Tuesday, November 29, 2005

comment crowds

Mary at http://peacepalestine.blogspot.com remarks on her comment section 'getting crowded'

crowded Mary?
you ought to thank your 'coremore' for not running into the comment crews on various indmedia flavors (like sf, vancouver ((archives still online)), victoria, several Middle eastern ones ((buckled and caved from chronic spammerage)), melbourne, indybay . . and pittsburgh lately for instance) several years ago; veritable torrents of emotides on anything from the democratization of tyrranicide (suggested with such forceful ((encryption)) logic that the perp (who called it 'assasination politics' had ! his compi confiscated etcetera) to the price of pretty innocence, all lavishly spiced and periodically sprinkled with huge slabs of text (which haloscan wisely prohibits). Nothing here that hasn't been there already and with much deeper shadow dancing.

I'll be posting a much more elaborate and colourful version at http://compostartist.blogspot.com in a minute


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