Wednesday, May 10, 2006

kotsko replaces yesterday's conversation with half a year old one

Well, ain't we happy to have preserved a few comments (posted earlier today/below).

Here's an earlier edition of the etre (eternal return . .. lbo discussion 'sein' as Heidegger saw it, a toothless stein I bet):

as I'm sure patrick mullins will agree, it is scarcely evident that the Troll of Sorrow's openly racist, gay hating, woman hating, humanity hating remarks are actually anywhere near as irritating and annoying as the politely, genteelly, properly and delicately worded racism, homophobia, misogyny and antihumanity discourse that accounts for 90% of what is considered the model in blog decorum. Welcoming the naked wolf to the room full of his brothers in sheep's clothing would not seem to do much damage to the tone of the environment;, and may very well be constructive, ashis company often lures his fellows out from under their wool caps.A strong reaction to this discourse might indicate some anxiety about its appeal.One needs to look closer. You wonder if you should not guard Jewish friends from antisemitism. But of course the sound of antisemitism can be more painful to gentiles who are not antisemites, or who fear they may be, than to Jews. I find some racisms - those presently more dangerous to all of us, to humanity than antisemitism - more painful to hear than antisemitism, because they are the growls of bigger beasts right now, and if you think anti-arab racism is not going to bite you, because you are not an arab, you're quite wrong. It as already bitten; it is going to tear you up.There is something unexamined and knee jerk about this: an idea that the 'line' is clear. If it is a question of explicitness, then yes, there probably is a border everyone can agree on roughly. But surely is can't be a question of explcitiness, of vulgarity. The non explicit, the hidden, the assured, the unconscious, the racist reflexes of 'common sense,' the self-congratulatory 'tolerance' of those who believe themselves free of racism, etc etc., is the more dangerous discourse right now. In these environs, anyhow.My first day at the office in Prague on a consultancy, there was a swastika graffitied on the door. We were an imperialist mission, conquering the media. Were they calling us Nazis? Or Jews? I'd have been interested in finding out. alphonsevanworden Email Homepage 10.06.05 - 4:06 pm


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