Saturday, February 03, 2007

wow, just wrote this as the 155th draft .. . .

what synchrony with Saddam being seal 155 and missing also .. . .irretriebably? Not if you go by Jose Arguelles, entirely in sync with what the boulevard press folks choose to focus on (visit to see for yourself).

HELP ME RETRIEVE MISSING FILES (19 of them made in 2005 and posted to the 'domain' now defunct except for the front page restarted a third time after discovering the missing files and trying to reason with Lycos ... about as impossible as reviving Saddam i guess).

Just commented this at Hyperstition:
"… to steal sd's term, is the hunger for an unambiguous casus belli, consolidating itself as a virtual mega-atrocity against 'oneself'."

Riiite, well, my host, the owner of the terminal i worked from a lot in 2005 threw out all my maps from that year, the ones left afte i caved in to her nagging about space and i went to make backups on usb of sight and sound so i could schlepp 'm to the Resuckle Bin. You are saying i did that and i am in denial instead of her? Possible i suppose... ..

Took me all this time before i went and looked at saves stuff to take stock of my efforts.

ps: anybody save the files i made that year someplace retrievable? Even google doesn't seem to remember what logbriefer meant to the crowd that spammed me into a rank 4 position. Good for all involved no doubt, yet i feel a nagging loss.

The disk on which said atrocity took place has been defragmented a lot since, does that means the free data recovery from places such as are gonna be no good?
piet exalias vadercats | 02.03.07 - 1:13 pm | #

oct05third (196K)
oct05twee (185K)
oct05 (187K)

july05 (126K)
june05too (89K)
june05 (172K)
may05too (163K)
may05 (153K)

march05 (168K)
winter0405 (166K)

in dutch:
---- /mei04.htm (51K) ----
--- zomer04.htm (117k) ---
---- nazomer04.htm (121k) ----
---------- herfst 04 (118k) -----------
------------- herfst 04 twee (147K) -----------
------ voorjaar05.htm (157K) ------

----------- voorjaar05twee.htm (158K) ----------


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