Sunday, November 20, 2005

revisionist and their nonvisionary watchers

/025240 Michael Pugliese --- he continues posting segments of a long article by Ian Williams in this part of the thread (first installment) which by the way, strange enough, google hasn't indexed yet (the content of it I mean, lending much credence to the google-watchman Brandt's criticism, though google of course is not, like he says 'dying') .. . .all the more remarkably (not to say alarming) since it appears to be this 2 year old piece: The Left Revisionists (359 google hits) - By Marko Attila Hoare - November 2003 ---

ps: there are 97.100 results for "michael pugliese" (excluding the word 'music' might reduce the chore a bit, nope, .. .still 89.200). -----

Excellent example of Michael's totally useless sectarianological expertise

When is this kid gonna learn to be principled instead of looking for at and after failed heros??????

Principles don't need mouthpieces so much as (awareness of, then catalytic action conform to their relatively timeless) practices, failing that they tend to do very well and much better without humans around fucking with them.

Plenny more here:


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