Friday, November 11, 2005

riding the cresting wave of uncontainable discontent

A little while back The Bitch linked to a Susie Bright piece (on porn and I forget what it came with) but as this picture shows, porn and gore sure go together as well as rich and poor. (not)

The bombs and the bluff, the blooms and the buff; why do lies hold 'm altogether?

Actually the bombsheilallah rides her 'sleaze' thingy (according to the caption; it's only half its 60K size as shown) with obviously extatic and celebratory abandon understandably enough in the light of what's with her (her way with her way preempting whatever wants to get into it with what's ((the foreign body that's)) inside already).

She makes (or is made to make .. .better yet: made TO LOOK LIKE she is making) her (unconstrainedly easy rider*) way with this righter of affairs affording her space to 'dominasticate' (cutting 3 words up short and pasting them into 1)

The male thing supremo is to pone the shortsighted, reactionary, fear, profit and cruelty driven parafernalia, in short, the bulk of all assorted products under the sun along a sliding scale just where he pleases, just where he thinks they belong, just as prime ordeal Adam starting putting and keeping things and beings in their place.

This state of affairs and affair of states is 'just' in his eyes since the enemy that is bold enough to shamelessly saddle him up with the bombfactoring burden has only himself to blame.

Some enemies are far away and they're gonna have to deal with the wreckages wrought by -- the seed that returns beyond the most wild of usurious (love making as Willy Shakes his Speare, I mean uses usury) dreams -- menacing stuff that is shiney, docile and as well behaved as a dildo** (just as catatonic when no need arises to be unleashed).

'Where's that dangerous male tax already?' cried the chinese homosexuality instructor. Hey doncha know said the imam: man and woman are inseparable. We'll see about that cried the man with the hi-tec oiltin fintoil cap.

*caught glimpses of 'easy rider' for the first time last week. I'd never ever seen it yet (probably due to my resistance regarding going straight which is what is pretty much compelled and confined to do on them stupid choppers ((front wheel outasight)); I grew up with the most futuristic yet earthy sports in the world as my fav: MOTOCROSS!!!!!!)

**As to the rebels that ride dildo's exclusively I daren't say much, certainly not that they do it for lack of real men (though my troubles of finding mentally compatible mates are harrowing for sure and probably parallel) cause that would be hoisting the hurdle out of playful and seductive sight (proliferating and catching up to the rate bombs are traded and stockpiled aweful fast no?). Homosexuals were a substantial factor in fanning the great war flames so why would lesbos be any better?. There is a blog I started (and retired in favor of newborn offspring today) from being inspired by Jill Johnston who wrote one of the first large illustred books on Lesbianism:


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