Wednesday, May 10, 2006

dedicated non censorious threads bandwidth and local autonomy

the latter being totally outasite and ouddadawhirld dis day and age we will unfortunately need to restrict ourselves to spoofy little gestures toward the other/right thing halfway.

troll of sorrow is offered his own space

after the first 30 comments were already up I find this place and go:
aaahhhhaa hahh ahah hhhaa!! is grate of course.

so far still only one googly for "troll . .." so make that 'everybody .. this season except google for at least a few minutes bud.

implication is ruder than slander.

I love this thread idea. I had the same happen to me at the defunct graverdammer, a right wing typically non green and therefore shallow muslim watcher site.

Then he discovered that pushing my siglink pulled up mine framed by his site, that caused a recoil in horror and expulsion. The thread is at in bits and pieces cause, hey, if you're gonna puzzle manyways I might as well promise you a pleached rosebowertreehousegarden. Wait, I am going to fetch pj over at chabert (where he posted again since disavowing such so I'd not trust him if he again denies being this that or another spontaneously spoofed name) by way of nonecontrast (with habitual virtuosity.

Anyway thanks. Hope the lure/bait/leash and shackle holds him here. Saves hunting all across the internet. George Wash. Carver was a million times the man all those who fell for the raise and rise can be.
Piet | Email | Homepage | 05.09.06 - 2:11 pm | #


Ah doubt you always recognize my comments. I have no plans to post here; nonetheless, I never was ASKING you for anything, clown. What I am telling you is, one, that I have every right to say whatever the F I want really, as long as it is not especially harassing. Thus, I shall continue to use the Net to humiliate, mock, satirize the irrational stooge known as Scott Kauffemme and others including you (kaufmouse has in fact expended far more energy than ah have at this silly game--ah suggest anyone around here to read his most recent blog-yips, which are at least violations of academic honesty, especially for a writing teacher), and that is my right, although Squat, dimwit and mental incompetent that he is, has yet to understand that: in fact ah'm putting together a lil Squat Scottmann comment generator myself (and animated show: Scottie the LIT POODLE!).
.................. | Email | Homepage | 05.09.06 - 2:21 pm | #


wow. piet the deranged poet maudit! yr even a mockery of whatever remains viable of marxist theory. u don't have shit on me; "pj" who ever that be, doesn't have shittete on moi. I got shietee on thee, tho, Bukharinista. Yr the rightists, like bookarin hisself--ah'm mostly a secularist and empiricist--u the one taking sides with theists here, clown. Yr not in charge of communications, frauds. Even "Colonel" with all of her sentimental blatherings, has enough non-Bookarin and anarchista heart to realize that.
.................. | Email | Homepage | 05.09.06 - 2:28 pm | #


well, i'm not even halfway through and gotta say sumthin again. Nice colours by the way. Tadday I leafed through a year report of the rockefeller fondlenation, you know, that lackey of the rothschild toolifeforyoojoocroo. And hey they can mouth and print them fine word cause the great big eraser and ubiquitous equalizers (we all mercurians now) makes all words that don't do what beckerath recommended doing in berlin crisis years as loom now poorhips futile empty and preempted. Once they take the shape form and function of zerstuckeltes microcredit we can pourhopes fungibe some more. Plagiarism is weak peanotsee.
Piet | Email | Homepage | 05.09.06 - 2:32 pm | #


If I don't always recognize your comments, find me a comment on this site, since the ban went into effect, that is from you and that was not deleted.
Adam Kotsko | Email | Homepage | 05.09.06 - 2:35 pm | #

Yr missing the point. The "ban": what a laugh. Ah not like obsessed with this site, PaddyCo; us seem obsessed with my few posts. ah make a few remarks here and there, pointing out some silly assumption or bia, u usually delete it, like the good Fed snitch you wannabe.

like the Poodlemann you don't even begin to realize the extent of your confusion. Even some ugly empiricism--say Locke-- might help, but ah doubt it.

Anyways, ah'm through here, really. Jus' close the thread then and ah shan't be back too much. So, close the thread, and end it, and ah SHAN"T return: except, say, once or twice on weekends.

(That's right pietster: nazis and stalinists generally start by controlling communi-ma-cations)
.................. | Email | Homepage | 05.09.06 - 2:50 pm | #

Fine, we'll give it a try. There is no way to turn off comments on a particular thread, so I respectfully ask everyone to refrain from leaving comments.
Adam Kotsko | Email | Homepage | 05.09.06 - 2:57 pm | #

I used to get quite mad during 99-02 for being erased and started homepages bycause of it, then the fun was to slightly obscure the comments spliced into the quotes at accupunctual rates. These kids are getting you too mad and that's a big help leaving you too little time to take a wallop generous enough to begin understanding the likes of me it seems.

Nazis and stalinists start wresting for the control of communications? Yes, but too bad they have to be so rude and crude don't you think? You're a music man right? ever heard Goebbels' band do the american style music from the 20s making fun of the english? The dutch have been deaf to 20 years of grim shots so the task of sounding zee all arm is awaiting, all charm subdude, straight patient and all
Piet | Email | Homepage | 05.09.06 - 3:14 pm | #

must music lead to bombs or can it kindle compostage (age of its coming of age on stage). Anybody know a fine pacifistnazionoted turd site I could continue wasting my time at?
Piet | Email | Homepage | 05.09.06 - 3:19 pm | #

someone responded, so I shall respond briefly in kind.

Piettte, stick to the Rimbaud and CO: no ah'm not musico, nor am I mad or irked: rather amused. I like to read clownspeak, especially when done by a great lil' clown like Squrt Squatmunn. You see him, er, it, and his leetle pals in their POODLE suits; and maybe u shall shortly.

But the great faux pas here is you siding with the Weblog Cadets and their meyer lansky-lite palskis. Fer shame, poette.
.................. | Email | Homepage | 05.09.06 - 4:01 pm


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