Thursday, June 03, 2010

the dipgrip

digging that kitty gramma tried to hide from you until (she taught you to be and) you were good and ready? The worst things you can split are atoms and personalities, other phenomena positivelz need it, cleavages cry for it, money and bond markets become a pack of liar serving mess without it.

here, better your life and learn a thing or 2, 3 about keepin the slop clean..then quickening awaits anyone toeing the foot in the doorline just beyond abstract duality trickonical and quadrivalrosy to quaint kwink and qwonk

cute, spontaneously found a work around (invisible line breaks one encounters via blogger's full dress front door). instead, just use this composing window shorn of all other commands

back to sordid states of (in)humanity
quicksand, america's pursuit of power in the middle east - 700 pages by a totally nice guy from north texas state - warow warrow or worro .. J Blankfort does not spell it for us.

my last post here riffed on lyrics from 'the isaacs' (playsuffering in order to justify outsourcing and imposing it) including ref to paper art found via jorn barger:
+52 and 5 related posts

Max Keiser invented and explains financial terror, check Virtual Specialist Technology patent - how to make markets in an 'infinite inventory environment'

palestinians are not allowed arms, they know not how to use them properly though who in the final analysis really uses them against their own interests if not at the same time against themselves entire is an open sore and question.

Instead of help in procuring arms to give them a chance for a fair fight (same amount, same kind and same source of such help would quickly perk the market don't you think?) it is imperative and the only decent to do:

i know what i will report below will

a be familiar to those following me beside the news

b provide fodder and cater to the myriads and mirrormad sites playing with 'occulpiracy' and code fads in refashioning 'grip on rube' and 'spin 'm dizzy' schemes .... hey i will humour them but ... beware, all i have left to show for trying to read that madman michael topper - and wondering

c who set him up to distract my crowd from the type of salvation ensuing from an understanding (=operativation, i won't say employment, cause you cannot fire them though god knows, poison and burn is their fate) of two simple verbs reduction and organizationation

d what became of him and why of all 80 tapes he distributed never a shred turns up (guessing it will, but in its own sweetly took time .. or .. delayed by that thorough type of idf vettage i guess, not that among his (at times fervently) favorite words (those beginning with p) was palestinian.

Jewish (semiest of semi-semites) Schizophrenia:
180 degree (exact) inversion ... not us, YOU did it, ... are doing it (the Netanyahu monster). folks like that rattle on about 'our job', 'our market', 'our lucre', 'our land', etc.

Semite Schizophrenia:
90 degree twist, from irresponsilble macho overacting to pure innocent feminine passivity, does not reach beyond denial, they do not accuse their prosecuteurs of having done the crime themselves but simply and steadfastly of not stubbornly deny they did it.

Derek Bird, Cambrian taxidriver went on a 30 mile 3 hour rampage killing 12 wounding (oops, did not bother mention the wounded at 10) .. a local man comments yes yes and yes regarding questions about (investments in) 'airsupport'

i trice repeated and mocked SOA - IDF etcetera type drill yells and played off of them (omitting plays on squeezy skidney needlement resulting in oilspill in a quest for lucre rather than seing to what a pure will can will) on june 1

i have a bird who gave me his .. no THE last song of the day out of gratitude.

well that's it for the 3x19th post by this particular vision man (one of ones) who's fate is according the organizer as linked to harmonic convergence as it is to nagasaki okinawa and most of all hiroshima,

but why not

e stick to all but crumbled and hard to revive cernunnos rather than a flesh and blood valum votan who keeps finding funny folks (folks funnier than me) like a mongolian lately who reckons (1) mayans got their clues from them and (2) back over 6 billion years (3) he is saving us all by visiting an alpan cave, the place emma kunz painted her webbings .. all in broken english)

f a link to monastic studious and walled garden catholicism or even the bare hand nail driving qi gong powers through proper celibacy cultivation via drew hempel (got chinese christian rather than roman help) ..

forget all about that stupid date hyped by that stupid superstitions loving crowd and do a dippy grippy circus.

should i just buy a camera or can i keep hoping to charm an expert? i wrote the maker of 'back to the garden' (same background as the isaacs i gather - see yesterday's post) the other day, showing in amsterdam in 2 days

dress up as a hippy and win something

just reserved 2 tickets.

lurker first come ex-lurker first served

come on, if i dig out my rainbow wings and unfurl my twirlythrillwinddrill octahedrone we can't lose.

as for the rest ... die lurkers die.


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