Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010
'Propaganda coup'
. . . and the actions of National Socialism created a 'propaganda coup' for World Jewry, who have used it over and over to kill people and steal their lands, all the while stifling any and all criticism of the most monstrous crimes . . .

You have to admit that watching supremacists - including Isabel Kershner and the entire leadership of the NYT - talk about themselves is hilarious. The big issue is not the dead people, or the crimes that resulted in an atrocity (one of many), but the possible negative repercussions on the supremacist group caused by people finding out the facts. This is e-x-a-c-t-l-y how a psychopath thinks, almost out of a psychology textbook!
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Kill the mad dog, now!
The reason Israel is unique - and why it must be put down like a mad dog, now! - is that it is really a psychopathic serial killer masquerading as a country. The world has to end this, not just for moral reasons (which would be enough), but out of motives of self-defense and self-preservation. As I keep saying, this kind of atrocious behavior will continue, becoming worse and worse, until we all rise up to stop it. When you combine violent racist supremacism with military might, including nuclear weapons, disaster is inevitable. Note how World Jewry supports the latest outrage, and is itself outraged that anybody would dare question the (im)moral choices of the Superior Beings.
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wow X is mad. ... see, this is what i mean saying (just the other minute) how easy it is to be tempted into imitating the remedy of those whose diagnosis is on target.
not all sharp-eyed folks have a healing touch though.

manually breaking rocks on the chaingang for compost sprinkleables and shit collection services .... cause they tempted other folks to start living like ants .. now they must be instrumental in coaxing them back into seductive(ly wide open) spaces. fertile country .... i give a reformed iz eternity

Gaza flotilla massacre
It is early days, but the Jew-controlled media was obviously issued an order from Israel to suppress information on the mass murder - one which Israel knew was going to happen - to give World Jewry enough time to manage the PR. Al Jazeera almost has a monopoly on the news. A Google news search produces close to nothing.

We can start to measure the end of the shitty little country in months.


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