Sunday, August 28, 2005

measuring digital traffic August 11, 2004 PACmeter - Popularity, Authority, Credibility Online.

I go: hi, first I'd like to thank you for your work. Quite astounding you can keep up with all these puzzling (puzzlepushing) developments.

Most of it seems to fit the category I would circumscribe as 'work' which leaves us with less time to leave 'it' out fostering, due to and in growth conducive conditons when we are busy cutting it up and studying cleavage lines changes from differently angled, weighted and timed blows.In other words the abstractive sterilizing mere mime and surrogative symbolizatory ritualization of the actually effective action (I had gotten tired of repeating this type of phrase and shied away from it for a long while but you bring it all back up).

Anyway, that's not (very obviously got much to do with) the reasons I decided to comment, which are:I have owned/operated one of the oldest and most old fashioned types of blogs for years so consistently that google was following me very closely and bringing three to four hundred daily clicks (how many amongst those were robots or with what searchterms they came I never struggled through the ins and outs that seem to be your strengths, to find out) to my static (most bloglike) url alone (spinning off 2-3 160K files a month).

So, my question: was I a great source of revenue for my host Lycos? Why did their stats show 15 'visits' a week for years? Were they only counting clicks on their ads?Why won't they answer enquiries about why they blocked my account and broke a promise made at the same time to allow 3 months worth of time for me to save my files????? How to think outside the box -- video footage of an interview Robin did with man Jon Rapoport August 05, 2005 Internet Television First Independent Channel Features Quality Grassroots News And Views Current follows the global news pulse via Google Current, a new short video segment which provides a real-time view of what the world's searching for, presented every half-hour around the clock. Google essentially reports on what its users are looking for in popular culture and on the breaking issues happening around the world.Content on Current is about topics ranging from technology, fashion, music and videogames, to the environment, relationships, spirituality, politics, finance, and parenting... subjects not easily found on mainstream TV channels.


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