Saturday, August 27, 2005

The LBO-talk list funnies

The momma tries to maintain a 3 post a day limit (loosely but untiringly); he gets his members to start counting a lot quicker than they start stopping.

At 05:50 PM 8/26/2005, Chris Doss wrote:
>Come to think of it, I do that all the time too,
>mentioning Russian political celebs like Kadyrov,
>Zhirinovsky, Limonov, Dugin, etc., whereas probably
>many people here have never heard of them.

good. you should. make people work at it.
Yo mama's so stupid she sold her car to buy gas.
Yo mama so stupid, I told her it was chilly outside, so she went outside
with a spoon.
Yo mama so stupid, she climbed up a tree talkin' about branch management.
doin' the dozens,
"Finish your beer. There are sober kids in India."
-- rwmartin

on the not so funny front (but still speaking about real mothers):

On Friday, August 26, 2005 7:34 AM [PDT], Doug Henwood <dhenwood at> wrote:> I've heard from a couple of sources now that Fenton Communications,> the "progressive" PR outfit that's handling Cindy Sheehan's> publicity, is keeping the press away from her, apparently because> she's given to making intemperately strong statements of the sort> that embarrasses publicists. They're only allowing organized press> conferences, and not individual interviews.> > Free Cindy Sheehan!>

Assuming this is true, a positive outcome would depend on whether she can as strongly apply her personality to this issue as she's appliedher self to the demand to meet GWB. Which insinuates that her energytoward her goal would be diverted, drained, just confronting the situation, and within the gaze of the media, which would feed on the story like sharks.But given the directness of the naming of names here, I'd saysomeone has a personal problem with Fenton Communications.And it's probably not Cindy Sheehan.

Just a little gnawing feeling at the back of my brainpan say it'sall probably B.S., or Cindy Sheehan is aware of it and it's not a problem for her, but it might be for other interested parties.Including the media. When's the last time anyone we know was "ratpacked" by the national & international media in full feeding frenzy.

Without Fenton, and people like them, Cindy Sheehan would be psychologically raped by AP/CNN/Reuters stringers and other assorted parasitic vermin that prey on: "celebrities".

Travus T. Hipp Commentary [ August 22 2005 ]: Critiquing Camp Casey: There are two forces in the universe - One that gets it together, and one that takes it apart

Why progressive in scare quotes? Fenton started in the Liberation News Service in the 60's (read theRay Mungo autobios. on LNS, howlingly funny), did PR for the Angolansof the MPLA vs. Savimbi, worked for Maurice Bishop (I assume w/ DonRojas), the FSLN and the FMLN.-- Michael Pugliese


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