Tuesday, November 08, 2005

digital management shrinkpiffles the puffable power milling masses puny

http://blog.pulpculture.org/2005/11/08/googlepark-panem-et-circenses/ The Bitch is getting into it, blogging that is. She wants to figure out Adsense and Adword (how BIG and puny POWER and piffle PUFF and shrink the digital valves and sluices to net them ours rather than us theirs; giant upgrade for the Joseph 'drums' up pyramid labour army tactic or what?). Let's wish her luck shall we?

Speaking about killer colour (some more)
When first starting out and entered the race for dressing up content as a worlchomp killer-colour-picker/clicker (see the ((top)) links on the right) in 1998 I was well aware of my own worth and world shaking potential in even as very sub-subsetarian a field as styling (the art of taking cover in a book).

An article about colour combination patenting crossed my path but I didn't pursue that route to taking pecuniary interest in and out of my work underestimating the effect by a wide margin; what withall my getting interdisciplinary about deeper meanings of 'sensible spectrumedge contemplation' I could well have tried to profit in earthy ways from my insight in the capacity of black/green combinatorics to sooth folks silly (worse than 'the queen of hearts' movie ever lets on).

Imagine me getting a millionth of a percent off of the world wide craze in this pixelicious matter (or haven't you noticed a particularly persistent fashion of the last few years? the sort of thing MNC's scramble to incorporate in their ad campaigns, they took the wrappings but left the gift untouched). I'd be able to start a country and lay down the constitution for it too, dontcha think; instead I am begging fruitlessly for some space to display and open my book collection to the public.

In short I need an agressive manager and The Bitch makes me feel safe.


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