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enjoying a little rainbow history

.. type read at the mo by Art Kleps.
He likes Ethan Allen (for his 'individualism and irreverence'), some fratricidal militant from Vermont ... 'imputed righteousness' features bigger than most in the google books tag-cloud for a 286K screed called 'Reason: The Only Oracle Of Man' ... found 2 online versions via wiki ... here are the 3x the phrase is found:

The reverend gentleman heard me through patiently, and with candor replied, "your metaphysical reasoning are not to the purpose; inasmuch as you are a Christian, and hope and expect to be saved by the imputed righteousness of Christ to you; for you may as well be imputedly sinful as imputedly righteous. Nay, said he, if you hold to the doctrine of satisfaction and atonement by Christ, by so doing you pre-suppose the doctrine of apostasy or original sin to be in fact true; for said he, if mankind were not in a ruined and condemned state by nature, there could have been no need of a redeemer, but each individual would have been accountable to his creator and judge, upon the basis of his own moral agency.

Notwithstanding, said he, if you will give me a philosophical explanation of original imputed righteousness, which you profess to believe, and expect salvation by, then I will return you a philosophical explanation of the doctrine of original sin; for it is plain, said he, that your objections lie with equal weight against original imputed righteousness, as against original imputed sin." Upon which I had the candor to acknowledge to the worthy ecclesiastic, that upon the Christian plan, I perceived that the argument had fairly terminated against me.

Synchronicity and the Plot/Plot, Arthur Kleps (1966)

11 issues here

the one that article is in

page 83 of the same issue is the first of an article on DMT by Leary and on the facing page is a drawing of what seems a garden path drawing before one realizes there is a face encompassing the whole thing, as if it carried an asymmetric tattoo ... speaking of which .... one of your links led me to view Pull out - a great documentary of a jewish NY lass visiting old flames.

Guns and alcohol dimmed Arthur Kleps' brilliance into a hindsight affair ... he did get to be 70 though.

He wrote a very right on comment in 'millbrook' about the type of art you find here: myspace.com/amygdalah1

Without some standardization of images, there could be no standardization of words, which are just the abstract labels given to certain impressions or classes of impressions. Those impressions which have the characteristics we categorize as belonging to a "living being" or "entity" and which play a persistent and/or decisive part in the story of one's life, myth, book, memory, drama, history, dream or whatever are "the archetypes."

To the occultist, of course, they are "more" than that, in the sense by which occultists mean "more", that is to say, the paranoid sense of "having (quantifiable, physical) power." Since the ludicrous illogic of "ethereal mechanics" is a topic I have dealt with elsewhere, I will try not to waste much time on it here, but proceed on the assumption that, since everything is psychological, everything is
psychological. Elephants and whales are not the gods of my dreams, any more than giant Castanedian fleas or ambulatory roots. The gods of my dreams are my closest friends, enemies, rivals, lovers, since they mean the most to me... and, not being paranoid, I do not grant to coercive power relations the highest place in my scheme of meaning. My wife is the greatest of my archetypes (it we leave aside, for a moment, that fellow I see in the mirror).

All in all, comparing footage of 78 rainbow gatherings with contemporary ones, and comparing Kleps with synchromystic pods (link below), it seems to me we (apart from myself waaayyy out in 'downfield') are not progressing very much.

Let's leave aside the possibility that all of this is an outright fraud, which would involve the invention of impressions and misrepresentation of experience. I will grant that Dr. Leary may have heard voice telling him what he says it told him, and this voice may have been accompanied by images of great clarity, brilliance,
detail and depth showing what might be called a comet streaking through the void, dancing double helixes, saints attending graduate school and what not. Maybe a variety of incidents in his everyday life have shown a synchronistic tendency to illustrate and elaborate the same images present in the vision and the ideas he had about them.
It would be absurd to read the works of Leary for philosophical instruction. The utmost that may be expected from any system promulgated by him is that it may be splendid and affecting, that it may suggest sublime and pleasing images. His scheme of philosophy is a mere daydream, a poetical creation, like the Domdaniel cavern, the Swerga, or Padalon; and, indeed, it bears no inconsiderable resemblance to those gorgeous visions. Like them, it has some-thing of invention, grandeur, and brilliancy. But, like them, it is grotesque
and extravagant.
(Nabokov also described himself as an "indivisible monist," and even went a bit further, in a glint here and hint there, in his later years. See_Strong Opinions_.)
Tim's basic method in those days, I later found out, was to attempt to structure other people's LSD experience in terms of the _ Tibetan Book of the Dead_, which is the prime text of the most supernaturalist, deviant and degenerated form of "Buddhism" on earth, namely, Tibetan Lamaism.

It's great stuff for the social control of an ignorant peasantry, and
that's about it. A first-class horror show to terrify the kiddies into
mindless obedience. An infallible Priest-King. Ruthless taxation to
build gigantic edifices for the religious bureaucracy.
Institutionalized pederastic, homosexual buggery ("celibacy"). Why go
so far afield when we have so much of that so much closer to home,
like in Massachusetts?

Many people who never have visionary experience on LSD learn just as much as those who do, if not more. Elaborate embellishments, crazy or not, tend to distract attention from the present and stagnate thought in a morass of enigmatic imagery.

A succession of fantastic spectacles is all well and good, but people must learn to ask the right questions before they can get the right answers. Preposterous stories and garish interior decorations never sent any steamboats up the Ganges.

The more I learned, the more inexplicable, except as a cash cow, Tim's pushing of the _TBD_ at the very start of things appeared. It was as if he deliberately and with malice aforethought polluted the Psychedelian cultural stream at its source and gave half the people in Psychedelian society (Lennon being a notable example of a good recovery) a bad set to start out with.

For years afterwards, kids told me they had, as novices, attempted to use the _TBD_ as a "guide," and they all reported anxiety attacks and various kinds of craziness leading to eventual frustration and exasperation, for which, at least at first, they had blamed themselves, not Tim or the book. They were not worthy of getting fucked over by class-A Tibetan spooks, or something like that. You had
to be a big wheel like Tim, Dick or Ralph to deserve truly ghastly eeriness of this magnitude. To get the Lord of Death on your case maybe you needed a Ph.D., preferably from Harvard.

It's true that Tim, as a good, crucifix-wearing Papist boy, had been brought up to believe in the efficacy of god/human sacrifice by means of prolonged torture and all kinds of related Judeo-psychotic ideation, with the usual consequences, and for a short time early in his Psychedelian career had imagined his "head was melting and running down" over his shoulders (personal communication) so I don't claim he projected darkness when all was sweetness and light within. Even so,
why push one's personal nightmares on the public? He never talked that way in private, as far as I know.

I will now quote his Hume quote in a small section he named 'IMPORTANT NOTICE' preceded by the comment that i realize/suspect it just has to have been meant and intended as a piece of intricate humor, in gest, a joke, well kneaded, like good bread.

_Philosophers are so far from rejecting the opinion of a continued
existence upon rejecting that of our sensible perceptions, that tho'
all sects agree in the latter sentiment, the former, which is, in a
manner, its necessary consequence, has been peculiar to a few
extravagant skeptics; who after all maintained that opinion in words
only, and were never able to bring themselves sincerely to believe
it._ --David Hume, _A Treatise of Human Nature_

... this comes a the end of a section added in 1990 in which Robert Funk oddly enough places himself (or Kleps hisself by way of prehumous eulogy?) outside (downfield?) all his alongsiders and contemporaries as the epitome of Kleptonianism . .. it seems to have been spoken in Amsterdam.

this is how it is decribed:
1990: The author's well-deserved reputation among persons of good will
and sound mind is briefly described by the Archon of Alaska.

Getting back to the Psychedelic Reviews, number 11 (last one, early 70s) has loads of art (17 Meg pdf for 95 pages) and features Ira Einhorn

See this (bloomsday 2006):

number 7 has a john blofeld article
number 4 has james joyce on peyote (!??!??!?!?!)

'the sociology of the now' by Ira Einhorn occupies p52-58 - there is no table of contents but other than that and aside from the art and believer bloviation (Kleps coined 'Blobovians') it looks at least semi-professional and gives no indication that this was the last issue .. but it is the last one online at the page i found them:

Einhorn in his 69 postscript:
We need an inner transformation that would generate the energy necessary to repair the destruction that our completely outered life has visited upon the entire eco-system -- only te opening up of new inner channels will enable the system-as-a-whole to drain off some of the energy that is now building up, explosively, at certain localized points. The old symbols are not able to contain the new energy -- the goose step once shook off the goose flesh, but the flag no longer brings a tear to the eyes. Authority is shifting to the within, and we must remember that 'God' is the ultimate fascist.

before the last alinea he quotes Huxley:
Thus we tend to produce more adrenalin than is good for us, and we either suppress ourselves and turn destructive energies inward or else we do not supress ourselves and we start hitting people.

He then (further?) prophesizes 'a plague', given his connection with 9-11 (day of his arrest) one might well concede his point. His last line: 'Purification is coming'.


he chats with someone from the avalon forum ... nearly halfway the vagus nerve comes up. 10% smaller than the others, related to tithes (not working it is missing tithe payments). Divine economy within. Head over there on the decimotion double Drew!!!!!

News = north east, west, south, which makes a zigzag right? Stick that into a Walter Russell diagram guys! and see if it arranged to chill or warm us. It is all very Glen Kealyish but stay away from him, he wants to bomb iran.

haiti New orleans new york form a triangle wherein SW lives ... Florida? ... pi ... broken arrow ... bla bla bla.

metal to restrain the flesh:
a GaGa vid: youtube.com/watch?v=GQ95z6ywcBY
I was the 22.263.005th viewer, arrived via Terry, a show/spin-buzz-trivia blogger at/as occult mosaic, who comments at Steve W's .. view this as an illustration of jeffrey turner's take on TW's relation to the manson family. Conclusion: Asperger's have do not have a spit spat spate more imagination than synchromystics.


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