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comment on Drew Hempel comment
mother's hip or m other ship?

Great Galactic Ghoul comments on his post
"Homophonic Induction and the Homunculus":

Well I've studied in Costa Rica, Morocco, Venezuela, Alaska, etc. Marx was right about "primitive accumulation." Whether global warming is natural or not is irrelevant because humans are part of nature. That's the deeper issue -- humanity coming to terms with accepting that Nature is in control. The global warming models rely on quantum chaos -- it's discrete math whereby the computers provide the "logic." Obviously computers don't care if humans survive or not -- in fact the math has been that way since it was created -- what I call the "surplus value of consciousness."

So the ecological crisis is real only as a mirror of technology as the religion of humanity. We want more and better technology and therefore the ecological crisis will get worse and then we'll need more technology to "save the planet." Humans are replacing themselves by machines -- based on incorrect logic about infinity. This is a Western process (since 10,000 BCE) -- so those on the periphery of the empire have known this for centuries. Now we are experiencing what I call "Imperial Implosion."


into the sixth minute of a fast paced image sequence from a wide range of movies

we hear the narrator speak of theories* about alledged plans (of the hegemonic pop control variety) behind those trying to convince us we have a climate emergency on our hands.

* - trans- or 'intergenocidal' ..4 google results..

As Steve (the maker of that youtube linked at the start, his user nick is soundlessdawn) says that 'the keys are in our hands' he shows some young person blowing away a 2 legged fishlike creature .. so ... he is in need of the ideas i try in vain to distribute far i have some footage of a jaw crusher but instead of me showing within 5 miles of a rainbow gathering in an 18 wheeler loaded with fruit seed soil dust and fabric, sieves, pumps and hose .. as i had expected to be able to by now back in the eighties, i see a bunch of youtubes with paranoid FS officials using their tasers and peppersprayguns in 'kid village'. Mmmmm, maybe that is why i have started to study the schitsoiddity of Charles Manson that bad boy antichrist.

After a longer comment on Steve and his buddy Jake Kotze that i wrote yesterday but cannot access now i concluded these guys are so busy showing how everything is connected (by evil intent trying to prepare for the inevitable, losing the kind of control they foster and cherish) that they forget to leave hollywood fantasyland and look at some real scenes (the attempt to tie in extremely large scale and far off phenoms, like the midgalactic barrage of particle accelerator like photon belt doesn't help any in that regard).

The solution is similar to the parallel ones in economics. One can not and certainly not in a swell foop or revo type toss .. get rid of systemic problems but one can argue against it all using humility and common sense, fighting back we win one meme, one mind, one channel, one certain program fanset, one province, one hearer- and/or viewership at a time. These patterns have their own gears and resonances. Pacifists must believe in volition and voluntarizing cause it is the best tool in their box.

So, qua climate, take care of your microclimate, a scale on which climatechange is palpable quite rapidly .. though not as rapidly as that Paul Laffoley asserts in the rustbelt films flick* and take every chance you get to widen it without neglecting it plant such a more and mode far and wide.

This is where my wound gulf rift split sits. Right in my homeless Wanderschaft (wandershipshopshaper, bragger, phantasmic music(x) searcher and recognizer chasin that musical rockgrinder ...down .... the road .... again ... still).

(x) - "music phantoms" “Music Phantoms: Uncanned Conceptions of Music from Josephine the Singer to Mickey Mouse.” SubStance 58 (1989): 3-24.

In economics i have tried to do my bits raising awareness levels of cooperative, communicative versions of capitalism through self help schemes that can start as modestly as gardening by collecting info on complementary or community currencies.

Not that, again, i have even joined any of them very closely.

-- "Laffoley's odyssey" (rustbelt films, directed by roger bourdeau)


the only film uploaded by this person (pdog)

11.236 views for this one

the most outrageous remarks ever recorded out of PL's mouth, starting with his tensigrity construct ideas for a line to the moon .. made out of sand so we don't interfere with radiation. The prizewinning nuttiness of statements and drawings like these are solidly contested by his assertions we could/should bio engineer seed to mature in 3 months, which will then be the time needed to grow a house

"my overall plan is to have the earth covered in a single vegetable"

Paul articulates this (death/posthum((on))gous)wish:

pour the studio he spent a bigger percent of time than the best hermit in the most irresistable of caves, full of lucite, allow time to dry and shoot into space as a way to honour how paul feels when he is working.

So how does that German M Werner (breatharian in the dailymail, link at Drew's - or dru's as his account has it) manage to do all that circulation ... unconsciously? Is he a natural?

Is that like not needing to circulate airbubbles (big ones up and tiny ones down as wessel di wesseli does or wants to do rather) with cumbersome constructions that break down and wear out but still get energy to run computers and stuff??

Ps: funny coincidence happened at
Just as i was looking at William Guy Carr a little closer (I did mention that hour long world affairs analysis from 57 online didn't i?), Rowan wrote a post on the fella.


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