Friday, June 04, 2010

a juicy earlful or dry and dusty sightings

hey .. i am the easy choices man right?

the plague seasons and circuses march on
to the tune of 85 vids by that christian arms industries laudatiating lass
.. see about 3.33 in the second vid for a lass in haar sas betraying the crypto semite strains in her make up with the ululationizing (sound quality is very borderline) and not sounding so mournful when the semite has not managed to escape his wasted habitat and supping up someone elses. .. the fourth one is amazing ... still dark haired there ... since it has a little muddy truth in it too

now really though, ... cut the sweet holy spirit crap and celebrate the destruction of your enemies like the holy books want you to. sheeeesh

ps: here's that pic i ranted on:


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