Tuesday, March 23, 2010

giving dust full meaning

Polvo, poudre, .. the pile of pulverized minerals mixed with powdered poison ... thinking WTC yet? ... from top of the (nonetheless archaically towering) line evildoish toy arrays ... arrays with which to votivation-fraudulently myriadize and mirroply and multirate, in one word, portray themselves ... as the heights of civility and propriety (respectable and legitimate to the point of the occasional surreptitious crowning glory pinnacle worthiness of the real culprits in between a relentless stream of doubles, pawns and stand-ins filling that slottage).
waarnemen is quadrupling (4 way split) value as:
1 observe
2 opp seize
3 perceive
4 measure
which reflects the heroic attempt to tread, tiptoe, skate and march onto the multifractitious battlefields of meaning (ID, transparancy, etcerera) integration.

A 37 YO firefighter (i heard on the BBC worldservice the latter part of march) who did steady duty at Ground Zero is one of the 17 with thyroid cancer (normal rate is 17 every 100.000 .... how many firefighters sent into the dustpile?). Another number i did not catch right is the amount spent to fight claims but it sounded like billions vs the 6x 200K actually paid to self-sacrificials, overly dutyful, heroic (etcetera) victims.

The dust-pile was intentionally made (wether by Pazuzu boys, Ashkinnazi, or stations in between like catholics, illuminati i care not) to instill (with brandlike searing scourge for sure) an association with toxicity and the outrage over injustice i noted will swell like the catholic childabuse cases, whipping into the final stretch after a long tale that started with Canadian residential school cases a decade ago - see Jim Craven (jew/blackfoot and louis proyect, his buddy, little nerdy despot bigmouth mama baby goldman sachs marxist) even though it concerns a single point rather than the whole globe.

This whole debacle cut my steady climb towards helping a sounding thought -- dust is The Preeminent preemptive perse, and therefore .... massively as well as easily* massifiable meme, make that finger rubbing wealth gesture mixing it will daily fare both in and out and your immunity shoots up through the roof, spending shade and sustenance.... speaking of skylight, turnover, new leafs turning over, overturn ... well maybe soon sometime -- reach critical mass: the insight that crush and humble crumble equal credit of the sort all beings near enough instantly profit from (that is a matter of effectively targeting rain and shine with it, the solar guys often neglect the first and push their favorite pole forwards to the point they lose sight of half of themselves, thereby becoming all the more significant and other, not to say sore, making a perhaps too fine point of it).

* that is, only when folks are easy on each other, ease each other and in generally under the influence of as favorable as exceedingly rare (flawlessly executed non-profit accreditation and voluntarizing) moods and circumstance.

Speaking of polarity though, a near facetless and simplistic flip will right their (the evildoer's) twist of (that humble crush) truth.
They turned it into humiliation and crushed pride used to prod the populace into outraged screaming for war

... sent to larry along with some jeff turner youtube links and intro remarks

... forgot 'cross' in there someplace, meant to squeeze it in but then that slipped my mind in the wirl of talkum tumblery.


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