Saturday, March 13, 2010

Frenetic, heretic, genetic Babylon

Most of mankind helps desertification along terrifically, better than termites do. I have long believed that could be remedied. But the good guys remain exception due to lack of promotion. Taking hints from crippled and hampered visionaries is further complicated and obstructed by the fact these guys and dolls are so easy to smear and scapegoat. Most of them are heir to heisters like the present day Goldman Sachsy folk, but despite being badly tainted heritage wise, great heights can be attained. Think of the micro-credit promotion by the heir of a murderous regime adopted as the queen a continent away. Same old royalty tricks to keep the money in the family? Maybe. Derailery imminent like the whole credit card gambit caused by stagnant wages. Prolly. Still, there are hi-lite worthies i hope to do a few youtube talks about (since nobody else seems to all that much) though i am entirely passive about realizing that, other than throwing out expressions of willingness such as this one, As it stands, emulation changes of unknowns nil.

Now, onto destruction of climate, one region at a time, cumulative and falling over itself by now.

Before yet again believing everything our war on terror disher-uppers pour and hand out at their next level jumpin bigger bash, before keeping on drawing the same old familiar conclusions from jewry ido- and adulate christendom, before voting for christians another time, before once more repeating passive consumership for the multiculture pushers, i beg, beseech and implore you, please, also read Andrew Lehman and Kevin Macdonald along with Hitlerite material, as well as folks like Kafka. Next, try grasp what Ulrich von Beckerath saw was the history of economics at its now forgotten zenith, then apply common sense of stepped, staggered, staged, telescoping and harmonious hinging of puzzle peaces longer to just flat number and thought land but flesh them out via such new fangled must have plastic toys like the hoberman sphere before attempting to spy the genetic /evolutionary /group strategy corrolaries i am taking aim at here. I assure you to have discovered plenny. To wit, the attempt to raise and manage a spike in hierarchical and stratific pyramid theory ....jewry's aims to cover all bases with all ranks from rigorous, precise and exact to liminal, indeterminate and doppeldeutig, 'bloodlinearized mesiachism, all ethnicities under command of the *purest* of them, the AshkeNAZI theory they briefly infected a people up to then most innocent of such clandominated globalist invasive species machinations with. Look at Israel and tell me if they are not seizing every hybridization opp to load it with a real instance. I maintain that this way of risk spreading is counterproductive although i can readily sympathize with reaching into the bag, take aim type dosage fetishes, as long as rules are strictly emulative and imitative of nature rather than reaching in way too deep (inverse of the steep i noted), manipulatively recombinant. So seercentre YES hedweb NO.


Orthodox Jewish establishment has an official statues in Israel (unlike most Western countries, state and religion are not separated here, and the chief Orthodox Rabbi has a position similar to this of a supreme court justice). The same Orthodox establishment is very hostile to non-Orthodox Jews, which happen to make most of the American Jewish community.

The clean reliable and steady embeddiment with little individual freedom practiced by ancient cultures -- nobody at command of very many, nobody singled out, no commanding others to divide labour and help him push his dream forwards no matter how tempting the trajectories that propel a society away from labour in parallel to labour save here and employed there his inventions ... simply cause they are seen as detractions from each and every's autonomization pleasure -- is traded for a far more burdened one, a murkier, more precipitous and anxiety ridden (and hence security obsessed) pressure to improvise and invent.
For a less clumsily formulated and much longer digest of the same timespan magnitude turn to read Andro Linklater at

All (the above) due to the shallowing and silting up of cultural memory (multilayered filters which clog and block when the holes increase yet seethroughs and vistas decline), destroying it where they find it and putting propaganda machines in their place. Remember, the most recognizable forebear of our present day media is the bible and there still is no substitute for it, the Mcluhan container theory has proved productive alrite, but he discounted side-effects due to bad choices in containment attempts, they all proved way too leaky so far, perhaps he did not quite understand Joyce as much as thought he did, let alone 'content', misunderstood as much as 'organization' is methinks.
Here's a hint (or 2):
minimally spaced (tight) and timed vs rhythmic swell and pulse
audible crumble vs silent assembly
of course there is as little vs here as between yin and yang.

Ps: Goldstone at Yale: It used to be the South Africans, he said with equanimity. There were many more UN resolutions passed against South Africa than against Israel.

ps2: this must be one of the dangerous schizophrenics we are failing to lock up according to dutch media on the 11th of march: Steven Plaut is a professor at Haifa University. He can be contacted at


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