Friday, April 16, 2010

iceland pays back 'in natura'

a pretty (((and)) dutch) way to put the fact that coin of the realm, the 'in kind' kind (of payment) is finally halting all that mad flightage for a spell.

Aside: Were LSD as legal as Kleps (see below) wished it to become alongside the legally diabolic substance alcohol, i bet less folks would fee the urge to hop planes.

In the mail below i mention a little something about psychology that is worth taking note of ... so much even that i will prepiet it here for your convenience:

All this connects to a thought i had yesterday to illustrate the remark i sent you the day before that Andrew, about weather being like money (info - memory - lube - 'coheritage') psychologically (in the wider sense of dry meet wet oxide, dust and rain macronomy).

nother prepiet: my archive will soon be dusted off unpacked, set up and accessible .. so drop me a line about your need to browse, help categorize, catalog and/or film all them exiting squiggles and scratches, signs and SIGnaturalizing.

to dos on april 12:
first april ckut file

mail sent to andrew and anthony (slightly altered version here):

april 10, 2010 at 11:58 AM, piet poet wrote:
Anthony, meet Andrew
Andrew, meet Anthony one of about 20 images from here

...... Anthony, I blame (worsening of) climate on the representation of misread warning signs, however complete and accurate bycause all too often it is not a preliminary to measured response but a substitute and ineffective, non satisfying surrogate to boot. ... ... lack of rain in greece is over compensated with the never satisfying and misdiagnosed surrogatory policy of loose monies. ... today's news: greeks ratings lowered and consequently punished with more burdensome credit instead of those that stockpile balls from wool to warriors and blackmail the rest into paying fees for their spoilsportiness.

That is all very much like treating bush with top tier taoism instead of punishing him with falun gong .. .still don't know why the former are celebrated and the latter prosecuted (... what, executed!!!!!) in China.

All this connects to a thought i had yesterday to illustrate the remark i sent you the day before that Andrew, about weather being like money (info - memory - lube - 'coheritage') psychologically (in the wider sense of dry meet wet oxide, dust and rain macronomy).

the digital representations of workernettage and networkerisms reflect but do not often serve, so 'schizlect' rather, the weaves and the jiggling of sieves (original meaning of classification, indicating the sliding degree of contact and dynamic among dry and wet sibling oxides and on (and on) from there), iow, reckonation prowess and other bookkeepery tricks, accounting as 'au-cunting', femininity (as in ((material girl)) feeding functions) the first targets of manipulation, de- and reification, abstraction, stockpilage and concentration#, da joseph jewgene raisement overpraised and -pricing real life and LIVE BUT UNMEDIATED stuff out of the mass market to fullfil the chosen few supremacy spiel, a dreamjob at goldman sorta thing, the overpricing of underperformance autistomatation (autistation).

# (read my recent post 'Kleps on opiates', at indexterity ...... Aaargh where has my hyphen gotten to .. 132445678789090/*poiöpüipittruyqweradsfdsffgjghjlk+lk++- ... i unbewittingly keyed the shortcut to a different symbol assignment. Custom arrangements, one of those standards problems .. none other than trees deserve the be all and end all 'be measured by' status and be-ness for and of ..... out of time, time's up, library closes ..... oh yeah, the Kleps post = 7k txt)

via (social engineer/loner) Anthony Judge:
on the 3x3 magic square in the magic carpet article written last month. Yup, he is still kneading the dough in his cranium, another overvisual bird of prey that hover over and hoovers up all sorts of life but fails to bake bread. He contrasts carpets with military maping citing Christopher Alexander (A Pattern Language which i have in hyper version, since joining a permaculture week near Berlin in 2005) and wonders if the 15 elements can be related to the magic square where 6 parallels and 2 diagonals add up to 15 too:

International Journal for Unconventional Computing, 5, 2009
Christopher Alexander:
Levels of Scale -- Good Shape -- Roughness
Strong Centers -- Local Symmetries -- Echoes
Thick Boundaries -- Deep Interlock -- The Void
Alternating Repetition -- Contrast -- Simplicity
Positive Space -- Gradient -- Not-Separateness

[NB: A follow-up to the above arguments, with a detailed review of Christopher Alexander' insights, is provided in a separate paper: Harmony-Comprehension and Wholeness-Engendering: eliciting psychosocial transformational principles from design (2010)].

Reconstitution of mail to Andrew (lost through manipulation of a sent mail i guess .. and since he is under the knife right now i better rewrite what i remember before getting even surer he won't bother to read much less send it after all that), the one about my head's history, me dad's butcherment (aneurysm operation that burst and had to be redone witin 38 hours, his demise after 1 year of Alzheimer 3 years later) ..
.. advice (to him as much as to myself) about listening to your eyes crying and in pain, sickening from artificial and phony 'feed', pining for natural forms. Psyching up for immanent abstinence, cutting back on and ending exposure. All the networking can only lead to however fast and rapid growth may prove, tiny starts with chipping away piecemeal and make its validation inviolable despite efforts to resist and worse, sabotage such good exemple. But since fist-making ambition are already and in principle corrupted by what they purport to remedy eradicate and outgrow from the outset and likely to get more so during this process (approach of enemies risks the unlikeness to them to the degree of approximation) one might as well cut out the mediaton and start chipping backyard rocks immediately at least (what will turn out the better) part of the time (good reminder of ultimate root and fruit in any case).

ps: on Iceland funds entanglements one could do worse than look up a series of folks here:


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