Friday, July 30, 2010

careful planning

.... i think it is worth trying to describe a thought i had the 29th just before noon, listening to dutch talk radio .. .but not sure i can pull it off .. bear with me. The reporter was interviewing one of those typical 'charitablextremists' ... take in (and provide basics for) all strays, illegals, demographically incontinents, victims and refugees of wartorn areas, aliens, etcetera, at all cost. If it eats and sleeps and is humanoid, it merits rescuing. BUT!!!!! This one said something i never heard these types say so far, ever. Due to the inhuman treatment of asylum seekers in this country, she opines, it would be advisable to deal the issue a blow(torchblast) of paradox: legalize everybody in already AND/BUT ban any from coming in (taking this action as encouragement and invitation, one of the stronger arguments used by the right against it). Only now i see the absurdly mixed messaging and contradictiousness of this edict but at the time i thought this:

gosh, here is a lass who is the counterpart, a genuine denizen from/at/of the gendered extremist spectrum's opposite end, that of the leveragers, financializers.
The latter are misjudgers of self/other, gambling with another man's money, those that as- and presume to be, by rights able and willing to own other people's money, to herd savers into bunches patiently led to trust and pool with colleagues -- rival, competitor, tool, intrigant, accomplice or stand in the way, ...part of the mark .. or mark marker ... mark market maker .. as in bookmaker is even more to the point .. since gangsters have seen fit to declare the one on one era over and grabbing as many folks at once fashionable -- these middling means men however, at one remove, with just below top of the line hi-frequency trading speedlimit violations enabling wares can plausibly if not legitimately claim ignorance over duping their clientelle into making the wrong (opposite, less loaded, less victimizing) bet for them.

all in all, a severe de- and downgrade of money-quality in favor of besmirched and dishonoured but greater quantity. As with money, so with humans in the case of the lady. To extend the excercise, imagine a banker calling for a moratorium on or amendment in money lending laws a la Vrabel, since it downgrades and edangers our economies overly much, tipping it from healthy risk to disastrously reckless. To make the equivalence a little more exact, it would have to be a Goldman-Sachs man to come up with that, since folks like Vrabel are obviously not responsible for economic refugee like the GS men are. Almost as laudable as unimaginable, almost inhuman restraint from where you least expect it. More likely all's gonna blow sky hi .. not just float along..


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