Saturday, June 12, 2010

S-laveren - the sail-boat

not that blacks never had an imperial phase ... see alice
ok finally found the vid that will cure me from a dangerously burning love for this gall, see her fake the heart-ache in the beginnng, .. i cannot dissociate it from Jim Giles yelling at niggers unabashedly -- on his rant regarding Barrett's death, a man he thinks the fbi sicked on him ... and sure enough he is quite torn charmed attracted and yet disgusted with rhetorical skillfulness ... he claims the outwardly stable ones are dangerous and showing emotion is healthy so he self- and others harmingly, pushing the dial way into the red with his yelling ... showing he has no shame or qualms to do a little dry swimmin .. . ready to take up a slave driver's whip cause he ain't no whimp and does not need his duck sicked. i was offered a whip brandishing job in my early twenties by a visiting pastor ... that's how little my folks realized which way i was heading ..

the end of this one is brill .. "The Love Of God" By The Isaacs (2008) part of a 40 piece 'isaacs mix' .. oh, some kid stole the guide feather off my bike


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