Tuesday, June 01, 2010

what should i call this?

april09 (huge load of jeword usage in that file and me recommending a study of racialization via the neoteny.org angles (english twisted into savantanglish).

sept09 i sent some letters to andrew ... which i need to mine my mail account for ...but what i do find is close enough to serve as refresher and apend some fresh advancements to (schub schub shubi scoopidoodododoo):

get part 2 of F Roger Devlin's reviewing '200 years together' from the occidental
quarterly, part 1 is easily one of the best i have seen but he does not mention early
marriages as a great big factor in the problems .. at least not in the first part, though i think that covers the period about which Solz mentions this to me very very
revealing fact, i bounced it off Andrew .. but he claims i confuse him.

Solzhenitsyn on the Jews and Soviet Russia - very very warmly recommended!!
toqonline.com/author/fdevlin/ F Roger Devlin
toqonline.com/2009/05/solzhenitsyn-jews-soviets-part-i/ html version of that pdf
and part 2 - 4: ii/ - iii/ - iv/

Andrew's classifier callibration applied to the jewish question -- i tried just that -- is becoming a more and more obvious and fruitful move to me. Take

a - their breeding expertise

from hide colouring to preferring the meek inward savant over the outgoing agressive macho - almost what defines a jew pretty precisely for millenia if you ask me, the dorknopers of babylon from turkey to ethiopia or from russia to south africa, the degrees of slippage and assimilation going out and coming in as tidally as the most ancient of their gods, the insects .. being in a sect ... get it? Leading to demographic make and breakitude, a 'skill' (skizoskill skizos kill skidzios are ill) plied deftily throughout. the breeding programs of the various growers turned inside out over the centuries .. from the realm of spontaneity and volutariety to industrial and economic necessities, grunt sewat and co-ercion using and kindling varieties.

b - thirst for operating on the largest scale available

and turning a metaphoric vibe musical type situation into one of measure and meterment, rationation, fractionation, apportionment, an obsession with space and an urge to colonize, investing in any- and everything that massifies and yields momentum to propel one along on the largest scale wave available (sorry surfer but you are a sufferd who suffers superficiality and have to eat some BPee per tise for having ignored me and wessel), causes them to be unsentimental and without scruple if a little resizing can be expedited by sacrificing previous phase and premise stage .. which entrenches their one way mindset even more (back? where's that at? you are wanted hear to s/wallow down/in lies now) keeps them

yesterday i said: It is far worse than not ok to prove hitler's diagnosis right .. (good!) but also apply his worst possible cure (bad!). The latter, no matter who applies that individually and/or colllectively, is in my opinion, punishable by forced permacultural labour in fact .. look for an international enforcement flowt( at )villa( )inz invading many an Izhood near you soon.

Jewfriendly mediamouths purport to have palis pegged well enough to call them hamas for short. Like we NWEuros are trying to make the immigrants responsible for their bad eggs, or hitler did jews for splintergroup of speculators among and sprouted from them, who did not need hi-frequency trading software cause they could reckon like daniel tammet et al, with their bare head well enough thank you).

Jews punish Palis for that part of their offspring with some fighting spirit left and don't see why they cannot do exactly what Amis did to Indians (aint that the very thing you think you too need to conquer land and make it yours while being the lightningrod and lucrative scapegoat into the sponsor's wake following bargain, effectively reminding them of their past enough to keep their mouths mum about it, lest fingerpointing be outpointable as hypocritical), add to that the confusion between repatriation and imperialism and deadly deadlock ensues.

brandishing rather than profiting from weaponry isn't such a big deal after all and just the thing you believe calling any bit of land yours (once again) requires of you (once over) after conversion - revelation - aliyah (once more)? The very thing that has cost turtle islanders everything in the course of jew financiers alloting machine guns unequitably (jew were held collectively responsible for on hundreds of occasions in as many cities over a few hundred years) is thus a current and recurrent actuality yet at the same time under the radar.

Hitler diagnosed the soft side of semitism specializing in not care but insidiosity professions and now yall are hellbent on being hard (though delegatedly, tecced up) without betrayal to being clever, so you compromise and use insuperably superior, top of the line arms .. to punish the type of semite a green zionist or a Bartsch (see the post about swords below, to which as an addendum i need to point to older work of mine about it, from the unsharp pic it is not clear rock soil and plant play supporting roles on that cover) might have made (leaving less for me to make) out of you and admire.

Hilter failed to instill a few lessons about honest work (combine Smith's 30s book called tree-crops with Stolypin) and honest fighting (closely calling animalistic bloodsport) but christianity or whatever, some damn thing or another had made him into too much of the type jew you have become.

I wish you the skill necessary to become a good neighbour to palestinians at least and even better, learn to see them as the admirable, heroic, longsuffering, patient and indestructable semite, worshipping a tree (the olive, ... ok, the most arid variety but still .. speaking of which your arguments are diabolically turftoppling, 'orchards have to go cause hamas hides in there), you like to be seen and think of yourself as ... perhaps a campaign analyzing jewish jealousy is in order.

Either and whichever way around we twist it, an aeon of culture warping and shaping in which finding ways back or forth, (it does not really matter/make a difference) to more succulence, shade, seduction and celebrations, jubilees and jubilations, the starry vibes happily meeting a starrily steady status halfway, none need yield to others, always another patch of drought dessication and deified severity to remedy is the least even the biggest sinner needs and deserves. Just do not allow them to clump together and organize. Semites as a whole have a bad case of reckoning and wrecking their identity by sheer numbers, the fucking numbers.


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