Saturday, May 01, 2010

don't let'm wow you
dirty fucking hippies were right

ok, so SW is friends w prescott and they do that vid together
geez, a third temple weirdo sower of confusion and confoundments

don't let'm wow you. ... much better to visit first link which is all good .. found via who put me to rights halfway before running the sw prescott thing a second time and paying more attention.

SW's golden boyhood is reaching fever pitch in a vid he calls 'Magick, and the Ancient Alien Torah' - mentioning rather than featuring Meru - watched 93.609 times before i find it

It starts of about a drone ship, then shows the Caret research program by isacs who made a fortunecity page in 07
at 2.20 he flittyflapflops to Voynich ..
then at 6.46 simonian aenology is shown for 2 seconds ... yada yada....

Steve, a diagram, any and every diagram is nothing better nor ever amounting to more than fake sieve status (let alone being a poor squeeze .... pineal flex ... whatev,

he and arguelles have a lot in common.


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