Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cowing with bellowtential belying woe below

After/below bodies of water pressure is rather high, a low point would not be known as such if something did not burst bust and bleed or bounce and turn things arounce ... depth has that in/for it. Case in point: Offshore/deep sea where a thin floor is enough to keep up the pressure that slowly sends oil on its way to slickly, slowly turn up solidly diamond to pleasure eyes of the future. Perhaps their future wielders will do so deftly enough to conjure fake rainbows in the middle of a desert... again/still.

This is a 'whole' thing call off on that scenario.

Art Brock on the ABC-Oz 'future tense' pod argues that continually crashing monocultures have deserts for just deserts ... whatever that word will look smell and sound like in a world where greenery may have attained a status as mythical as dinosaurs and the Glen Kealy (fevereel)timeline will actually be turned into the timeline he made it out to be already, but waaaaaaaaaay ahead of its real time (all radiation shielding kaput, surface uninhabitable, weird creatures warming themselves near the lava vents.

Greenery quite as captured, caught and conjured as the rainbows i mentioned cause humanity has not excercized it's plagueness, found religion in ecology, helps all creatures, great and small alike, loses its charm like the devil himself ... through the eyes of skirtive, furtive jesus only, the one with the sunny disposish, very dewish.

Not sure i can nix that plan as good as he cannot nix man ....
Manchuricanics - dutch manchurican Ame(ri)chan Americhange Americain A merry chain mechanicien meccanichien dog ... god

On the morn of may 3rd i dream an elaborate one. The blackbird whose territory overlaps mine takes care of that as good as i throw him pecans, cheese, apples and bread.

It features a Carnivale type richness of plot involving transportage of squishy bathtub content: turds that don't quite live up to that status (tobberige drol oprollerij is de mij toebedeelde rol?)

High pressure 'quitungstenite' .. left off with/at 2 dutch culprits .. Bionic madness of the type Steve Willner is very charmed by ... He uses a slew of SciFi comic heros to make his 'points', hi-liting hardly distinct memes from the mythical soupmurk he likes to goes fishing in. Cloistered and dependant on screenlife as only an Oz and Ami can be (their vehicle dependence and weddedness times 10).

Setting structure aflow is what connects (rather than collides and crashes) us.

The Bionic fantasy and feverefinement (no such thing as concentration without obsession, always becoming lethal) of the ushers - announcers and wishful feverthinkers posit and pretend done deals in an attempt to convince themselves and others of their scrying out fouloudoubtout (reffing DonDealio Souproomo Glen Kealy here again).

They are all smarter than the resters pointing to 'other' smarter than the resters 'ahead' of them, in whose slipstream they run a race (yelling commentary about directions into the audience .. but can they get a witness???) who are a- and inverse to their 'openness' (those who attack rather than warn), either way/side, both parties seek/claim that scopewidening (finishline) influence.

The pretend good guys here (Freeman, Kealy, Willner, and i am sure all the leads 'I Am' movementers and inspiration providers for the likes of Laffoley too) are deal-off callers in their own right, unplugpluggers, the positourgoads who help us unposses ourselves from the mass ritual scripters.

Did anybody note a little flaw in what i wrote so far? Art Brock is into currency plain, the rest of mentioned media workers are in the mental variety. In my defense i claim that these versions are approaching each other. For elaboration I turned (back for a refresher) to Nick Szabo(s '' argument) and tried to penetrate his meaning a little deeper.

'uncertainty', which i take to mean breach of autonomy/sovereignty) seeds/sows a thirst/search for singularity/help (a 'single currency' in this case)

in addition to storage and transport costs, are sufficiently low there is no convergence on a single currency, because in a world of sufficiently unpredictable and volatile prices and risk aversion a party indeed benefits from stockpiling multiple currencies, just as they teach MBAs about investments. (from ' Logical emergence of money from barter').

what he says sounds like 'there is no' .. need for scapegoatism?

Oh wait, i found the reason my impression of this post (which i printed and read a while ago) stuck in my craw so much, here is a passage that explains things, it indicates hastiness and halfhearted incompletion:

Reminder: we are neglectling coercive means such as legal tender laws and operating in a completely voluntary market.

after all, i can legitimately take that to mean: 'oops, forgot to mention: we are goofing on and away from reality, excursycoursing to/through fantasy land. He claims to be responding to this:

Conclusion: should pare up and prune down his 'best of posts, neglected since 06, so a little overdue, this one is not a prime suspect to be put amongst them, the latest in the first and longest section is:
.. and now that i am bitchinuppin him, he really ought to widen scope if he wants to let his subtitle stand: 'An unending variety of topics'.

Still, this might be a good time to excercise your site harvesting rights/software.


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