Friday, July 09, 2010

news roundup
historic pics from asheville
with sensible narration

the above is augmentation to my latest post in dutch

that one did not take which i respect but will 'alsnog' (ainthat a pretty word?) publish here .. it is the second part of (a ps for) a letter to a not so near but dear one

.. hey.. brainstorm as the mailman drops into the library i use for connectivity ... i am the ultimate justification for zionism .... if an assimilee with as much going for them as i had can't make it who can? i am the ogre bogeyman spectre of discomfort for all the hardliners who see the mix as necessary sacrifice to take advantage of to the fullest but have no scruples about squeezing dry and dusty.

unless there are those among you who will put me in the 'kansloos' category due to the lack of brothers and my now dying Down sis (9Yolder).


i really really love the site .... travelling quick purposeful comfortable and convenient.

quick impressions and lovely gems ... play around with it and see .... a quick education about landscapage .... not in relation to what the permacultural revival of indigenous garden cultures could come up with .. familytreehousing unfoldeminiums ..mmm yummie .... to counter what James Demeo has pointed to for decades .. just to mention at least one person in this anti-desertification ballpark.

was looking for eco-citrus, a company near concordia argentina, that grows the best mandarins i ever tasted .... still remember buying a few cases in Amsterdam. I have been borrowing the nikon of my brother in law and having fun with my fruit bag collection, bookbacks and crystals in a jar ... it seems to refuse shooting the rainbows that are frozen in place within some crystals, unlike those one makes stamping stars in ice ... which fade within the hour.

laws of light aint for it i guess.

your lonely dad.

my sister is dying ... or fasting rather .. no water even. ... by decree of a creepy doctor who hasn't even spoken to me mom once though she shuffles down to the resthome every day and has for 3 years now, her trying to spoon a fruitcocktail into an in the end so semi-conscious body it ended up running into her lungs.

all of holland has gone bonkers narcotized by the meme of being a glorious celebratable champion .... but it was over a match so filled with ugly unfairness ... i am once more deeply ashamed.

now i am off discussing 'one hell of a ship' ken o keefe wants to float into illa shilla shrill thrilla waters in once more.

i will suggest that a permaculture course to be rewarded with saplings, cameras and uplinks are a slightly more realistic bet than a wesselvessel or even simple success and a smooth according to plan sailing this time.

... oops ..there was more (talking about the weighted rather than anchored variety) but guess i prolly lost that.


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