Friday, May 21, 2010

truthdig convo 'joinery' attempt

via Ben Whitmer i visit truthdig, where Chris Hedges borrows from and mentions Ward Churchill to which i add and ramble back up front (without reading a shred of it at least first):

Wed, May 19, 2010 at 5:21 PM ...
thanks for the convo folks ... i will download yallz slab site unseen to see if it don't fall out of of the print-cue line ... i actually don't visit here regswise, prapshould .... but am on 12 weekly surfhour rations.

some of the reasons in my latest posts.

transparancy and the ('other' Ho there, who goes there, go slow there slother moddermoeder) magic word [open] don't work nor do what the (h)opefuls are espectin of it since all them break ups are like divisions of labour and the conquer procurement of averayjings -rage and -raging -- which one and all splinter (and rugpullfromunder) us (sacrificing any and all regional integrity) into ineffective and manipulable fragments and factions -- as long as those who need it most - and are indeed targetted in a sanctimoniously circumventing way that de- and reifies culprits - are succesfully resisting such nice polite patient stand by 'soft power'

(nothing to hide) protestations, no matter how sensible, cosmologically certified and what have you.

I started of with a belief in Gilder in the 80s (that
eminently chipbubble bubbah who got pushed down from the reagan tiptopeakfreaks)
, then realized clock speed would be abused by traders and now think Gardiner's ideas - about letting (al((l))go)ratios and them revvie citywallstreet ravetics run wild as long as fiscal discipline a la Michael Hudson makes headway and is thus gonna make things a ok - are daft. you cannot really lay, trace, project and mine (o mind ye near and yon mindfields within mindfields) the cleavage between your 'mindstoreyears' (4 knots) onto virtual (and virtuereal) moolah without running into the 'lets not lay up (and try preserve, distill iow, weaponize our harvestree-assure) but restore' hard choice imperative head on head up butt out boutin bout bootin about.

it was rejected as i just found out (too flawed ((open brackets, etc)), too wild) so i resent a cleaned up version just now .... drom rrrrrrrrrullllllll.... which is out of date a bit since i did have a look at how and how many times eichmann and ward echoed through the comments (liked the diaper ((die poor, diapour)) metaphour).

deep water = thin flexy floor great water column pressure ... exactly what it would take to get Wessel's thingy go swimmingly but i am glad the greedy are too stupid to realize this. . they would not use it to replace nuclear energy (they would not do peace prizes without bombs, splitprezzies rule) and one could not stipulate use reservation for permaculture efforts even if 99% of voting age joe and jane public would, after due instruct, -form and enheavyment briefage, would care to outstruct, out(per)form and implement any way they could. Not even a taoist god can splinter equally, his focus and concentration is too precious. wesselings work anyplace with water to spare, but no response from the besslerwheel forum so far.

on the 21st i find out the comment did not 'take' (modderraters not taking to it i mean) but i tried again with the above much improved version (got a copy i sent to ... well, someone.

Wow, looking closer i see there is a 12 hour gap in the commenting ... and then 27 in the remaining 36 hours till i come on again.

ps (the 22nd):
nope, they don't like my stylus

sorry there Arena... dunno what happened to your little contribution there .. hope you like the next item ..


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