Wednesday, June 02, 2010

56th post, heh.
walk on - isaacs
that's it .. i am in love with sonya hybrid hebrew (blond and all .. .but of course that is an easy fake, i became white headed in saudi arabia 34 years ago .. .big deal)


praise him for sinners slain
for his blood can wash each stain

... mmmm
... break the mad dog chain?
moshe dayan said it decades ago ..
israel must act like one caus that's the lingo spoken in arabia
jonathan cooke and norman finkelstein remind of it and update (norman):
they aint jus actin like one

.... perfidy packing pack

and all bycause of a specialization in underdogitudinous bookkeeping
larnin ... perhaps traumatically forced to ... sonya's buried trauma shows in her sausage armature .. but the real diabolicism 'schuilt' in the fact that she fires up those who build the real stuff .. .ship it to the middle east straight into the 'loving arms' of those who think a monopoly on self-defense is their good right and just desert ... but really yall ... maim (abusing those who believe) in his name, the fair prince and heir of the controversy soothing and conflict assuaging kind (as andis kaulins has it).

lessons in schizophrenia via paper art ... find the one where one and the same figure is hanging from his own edge cut-out source shadow .. a world beaten flat pulped walsed and now digitized, lies turn over as fast as life worth and worthy that name/word (grrrrr) under.

i saw it here but that is one of them assinine cryptolinks which disallow me to bypass a page in case a word occurs on it that the local library (cursed by the scourge of christian censorship .... something i emerged from to collect enough to turn a continent into paradise if only someone would bothe to take notice (nope, not even on my birthday ... and quite a day it is ..fall in love with sonya and find out she just married.

so ... singing like angels gives you(r clan see what i quoted rowan saying recently recently) a license to act like devils??? Yeah, learned a thing or two from ywo .. .applying guilt by ass. coll punmt, etcetera, the whole coca leaf drug labiada

Actually, come to think of it. .. it proves the point i made yesterday ... and find confirmed today in that great little pic ... it is called 'paperart97' (unless jorn barger where i found it renamed it .. .either way, he got it here: so there).


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