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frack and bock

.. should be frack and bont of course.

Lesson one in apartheid by a white guy who helped end it (Bloom, no longer there) by Avishai in The Nation: it is not cosmopolite. Oh, guess i could have missed the skyscraper type steepness in social stratification (a duoterm i have slammered to death i am afraid)

"The Israeli economy does not depend on Arab labor, and never did" -- land trees and the indeed tiny arab contribution to terrorism (most of em being equal parts false flags and a mix. You must know sooner or later that for the longest time their specialism is as unelegant as simple: unload, transfer, project and deflect peccadillos onto people forcibly made neighbours untill the mood strikes them and they up and locust off into the follow up, covering their tracks in the 'manners' and directions generally indicated.

His argument that B&D (boycotts and divestments) isolate dissenters falls flat .. since these guys are not spyware, surveillance and wesselvessels of spin consumers (unbroken pushchains between ancient and modern, specialty: top the hit productions).

Here is a sample of this clever and crafty juggler of light and heavy:

"Is United Technologies bad because one division, Sikorsky, makes Israeli attack helicopters—or is it good because another division, Carrier, makes Palestinian air conditioners? And what about GE CAT scans? For that matter, what about the Samsung cellphone the attack helicopter pilot may be carrying, or the Android software on the cellphone? OK, some will respond, just make the boycott more general. But the idea that precipitating Israeli economic collapse will somehow hasten a democratic outcome is like smacking a TV to fix the picture. Come to think of it, it is like blockading Gaza to sink Hamas."

Here is a sentence i almost agree with, he forgot to add the word 'stop' at the end though:

How will B and D do anything but make all Israelis feel demonized and prone to apocalyptic thinking and ethnic cleansing?

But once he slips that by you, there is a double whammy to reinforce a GIANT TRANSFERENCE:

"Already, polls suggest that the Israeli center, which is skeptical of the settlers, feels "the West" does not appreciate what it is like to live with suicide bombers and missile attacks."

the settlers (as everybody trying to use computers (a mere splinters of the computers that are fed people) should and could know but musn't, so i can/will go on to suggest the unexamined and imply the opposite:) breed sb and ma but they are way easier to live with ... if you pretend not to notice. Their shit stinks but that is a Palestinian problem (quite literally as again, everybody ...).

In the light of what happed the day before the oily cataclysm, the first sentence is ... cough. ... talk about talk. The second sentence is firm talk, i will give him that ... but hey, he wirks fir thi firm:

"If Israel continues building in East Jerusalem, and the UN Security Council majority sanctions Israeli tourism, the US government might well choose not to veto the resolution. The Pentagon might sanction, say, Israel Aerospace Industries if, owing to continued settlement, Israeli-Palestinian negotiations break down. Any US sanctions would dominate Israeli headlines for weeks. These would not much hurt the economy directly but would gesture toward the larger truth Israeli managers understand in their bones, namely, that an advanced, networked economy is built as much on expanding relationships with global companies as algorithms, and political isolation will naturally lead to economic isolation."

"targeted sanctions ... gesture towards larger truth'' huah? Is this not a constant reminder and celebration of the emo-manip that fireworkMoses, WaterlootRothchild and steamyhollowhoot employ? Hard-on - hangover seesaws all woods to pulps needed for the deceitful print and poster boy's posters. Feints like that determine politics determine economics only under conditions of, as and bycause of info-flow skewery.

Apparantly confident this charade of not seeing (nazioning) palestine can go on he calls for "international commerce" and "more worldly business" - real estate bubbles weren't real enough for him i guess.

Pugl points to:

and adds:

Nah, Patrick bond is a nice guy. I've had a few e-mails back and forth with him over the yrs. when i had a question about the ANC or SACP , he has been a gentleman. It was Lou , who I call Putz Proyect (even when I agree with him , he is good on Iran , where MRZine is horrid) , who had the subject line calling the Avishai piece , "disgusting." He has little to say that is positive about The Nation , that right opportunist refuge of the petty-bourgeoisie bootlickers for the DP, (which, objectively, Katrina vanden Heuvel's journal functions as, heh ;-) , which serves as a brake upon the revolutionary consciousness and rage of the subaltern . If The Nation didn't exist Imperialism would have been smashed decades ago.

Patrick Bond wrote:
Disgusting? I disagree, for actually, it's terribly clever: to have a self-delegitimizing defender of apartheid-economics apply the logic of profiteering seamlessly from South African racism to Israeli Zionism.

In South Africa, we've been asking, "What's the damn difference?" And thankfully, here's an answer from Bernard Avishai, formerly Harvard Business Review editor: "None!" (after dispensing with a bit of his waffling, that's the only logical conclusion from the way he opens, praising some of the nastiest business elites the world has known - and if you don't believe me, see the reparations lawsuit against those 'cosmopolitan' apartheid-suckling TNCs now trekking through the US courts).

The irony must be intended; The Nation editors aren't so daft as to treat a submission like Avishai's with any seriousness (though to be frank, after that similarly self-delegitimizing last file from their Nairobi-based former managing editor, about how great Africa's economy is faring, I was beginning to doubt the rag). So congratulate them, Louis, this confirms that the Nation can expose enemy propaganda... all for the cause, obviously.
I wrote a sharp rejoinder to Avishai along these lines on his blog, but it was not released. I should have saved what I wrote before posting it on that snake's blog...

Mike Hirsch (to Itzak, who later points here:
Yours is too conspiratorial by half. The BDS strategy should be judged on its merits, just as Avishai did. It lives or dies on whether it changes Jerusalem policy for the better, and Avishai's point is: it can't; it's counterproductive. I think he's right. If you judge BDS purely by its invisible puppeteers (invisible to all but you, it seems) you miss what is the strength of its argument: that there are nonviolent and workable means of changing Israeli policy, and BDS is the way. True or false, it has to be treated on its merits. If all you do is demonize the BDS advocates, you're no better than the leaders of the one true church who claim (or claimed, because it didn't fly) that stories of priests molesting teenagers are the overblown product of Catholic Church haters. Is criticism of Israeli policy overblown? Is it just black smoke and mirrors conjured up by anti-Semites? Sadly, no. Sure, in a polemical exchange you try to put your opponent on the defensive. News flash, and hold the back page: Israel IS on the defensive, no matter the IDF's braggadocio or the apologetics from US enablers. Think BP should clean up its mess in the Gulf? Israel's gotta clean it's mess (okay, half of the 43 year-old mess) in its own back yard.

Bottom line: it's politically disastrous and morally unseemly to try shifting blame for Israel's sins onto the BDS folk, whatever we might think of them or their motives. Sometimes you just have to take responsibility for your own raving-loon relative in the attic, and not blame busy-body neighbors or intrusive social services.


18 ways to part with bloodmoney ..
(last month i noted the disparity between his 'first earth' and move to Tel Aviv)
stark absolutism and worlds of (pretend) difference (strike that last one for example unless he means chaining and entraining to the compost heap .. to finally do justice to greatest meme of all and make it less 'all theirs': THE MORE THE MERRIER) between front and back, white and black, jews as above vs this type.

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