Friday, June 11, 2010

make this a very great hit please

the bbc world-service has a session (never memorize the show names but am starting to recognize the voices, this is the Matthew Bannister one) with a musician doing some acappela Devon traditional with the word brown in it.

good, .. but i have waaaay better still today, first thing heard on folkalley:

song: Two Brothers
Bill Jones
album: Two Year Winter - Release: August 12, 2003
Compass 4366

53 ratings there

amazon Price: $17.98
Sales Rank: 168882

i posted a little rant at Drew's (wow, this link takes up 5 lines, that is like one of them galactic signatures arguelles puts up under his increasingly rare - and odd# rants)
billy (belinda) jones sings about palestine from the position of triple goddess seated and positioned to pronounce justice.... your music expertise isn't 'een knip voor de neus waard' is you do not endorse and promote this type of work with the same alarming tiresomeness you have demonstrated to be capable of when it comes to your holding back on eating long enough to overshoot the firm turd goal at the other end (very stupidly named 'pigging out' while only penned pigs are in danger of outgrowing their own work out and off into the asterixaradise ... whatev

# so he pointed to a far away colleague in mongolia who does not speak english very well and likes round figures

Patty Griffin (familiar voice) 'be(ma)zondigde' zich aan gospel too..... (snippets at link)


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