Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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Shavuot’s Crushed Heads
By BG 2010.05.21 tags: history, jewish, religion.

"Attended the 2nd day of Shavuot ceremonies yesterday. Major Talmudic Mojo: anniversary of Commandments10.0, Jewish people becoming nation, etc.

Especially loved the Yizkor prayer. Gotta love a G-d who, after a hard day of spilling blood and crushing heads “over a vast area,” carves out some personal me-time to sip from the stream…

Let there be known among the nations, before our eyes, the retribution of the spilled blood of Your servants. And it is said: For the Avenger of bloodshed is mindful of them; He does not forget the cry of the downtrodden. Further it is said: He will render judgment upon the nations, and they will be filled with corpses; He will crush heads over a vast area. He will drink from the stream on the way; therefore Israel will hold its head high."

back when you are underling nerd bureaucrat any ravings like these are laughable but with the US defense industry dancing to their psychotic tune we have a diffy sitch

on a similar note ...

Xymphora enlightened me about Phil Weiss smallmindedness (regarding albhari who i defended on one of them regular 'both sides' items sargasso, a dutch blog collective does) that i had heard about (a long while ago, before i lost interest).

with a ping from here:

poetpiet -- May 25, 2010
i defended her in dutch here: http://sargasso.nl/archief/2010/05/21/minitweespalt-burgeroorlog-in-de-vs-vanwege-immigratie-fictie-vs-realiteit/
May 25, 2010
so .. .volume 1 issue 1 cover pic of A-rab is ‘posed to be a permacultural arabist seedbombaimer right???

i caught a version where the flowers are in colour at the time .. kinda like what i did with the jewish miniaturist's work (which he complained about .. once), since i assume this is the original ..

did a post of my own about ..(add):
this captivating muslima (Albahri at a wordpress called fortruthforjustice) ... who let slide seeing finkelstein to do this (i understand he was there at the same time) .. .which might explain the 14 folk attending number ... and lends credence to the mondo weiss comment regarding nefariously propagandistic purposes of the excellent 2 camera top-quality sound strategy, namely to hawk this and gamble all the distortion and nefariousness exposure would exceed soundbite standards and so no matter how brilliant, totally fresh and debutant (first post) her 'splaynintodo' words would get, they'd never get near the kind of exposure ...

take note:
the totten guy at commentarymag is a disgusting creature, bill totten (in japan) is ok (on A-list).

Horowitz den:

447 (today) comments ... 147 untill late the 16th when someone drops her site:, then only 1 one post the entire 17th, so the rest was posted after that.


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