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various bits (including china's yuan basket)
Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
In early 1992, Deng Xiaoping gave a series of off-the-cuff speeches in Southern China to rally the forces of market-oriented reform against the reactionary currents setting in after the Tiananmen episode.

wow. a communist society learning how to be good capitalists while maintaining its fundamental purpose. touché.Posted by: northanger at September 8, 2005 06:56 PM

management of the Yuan using a basket of currencies -- Result 1-10 van circa 473.000 voor yuan basket (0,17 seconden) ----- 521 voor "yuan basket" (0,07 seconden)
> The value of the Yuan is not tied to the US dollar,> which is why the US is so upset. China values the> Yuan internally. The basket provides the government> with a reason/excuse to raise or lower the value of> the Yuan, in response to American government criticism that the Yuan is undervalued.>
> As far as I'm aware, the only fractional reserve> issuance going on in the PRC is in Hong Kong,> where they do not use Yuan, but Hong Kong Dollars, issued as bank notes.>
> By the way, I am assisting 3 complementary currency systems in Hong Kong.>
> Stephen DeMeulenaere == Asia Program Coordinator == Strohalm Foundation alt-currency content and talks in


Dear all, I just finished reading from:
David Astle, The Babylonian Woe - A Study of the Origin of Certain Banking Practices, and of their effect on the events of Ancient History, written in the light of the Present Day, 1993
Page 138:The indignation of Cicero as recorded in this Orationmay be traced to the indifference of certain personswho lived close to the Aurelian steps, to the good ofthe Roman State wherein they lived and whosesolidarity enabled them to arrange to have mobsintimidate the proceedings of the court which heard aperson, probably a member of the banking family knownas the Lollii,(22) attempt to smear the reputation ofLucius Flaccus, who, as Praetor of Syria, had issuededict forbidding this movement of precious metalsEastward for deposit at the Temple in Jerusalem.(23)

Page 146:22. Michael Grant, (From Imperium to Auctoritas. P.57.), makes mention of a banking family known as theLollii . Cicero speaks of a Laelius ; (Orationes : ProFlaccus, Book XVII.) . They are more likely members ofthe same family.-----------
Now be aware that the Lollii family still exist: Guglielmo Maria Lolli Ghetti di Ferentino, an old prince living in Rome, is the Honorary President of our Italian Center of Monetary Studies (CSM)
He is a Knight Templar strongly supporting our idea to establish cc worldwide and an international cc clearing system. He knows very well Paul Marcinkus and maybe we will soon be able to know the true history behind the IOR Vatican bank. His website:

(1) Money, in the present UMS (Usury Monetary System) is definitely backed -- by the most important backing of all: the worthy REAL asset of the "borrower" (eg. his house).

JCT: Good point. People keep calling it "fiat" money like it's issued on the basis of nothing, "by fiat," when almost all loans are over-collateralized by poorer borrowers so richer ones can get under-collateralized loans. But there's always lots of backing behind all loans. Subject: RE: [ijccr] Before, it was land from Indians and now crude oil from Iraqis ---

W B Ryan's ugly side shows - don't go there unless you can handle a bad temper

JCT: I think Bill Ryan is either an agent provocateur sent in to give Social Credit a bad name or he's a lunatic. He's been causing so much trouble that I've decided to add the link to my debates with him to my home page debates section:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a slight splitting of hair.

The Babylonian Woe was published in 1975, not in 1993.

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