Saturday, June 05, 2010


reading back yesterday's tapsplash i guess an apology is in order ... hard to fit a jocular tone to them fightin words but there is truth to it and yes, most money revolves around, gravitates to, is roped in by confolk and by god they will

i just like the truths in my songs to be a little more universal and will sacrifice sound savvy (heartstring pickery-expertise) for that (the latter is fake to the degree it comes at the expense of the former).

Recursive weaving between co-operation and true privacy needs the in- and assurances Beckerath et al provide and not a bunch of manipulated and/or outright genocidal colonizers.

if we cannot get whities to settle back in europe and permacultivate themselves out of the biblical hive and antheap mindset there is no hope for native americans and palestinians.

I do not mean it as severe as it sounds. I do enjoy the isaacs and what's more, am aware of diffusion science. Cyclone Covey is in my personal top tier of worthwileness and validity but what i am saying is in the interest of voluntariety and voluntarization


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