Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Book-exhibition - birthday celebration the 2nd of june near R'dam

Calling those who lean towards warp through being too clever rather than too violent. All savants, hippy freaks, fake indians, earth, trees and rivers firsters and fronters, indigine sympathizers, autonomy and sovereignty lovers, the ways and means to dress this all up economically in perfectly recursive staggered deep drill fashion, are here(forth)with invited to help me celebrate my 52nd birthday by allowing me their ghost-guide through the legacy such as it is, all cellulose samplings saved over time (some go back over 30 years) are sorted into appropriate piles (but much nicer would be to cover the walls if the ex-bank i am renting, as would be a projection of piccies i saved in digital form, 400 Mb worth to help me make my reminiscing and connecting entertaining and instructive. Any active you-tubers nearby who would enjoy recording the whole thing? Specially invited are all those folks i adressed but found my attempt at weaving ties that might grow into genuine community and a revival of the utopian spirit inapplicable, inappropriate and/or not appealing to them. Come help celebrate what i saved living through the time i lost adressing you and make up for it by responding now and convince me you qualify.

.. Ah, who am i kidding right? Avid and notorious attender of other people's dos as i am.


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