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Idealist youth vs old stinkers' non-sexual abuse.

is there a vs between water and rock?

i am saving colourful version-style (developed in the 90s) of texts below as a fund-raising auction item. make offer soon.
Your latest vid (on twitter, showing iran and great dynamic network graphs) reminded me a lot of .... can't think of his name right now, he is in belgium and
has a huuuuuuge site with 8-fold(y)ness and mappage like yours but different though less dynamic, last i checked ... good half a year ago or so (i recommend you contact him. . wait, .. i will alert him to you myself and consider it an honour, how's that?) ... his site is called something like 'laetius praesens' or 'laetius in
praesens' ... it is Anthony Judge at Laetus in Praesens

In a nutshell, unless you mention the dangers also, all you show is bias and upbeat cheer/pep proppycrock of the type The Zeitgeist Movement is guilty of (remarks on them a few PgUps where i am now).

Contact, affiliation, allegiance, membership, affinity, belonging is, like money as it shed weightier stages of it's drossness, was indeed never "not inhibited by geometry" but ex-territorial. However, we have seen a world championship develop and what a friend recently called elephantoms arise (collusion and corruption are the never to be underestimated reverses and reversals of co-operation).
flippant interlude (meant to be but got me stuck instead .. same old say mold):
elementally musical cheer elimination
remotivity - naivity -- planet -- man -- tool
relativity -- nativity -- rock -- plant -- animal
will the real 8 fold turnachurny thingamabobby drive us home safely.
public service announcements include 'bobs' the sober exceptions in drinking parties meant to reduce traffic tragedies.
A sense of belonging may not be "inhibited by geometry" (to the contrary, as mandala and medicine wheel art and reverence, plus, now network tools prove) but neither is animosity and those dice are loaded, that tumbler is a mother ducking humbler and not in a good way. It is easy to polarize, harder to pick suitable poles.

Sure, co-ordinates precede co-ordination but how to make/help them gain precedence and preference over subordination is an entirely different matter. Try do an un-install or reboot on that! You will soon find yourself in jail like Gary McKinnon (UK Asperger 'patient' who broke into the Pentagon ((using over the counter simple cheap means on a slow connection)) and is extradited to the US - see I am suprised you haven't mentioned him in your posts by the way.

Speaking of the odd ball, i might mention Chinese healing enthusiast Drew Hempel, who claims nothing short of miracles, not least of which is opining there's hardly any space worth the bother or mention, let alone working it into science, that is dumb and downright fraudulent, done for imperialistic reasons.

I am sure incapable of doing justice to his brilliance, a good place to start is here:
Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Revisiting Taoist Yoga Alchemy
here is a little taste (i think i have seen him type this out almost daily, often at more places/threads than one, since 2006 - he has funny activist stories as well, confronting Gore and all that):

Chunyi Lin says that all we really need to know is to use our consciousness to go into the emptiness. The reason there is a difference between "our"
consciousness and the "emptiness" is because the process is asymmetric -- it relies on complementary opposites. Western logic is symmetric -- "I Am that I Am" being the definition of God or Brahman. But yin and yang and the emptiness are like the Pythagorean harmonics -- 2:3 is C to G and 3:4 is G to C -- so that G x C does not equal C x G. - that man does telephone healing sessions, on blogtalkradio also - - he treated the younger Bush several times. Strange enough these geezers are ok in China as opposed to falun gongers. I am not sure what the diff is. Drew never goes into that now that i think about it.
An excellent biography of a Taoist master which is very much like the training
Chunyi Lin had is called Opening the Dragon Gate on Wang, Liping.

Here is an apropo quote:
Yeah! Qigong master Chunyi Lin told our class that one of his teachers, Shaolin
Buddhist monk, Master Yao, demonstrated lighting fires with his EYES! He said
that once Master Yao did this fire lighting too many times and when he got back
to his monk room he started spitting up blood.

All time is all there just as much as all space and the ... you know ... boundless 'uptimism' yada yahaahaa. He is interested in all that disgusting hi-tec savantery, anything, wether originating from so black a budget it might as well be alien (making us be ill either way)., 'alien' plane or 'plain' alien, pickle your poison.

... diffused by and diffused through out geometry
.... directed by and directed throughout geometry
rocks and eyeballs, there is a relation in there somehow.

i am all for dispersal, dilution and 'light' touch topicality bringing light within reach is a 'receptication' we (every one of us) owe our very existence, sprinkle oxides that reduce as light and moisture hits it, is the part maudite of the full 'cycleus'. It not fighterjets merit souping and teccing up massively, all the way to ridiculously Venus Project-like spectacular spray spout prowess for all i care, matter of fact, a thought sparked by dreaming last night had me revisit the octahedron rigged with 4 (radial) axes differential (gears) which, combined with slow and steady power generations such as a much much less well known sibling of Fresco's, Wessel di Wesseli thought up, could realize a serious crowd pleaser.

Price of entry to such e'ventage' is toting home gravel to it and back home again too, disaggregated, accesibilized, mineral in( )formation dustified while you not waight or wait but toss each other (each according to his own weight) gauntletlike crosspasses, the big thrilling bass breaks won't be bombs or empty gestures from socalled (cough) 'speakers' -- thumbscrews and earchews collusive in the big hyperheist, in holland the 'soakholled' 'hypotheek' - besides sounding like hypertec - means mortage and is govt subsidized, also very popular as well as disproportionately beneficial to the rich who should be barred but aren't (repealing that will take longer than building a road here, which takes twenty years ((before starting)), never starting a treehousing project is downright criminal wherever you go though).

Despite pipe-dreams like George Gilder's 'Life after Television' and the promise of Linux, etcetera, I have come to the conclusion that so far IT is not immune to abuse and all too often turns into fistmakery pre-empting tec while doing nothing to actually break up existing ones, except maybe shake a virtual one in its general direction, savvy folks like Matt Taibbi's naming and shaming notwithstanding, and painted green as the case may be or not.

Any fracturing and cutting down to size clout that large monopolies (TBTF Moronopolies) and market cornerers must be targeted with and badly need a liberal application of before any of your upbeat happens (instead of you eated and defeated or worse, beat-up) is lost in the price payable for individualism, subject(ed) to these toys dangling coinshavers* the inso-/isolate sterilize splintersetnet, IT has you mesmerized and staring at the screen instead of 'listening to your eyes' telling you they had enough. i have done it though i could have hired one of those fancy treehouse construction specializers to do me one and start feeding my vision organically. Inner eye viewing provision and leading hands to all within reach is an old (and harassed) but by NO MEANS outmoded intelligence.

* fast (hi-)frequence trading sofware milkers (financializers) - ever think of how closely digits, units of credit and raindrops and the latter with dust synchronize and should be made to harmonize altogether????

pfuii... i am hurrying too much ... that's cause i am on a meter ... rationed to 12
connectivity hours per week ... though i should not blame my 85 yo mom whom i
live with for that should i?

tyrants worship their moms apparantly and though my mom is hi test she is that in a most peculiar way ... she has no callouses on the soles of her feet for one. Weird harem karma maybe???

Why it takes a mother to make the male of the species blush
-- By Sarah Sands - INDEPENDENT
-- via sexual paradox group message 2328 10:08 AM Sunday Nov 08, 2009

what i tried at TZM in recent days (rebuffed) and sent Andrew yesterday (along with a personal observation on ((my dad's)) aneurysms which i lost and his blog did not register)

listening to a month old show right now, with inspirator, (a*)social engineer Jacque Fresco (who claims to promote a linux version of social tec, innovative, voluntary, money-less gift economical) sounds pretty irritated with 'da stupidity' in the world. Well him and his counterpart head honcho youngster Peter (who looks drugged but can rant a pretty ok rote spiel with an eye to lenghtening the chain of meaningfulness like only the energetic and naive can afford and put into play.
* see my comment a few PgUp tap away on why i suspect him of the same old asocial uncleanly done separation (message unmixing) attempts.

(rightie/leftie) Jonesite/ZG protest movies (the former focusing on the perps, almost entirely reactionarily, the latter, half on the suffering, half on pipe dreams, like pretty and streamlined floating cities, conveniently leaving all the less cute infrastructures ((aside from the obviously light-less innards - no no, you do not understand us, we will work with mirrors adjusting in a motion as fluid as the swell and current we happen to be tappingtopping at the time)) like, duh ..factories necessary for parts out of the picture).

Andrew should get a kick out of Jacque Fresco's chimpy profile, such obvious proof for his clear intuition(?) about reproductive leaps that reach back to not just common ancestors but the FIRST ANCESTOR IN COMMON (dna recog-click necessary to give the 'precedent'!, permission to spark conception and risk a few resources due to chance for up-tick). That leap reaches way further back than average in Jacque's case.

He inspired the VP/ZGMovement, him being 92, a long-tail affair if ever i saw one, and with the masses succumbing to virtual, surrogatory dilutions of life (such as SF) very dangerous, no matter how tried and tested an old ethic and essential shtick of theirs, very cristian in fact is 'what you wish to avoid yourself, may not be imposed, rolled over and passed on to others'. They think that the non-violate and voluntarity principle they wish to uphold in the good old experimenter tradition (from Ulrich von Beckerath, straddling economic history from the middle ages to the WWs, to James Bowery, a man who moves among rightish leaning circles) is today just as easy as way back when nobody's evil deeds went beyond organic and hands-on reach (somewhere between aiming for a brief hold on live treebranches and living vines and the next great late stage, to grab and wield handtools (puzzled wedge-wise, finding grains edgewise, staking claims sledge wise .... )

Yeah, been putting up a good defense of trees lately .. have you noticed? .. ever since finding a link at Drew's last month, to Tree-Crops, the book (with global scope) from the 30s by J Russell Smith that i read in the early 80s. If only that had been the textbook and manuel for the american imperial project. Instead we get Larry Summers savvy about pollution and going from bad to worse ever since.


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