Friday, June 11, 2010


kapitalistisch manifest volgens Hans Achterhuis
zaterdag 3 april 2010 - Trouw
vrijdag 2 april 2010 - Trouw
Autisme is niet louter een last
a very brief look at the 2 mentioned articles triggers a little conceptual enchainement reaction: IT-hype - dotcom bubbles as overdrives for monied privilege of old (a prerogative of the numerate, forced to be accountants in days of yore, bureaucrats and underlings who slowly and slyly over thousands of years got a grip to go along and enforce their gripe, capturing their captors by small increments, a primitive accumulation 'long tail' story which mothers all others. Within the same seconds of thinking this (once again) i see the clear connection to the hope of my parents that i would turn out decent, practice honest work by example and defend artisanship in sweat equity units. They expressed alarm and suppressed my tendency to love word-smith(er)age, concept-jugglery, bible-criticism for god's ache, etcetera. Now i connect the trouble in the middle east (which i continue to sample via rowan berkeley ((over a decade already)), Peter Myers, and the xymphora blog mostly) with earlier looks at Theodor Lessing, Sander Gilman and what's more, the latter day brilliant insights in the evolutionary aspects of hormones and brain development, Andrew Lehman at
34 responses - sorta tha TerreBlanche equivalent over in the states:

In his book The Commission, Barrett explained why he became a White Nationalist: ”Nausea hit me in the pit of my stomach. Fear of my country overshadowed me,” he said, remembering his thoughts after he heard about the Brown vs. the Board of Education decision, which ended segregation in the South. “Nature not men decreed that Negroes were different,” he wrote. “Those who mingled with colored were as much an aberration as the unwanted bluebird in the redbird’s nest and every bit as disruptive of natural and societal disorder.”

Hey, dead asshole, listen up, i totally commiserate with the ex-pit of your ex-stomach and wish you would do this thought experiment with me: try to think of less innocent and meanwhile damn near fukcing mandatory versions of desegration, like invasion, imperial kolonisation and all that. then put your dead self into the a red skin, feeling right at home and all, up comes a white man dragging a black man along. What sort of stomachpitfeeling would bubble up for you there buddy, ever thought of that before making pronouncements like the one i quoted. GODDAMN YOU, GIVING europa a bad name. Good riddance. Hope you get sent back down to earth on the double and ordered to take the black man back (at least one), guarding him with your life and seeing to his living from a mature forest before you are again let out, at liberty to gab about whatnot all hits your innocent self out of the blue injustice well have you ever ... But hey, i forgive you, taking a leaf out of the schizinstruction book prolly has you thinking you are the true israel, hell, it does not even take taking leave of europe to get that batso.

i guess one can hear Wallace, here perhaps (along with Kievsky, whoever that is)
4 links from the comments: Giles took him to court but surely not to assail him along the above lines of reasoning (i heard that much of him already, still, i will go see)

"Richard Barrett did not belong to any established conservative organization and he was a polarizing figure who made enemies on both the right and left. Many of my very best friends don’t think very highly of him, for a number of reasons. And I respect that."

mmm, i thought a polarizer cannot but harbour a fulcrum which must appear as true alternative to fighting (if that's what constant polarizing (enemy making) has reduced them to. Don't just double/flatten, .... keep on folding!!!! troublesome trouble speakers won't clarify the shades of grey. where friendliness grows, surveillance, walls fences, security industry boom wanes and israel fades.

assimilee me has spoken.

i would not do it again ... but on the whole there are tremendous reasons to be jealous of me .. if you discount the fact that my means may have been given bycause my target (familytreehousing) is impossibly hard to hit.


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