Friday, November 18, 2005

BombSheLLLilac part 2

This item can be seen (later today) in multicolour here: My beloved Netscape browser use has been frustrated since yesterday so direct transposition from Frontpage is now impossible (due to non-reciprocity by the likes of Bill Gates or worse I don't know, a re-install didn't help).

Last week's item 11/11/ 'riding the cresting wave of uncontainable discontent' at this blog showing 'BombShellLilac' unworried, acting as if the bomb was exciting enough to look her best and she could reign run (and ruin) it even with some flimsy straps OK -- needs a little fleshing out.

Since then the Bitch has passed the 33 comments on one item of her own blog mark for the first time though she had to stoop to damn near dismemberment (luckily no worse than in the sense of singling out and the not literality of luxury) to achieve it.

She never directly referred nor responded to that (illustrated) item I had announced as written for her explicitly (she even offed an off-topic comment about an offed left winger, search seveke lieshout intel.web-log) but since 2 items later Butler and Shame serve for anchors I think I am going to remind her of what's been taken in consideration and has passed review too little so far.

Here we go:
You turned back from the bomb to the biological fleshedent, a more lovable way to war with, wag instead of wage it, bonobo like right?
I in turn ought to search for the antecedents of the lass in rock, back far enough so the sheer weight of it, ancestral authority wise, even the raw materials for bomb stay scattered and buried within it, and besides not getting out of, let alone up off the ground, better choices might be found, the ones that abort bombboostics or at least stop them from rising to the heights of bias and betrayal, inadmissible selfloathing, etcetera, in the process of hi-jacking the whole goddess blessed evolutionary train chain trails and trials of glory.

Look at her (ega's e)go
Look at her again with evolution in mind. Where did she come from? Taking it in kind, unmediated, non 'sleazygoic' (clever, hot or deceptive? Survival of the 'fitchyest'? THe cleavage that cleaves the gap between rich and poor?).

Perhaps she ain't really riding traladida but bound, strapped, shackled and enslaved to it, about to be born to her demise perhaps even (shades of Gravity's Rainbow), . Purrhips she ain't pretty under a rubber skintight mask .. . and the sacrifices she (was made to) make to get the bomb that big .. . . with the height of salesmanship jumping around both of them .. .. it's enough to buckle under even before all ill will and 'roostreadying' release, unleashment and breaking(news((?)))point (of sales((c))ale or s((h))ellingpoint) can generate at more and more distant destination (said to have provoked the turn of patriarchy's unloving arms from their default deterrent setup into last resort threat true making); the effects of which remain untold under tightestly closed fold and horrendous for generations to come!!!!!

All weak watery and kindly sharing per local race (always a different and lotsa little testy spectacle whizzing by), the chatter spatter and crunch of structured water ends up sacrificed by this bomb(BL)ast.

Pump my read
Assuming young pretty things have any choice in the matter of wether or not to get onboard shiny new things, the ones that do are somehow convinced sleazygoic rides are smart, selfmade, clever and their just deserts.

The 'buy me' (sell yourself) pitch pictures and implies if not reflects voluntary and mutual benefit between the bomb(constructors) and her. Love your bomb(based way of life) and get better girls. She: I bleed for a bomb so you bleed for a bomb if you wanna get next to me, can't buy (the likes of) me unless your bomb affords me a little elbowroom (note how they stick out). She doesn't mind being objectified along with other manipulables cause patriarchy is insurmountable nor dismantleable. What does she stand to lose going this route? Is this the most powerful position she can expect to achieve and assume?

Maskette of patriarchy triumphant.
Does that make islam (patriarchy par excellence and heir apparant) appear the more decent version of christianity? Yes, to the extent they denounce imperialism with proof positive: privatization of violence (dunno any islamic nations without armies though but I sure as hell believed Saddam when he said he had no weapons and complied with int. agreements), as undelegable as periodic bog visits. What to gain from a suicide mission? How is this a variant of love for greater good? How does the rocket manned by gay designer's lover in Gravity's Rainbow play along here? What about the use it and lose it selfdefeat of all collective rather than cool active emotion?

Every nice girl a georgeous bomb, all pretty ladies a blog, most a private bog, each one an intimate compostage licking flickturn trick lesson; all of them a beautiful farewell video:
'hello, I want you all to know, where I am things are just too slow, it's a sickening no go show, but I am sure my fortunes lie right where I go'.

In a macho world of steel and dominance, the beau's other significates explosively with lots of down time in between.

Project present as cryptic escape from censure
projectile (a verb in dutch) presents to gain goodwill

Mothers tired and ugly from (employment)ties to and with the bomb are promised better days after the deployment.
Women love presents as sacred passdeed and prelude to her relaxation and suitor's engorgement.
Women hate poision as secret pissweird to a runaway trainload of stuff that can't but per-, in- an subvert intimacy with substitute, consu- and sublimate, surrogate cleft, spoofed, split and asundered reality of im- and omnipotence.


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