Thursday, June 03, 2010

more split art

yeah split alrite, all sorts of gruesomeness but not too bloody, that's left to be condemable about palestinians supporting and their affairs reporting sites

dead in vietnam, che carried out of the jungle dead, etcetera.

fair fighting news on the other hand?


they haven't taken a leaf out of my book yet.

careful what you wish for. they won't know how to put things back just the way they were ... (not that rearrangement isn't a thing all collecters and classifiers are guilty of as much as the next graffitoxhead comeraid comerote comerite council comfort hlper liberator skipgait candidote ...

they will squander money and punish me for blaming others about worse propaganda than mine .. but is mine more than a diary or dream book entry. And isn't absence as well as unwillingness betrayal to crowds?

tecnically mine is just a matter of scale there.

the dust speck is the smallest possible emotional quant (here) .. .take it from me

this is what i mean, what they HAVE taken over/on is the leafing tecslickiness i first saw about a year ago i guess and know the whole earth catalog has applied to issues which i believe one can not get in pulpmode new anymmore (i own only the last let alone much of what gets blurbed there (just a few essentials like 'space colonies' which i tried to run into the ground thoroughly) so hey my collection is not that great really is it.


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