up with information distribution and provide an ability to evaluate and form conclusions. Voter integrity will perhaps come faster as it becomes relatively easy to generate double checks by a grass-roots system that combats those places where authority still seeks to congregate. In the meantime, prepare for the wildest ride a species can engage in. After having achieved an ability to be alone, be separate, feel alienated, think thoughts and question authority, we are now being introduced to the equivalent of social hallucinogens. We are being introduced to no time, no space. --- This has also been called the eternal now. ----------

... 'double checks'? --- drill down baby drill down!!!!! see todd boyle's ledgerism at ---------

nother reversal by Andy, siliconhell(.com) is about pollution and autism follows up on what siliconhell started YYeeAArrZZ and YEeAaRrSs ago.

here is andy being inescapably jewish despite himself:

Imagine a chimpanzee-like forebear evolving into a bonobo. Consider violent chimpanzee-male-hierarchy conflicts transforming into sex-obsessed, female-led bands of horizontally structured bonobo. Except, we’re not doing so in hundreds of generations, but with the aid of communications technologies and language, it’s happening in maybe five generations. There are repercussions. With the huge surge of maturationally-delayed males, we’re getting males so delayed that for some, split brains (a reduced left hemisphere) and language hesitate to ontologically emerge. The autistic are appearing as a direct result of this matrifocal surge. ------

Andy happens to be hooked on a chinaman as well, as an item he calls 'comedy feng' shui shows: ::: As relationships continue to form through networks grounded in Facebook and Twitter, emphasis is taken off what occurs at work, where men have dominated, to be placed upon the horizontal world where women excel. --- Comedy, the medium that seems to revel in the exposure of the inauthentic or hypocritical, is receiving a profound boost as Youtube, Twitter, blogs and other online venues provide opportunities for the comedians among us to produce content. That chuckle-generating content often has a lot to do with exposing hierarchies that don’t perform. In a world becoming horizontal, misanthropic male hierarchies become easy targets. --- Comedy encourages us to see the truth. In this new matrifocal world where women can exercise authority across society, acquiring a child’s eyes may be easier than in the past. New communication technologies encourage us to live in the present. Laughter is becoming common in the new media environment where the leverage of levity makes it possible to be seen. ---- It’s happening so fast that all we know for sure is “don’t know mind.”

--------- mustn't 'know mind' = please never mind????? i aint about to try figure china out all over again. i think i have a pretty good grasp already.

Friday, July 09, 2010

news roundup
historic pics from asheville
with sensible narration

the above is augmentation to my latest post in dutch

that one did not take which i respect but will 'alsnog' (ainthat a pretty word?) publish here .. it is the second part of (a ps for) a letter to a not so near but dear one

.. hey.. brainstorm as the mailman drops into the library i use for connectivity ... i am the ultimate justification for zionism .... if an assimilee with as much going for them as i had can't make it who can? i am the ogre bogeyman spectre of discomfort for all the hardliners who see the mix as necessary sacrifice to take advantage of to the fullest but have no scruples about squeezing dry and dusty.

unless there are those among you who will put me in the 'kansloos' category due to the lack of brothers and my now dying Down sis (9Yolder).


i really really love the site .... travelling quick purposeful comfortable and convenient.

quick impressions and lovely gems ... play around with it and see .... a quick education about landscapage .... not in relation to what the permacultural revival of indigenous garden cultures could come up with .. familytreehousing unfoldeminiums ..mmm yummie .... to counter what James Demeo has pointed to for decades .. just to mention at least one person in this anti-desertification ballpark.

was looking for eco-citrus, a company near concordia argentina, that grows the best mandarins i ever tasted .... still remember buying a few cases in Amsterdam. I have been borrowing the nikon of my brother in law and having fun with my fruit bag collection, bookbacks and crystals in a jar ... it seems to refuse shooting the rainbows that are frozen in place within some crystals, unlike those one makes stamping stars in ice ... which fade within the hour.

laws of light aint for it i guess.

your lonely dad.

my sister is dying ... or fasting rather .. no water even. ... by decree of a creepy doctor who hasn't even spoken to me mom once though she shuffles down to the resthome every day and has for 3 years now, her trying to spoon a fruitcocktail into an in the end so semi-conscious body it ended up running into her lungs.

all of holland has gone bonkers narcotized by the meme of being a glorious celebratable champion .... but it was over a match so filled with ugly unfairness ... i am once more deeply ashamed.

now i am off discussing 'one hell of a ship' ken o keefe wants to float into illa shilla shrill thrilla waters in once more.

i will suggest that a permaculture course to be rewarded with saplings, cameras and uplinks are a slightly more realistic bet than a wesselvessel or even simple success and a smooth according to plan sailing this time.

... oops ..there was more (talking about the weighted rather than anchored variety) but guess i prolly lost that.

frack and bock

.. should be frack and bont of course.

Lesson one in apartheid by a white guy who helped end it (Bloom, no longer there) by Avishai in The Nation: it is not cosmopolite. Oh, guess i could have missed the skyscraper type steepness in social stratification (a duoterm i have slammered to death i am afraid)

"The Israeli economy does not depend on Arab labor, and never did" -- land trees and the indeed tiny arab contribution to terrorism (most of em being equal parts false flags and a mix. You must know sooner or later that for the longest time their specialism is as unelegant as simple: unload, transfer, project and deflect peccadillos onto people forcibly made neighbours untill the mood strikes them and they up and locust off into the follow up, covering their tracks in the 'manners' and directions generally indicated.

His argument that B&D (boycotts and divestments) isolate dissenters falls flat .. since these guys are not spyware, surveillance and wesselvessels of spin consumers (unbroken pushchains between ancient and modern, specialty: top the hit productions).

Here is a sample of this clever and crafty juggler of light and heavy:

"Is United Technologies bad because one division, Sikorsky, makes Israeli attack helicopters—or is it good because another division, Carrier, makes Palestinian air conditioners? And what about GE CAT scans? For that matter, what about the Samsung cellphone the attack helicopter pilot may be carrying, or the Android software on the cellphone? OK, some will respond, just make the boycott more general. But the idea that precipitating Israeli economic collapse will somehow hasten a democratic outcome is like smacking a TV to fix the picture. Come to think of it, it is like blockading Gaza to sink Hamas."

Here is a sentence i almost agree with, he forgot to add the word 'stop' at the end though:

How will B and D do anything but make all Israelis feel demonized and prone to apocalyptic thinking and ethnic cleansing?

But once he slips that by you, there is a double whammy to reinforce a GIANT TRANSFERENCE:

"Already, polls suggest that the Israeli center, which is skeptical of the settlers, feels "the West" does not appreciate what it is like to live with suicide bombers and missile attacks."

the settlers (as everybody trying to use computers (a mere splinters of the computers that are fed people) should and could know but musn't, so i can/will go on to suggest the unexamined and imply the opposite:) breed sb and ma but they are way easier to live with ... if you pretend not to notice. Their shit stinks but that is a Palestinian problem (quite literally as again, everybody ...).

In the light of what happed the day before the oily cataclysm, the first sentence is ... cough. ... talk about talk. The second sentence is firm talk, i will give him that ... but hey, he wirks fir thi firm:

"If Israel continues building in East Jerusalem, and the UN Security Council majority sanctions Israeli tourism, the US government might well choose not to veto the resolution. The Pentagon might sanction, say, Israel Aerospace Industries if, owing to continued settlement, Israeli-Palestinian negotiations break down. Any US sanctions would dominate Israeli headlines for weeks. These would not much hurt the economy directly but would gesture toward the larger truth Israeli managers understand in their bones, namely, that an advanced, networked economy is built as much on expanding relationships with global companies as algorithms, and political isolation will naturally lead to economic isolation."

"targeted sanctions ... gesture towards larger truth'' huah? Is this not a constant reminder and celebration of the emo-manip that fireworkMoses, WaterlootRothchild and steamyhollowhoot employ? Hard-on - hangover seesaws all woods to pulps needed for the deceitful print and poster boy's posters. Feints like that determine politics determine economics only under conditions of, as and bycause of info-flow skewery.

Apparantly confident this charade of not seeing (nazioning) palestine can go on he calls for "international commerce" and "more worldly business" - real estate bubbles weren't real enough for him i guess.

Pugl points to:

and adds:

Nah, Patrick bond is a nice guy. I've had a few e-mails back and forth with him over the yrs. when i had a question about the ANC or SACP , he has been a gentleman. It was Lou , who I call Putz Proyect (even when I agree with him , he is good on Iran , where MRZine is horrid) , who had the subject line calling the Avishai piece , "disgusting." He has little to say that is positive about The Nation , that right opportunist refuge of the petty-bourgeoisie bootlickers for the DP, (which, objectively, Katrina vanden Heuvel's journal functions as, heh ;-) , which serves as a brake upon the revolutionary consciousness and rage of the subaltern . If The Nation didn't exist Imperialism would have been smashed decades ago.

Patrick Bond wrote:
Disgusting? I disagree, for actually, it's terribly clever: to have a self-delegitimizing defender of apartheid-economics apply the logic of profiteering seamlessly from South African racism to Israeli Zionism.

In South Africa, we've been asking, "What's the damn difference?" And thankfully, here's an answer from Bernard Avishai, formerly Harvard Business Review editor: "None!" (after dispensing with a bit of his waffling, that's the only logical conclusion from the way he opens, praising some of the nastiest business elites the world has known - and if you don't believe me, see the reparations lawsuit against those 'cosmopolitan' apartheid-suckling TNCs now trekking through the US courts).

The irony must be intended; The Nation editors aren't so daft as to treat a submission like Avishai's with any seriousness (though to be frank, after that similarly self-delegitimizing last file from their Nairobi-based former managing editor, about how great Africa's economy is faring, I was beginning to doubt the rag). So congratulate them, Louis, this confirms that the Nation can expose enemy propaganda... all for the cause, obviously.
I wrote a sharp rejoinder to Avishai along these lines on his blog, but it was not released. I should have saved what I wrote before posting it on that snake's blog...

Mike Hirsch (to Itzak, who later points here:
Yours is too conspiratorial by half. The BDS strategy should be judged on its merits, just as Avishai did. It lives or dies on whether it changes Jerusalem policy for the better, and Avishai's point is: it can't; it's counterproductive. I think he's right. If you judge BDS purely by its invisible puppeteers (invisible to all but you, it seems) you miss what is the strength of its argument: that there are nonviolent and workable means of changing Israeli policy, and BDS is the way. True or false, it has to be treated on its merits. If all you do is demonize the BDS advocates, you're no better than the leaders of the one true church who claim (or claimed, because it didn't fly) that stories of priests molesting teenagers are the overblown product of Catholic Church haters. Is criticism of Israeli policy overblown? Is it just black smoke and mirrors conjured up by anti-Semites? Sadly, no. Sure, in a polemical exchange you try to put your opponent on the defensive. News flash, and hold the back page: Israel IS on the defensive, no matter the IDF's braggadocio or the apologetics from US enablers. Think BP should clean up its mess in the Gulf? Israel's gotta clean it's mess (okay, half of the 43 year-old mess) in its own back yard.

Bottom line: it's politically disastrous and morally unseemly to try shifting blame for Israel's sins onto the BDS folk, whatever we might think of them or their motives. Sometimes you just have to take responsibility for your own raving-loon relative in the attic, and not blame busy-body neighbors or intrusive social services.


18 ways to part with bloodmoney ..
(last month i noted the disparity between his 'first earth' and move to Tel Aviv)
stark absolutism and worlds of (pretend) difference (strike that last one for example unless he means chaining and entraining to the compost heap .. to finally do justice to greatest meme of all and make it less 'all theirs': THE MORE THE MERRIER) between front and back, white and black, jews as above vs this type.

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