Wednesday, June 09, 2010

more musicosussery

sonya the historian in the interest of giving voice to one's interest .. .but we'll get to the voting issue is a moment (did most of already, but in dutch).

47th minute of the fieldrecordingsd_ii.mp3 from edge of americana (a NJ old time bluegrass show called Edge of Americana presented by Josh Berman) features Muddy Water's second ever recording on his own porch down south (startling and unequalled if you ask me) ... ended up on "The complete plantation recordings"

.. around the 57th minute he mentions Tecumseh prophesying an earthquake down to the day .. which reminds me how purely native that skill is, cannot be faked ... hence all the ones faking it in the bible with a nevertheless very predictable outcome: war and bloodshed, imagine the following scene (biblical equivalent and prototype of tavern, old soured and deranged zealots complaining about the natives and signing of sponsorships to get the young guys up and down the no guts (left) just gory trail in order to let the gluts run with the glory.

the right wing in america is all the more aware of miscegenation cause they have a wake-up call equivalent worth of case-worsening, biggest shock since tree-flattening resetting at bible-import era and compared to it .

apropo sonya/isaacs heros, hey, all that brilliance medallism, house of reward and bonusy structure has a reverse since it is a flat world phenom which needs extreme anchoring (hey, new thought: what if the wessel thing takes off ... his doohickies get built bigger and bigger .. then a giant one rips the lid of a full pressure diamond press ... , that's one type of disaster we do not need all that arduous inventor savantism heartbreak over do we?):

gilman "congenital diseases" jews

Wellcome History 42

This included the aetiology of congenital diseases, malformations and miscarriages ...... In under 200 pages, Sander Gilman selects several ways to view the issue – as ... intertwining of Jews with obesity and diabetes – both regarded, ... - In cache
veel galm
without 'galm' (no not glam, it's a spacial thang .. echo ... lordie ... if politics and wessel's thing are both hollow, i think a choice is not quite like one for the lesser evil is it).


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