Saturday, May 22, 2010

a word about the sword issue

no not doing the (tarot-type) card trick today

i have had the luxury of steering clear of e-bay and such - but dem spookyoulater less likely than sooner get to the best of us eh? Look at them salivate (kwijlen) over them clean shiny euros!!!!! so have to make a little money sooner than later .. .so expect a long book list for sale here on the doublesoon ...

for instance

7 year old new books both soft and hard, whole and damaged, non- and fiction

and so ... seeing the great loyalty of Arena .. from way back loony delusional indymedia main newswire days (yes mine, but not all mine) i shall reward him and knightyn him with the most appropriate sword i can think of ....tada .. drum roll and marshy mooze ache ... well, that'll be once excalibur cernunnos and black budgets unite like long lost buddies, .... Arena, grapple with this one and if you manage to make it yours .. do send me a copy:

please hack and send me this picktour in the mail, too much code for me to wrap my head around, but i want (and once sent, will) put it up here.


what a hacky hooker i am eh? ethicalhack for hire folks.
got sold for 1 euro on the 28th of march haahaah ha hah!!!!!! aint german(y e-)cheap?
this is how i got it via source code(making the last line in this item, written previous to this one, redundant):$%28KGrHqMOKj0Et63u%29%28Y%28BLpiR3%21SHg%7E%7E_12.JPG


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