Monday, May 31, 2010

just tried posting this to haaretz

good going for you
.. though yall should try a little harder too ... it is not ok to not only vaingloriously sanctimoniously practice protocols whilst denying it, that is mere schizophrenia .. institutionalized throughout the west ... which tried locking up crazies but now the tide is out and crazies lock up and shoot as they exclaim ouch ouch ouch (rather than the slightly more honest but just as horrible kill kill kill

... it is far worse than not ok (punishable by forced permacultural labour in fact .. look for an international enforcement flow at villainziniz) to prove hitler's diagnosis right .. that part is ok actually, a great and necessary premise and promise to heal yall .. but utterly annihilatory to use his false methods .. figures in the world of perfect in- and perversions i guess.

i see you have pretty baby face eli cohen .... how about a pretty boy with brains for once ... robert i friedman comes to mind

democracy has to be the biggest sham ... yall are playing americans in the middle east and forcing them to fund it lest ye turn yar shaming proppypowers on the settlers across the pond

if it goes through (hah! not likely), it will be 120 with that article of a fat guy with a knife (for whatever bizarro reason they show that).


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