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depth or debt - nother easy choice

Date: Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 9:12 PM
Subject: Analogy between Gaza aid flotilla and the desegregation
movement: "Their goal was not to get breakfast; it was to end

Here's a very cogent comment from MJ Rosenberg, a former AIPAC staffer:

so, there's life after death .. but one bird no summer makes
BP not really trying to cap but to tap .... can't they cap with a tap??

it's like saying christianity is not a word but a sword affair (tired confused best retired), fact is they profit by breeding their own bogeyman cause and as long as page spreads with jetfighters sprawling on them, the hi-lite that can do without context like only a men's mag feature porn star can, get and remain associated with duty and decency.
white money movement and mr duck ... forgot to look for that (see june part 1)

Jacques Attali laid out a specific centralization plan. It is suggested that the EU countries create their own institutions to monitor the activities of financial operators. It is also proposed that they should set up a European creditor of a new formation that - while not being linked to Europe's central and investment banks or governments - would guarantee assistance to viable local financial institutions, buy into their assets, and extend loans under specific terms. Attali further advocates the formation of a European ministry of finance that would immediately be empowered to hand out loans from the name of the EU, and the creation of a European Budget Fund with a mandate to oversee the budgets of the countries whose cumulative dept totals over 85% of the GDP. He warns that an even severer crisis should be expected otherwise.

I always thought his book called 'noise' was quite lacking and here too, he knows where the action is but aint the choice tailor to rise to the rises potential to be gotten (to be and to be begotten at/)from this occasion.

For instance, why no attention paid to what (exactly) credit should fund in the first place. Cause the author lost appetite for prying eyes as well as admiration? I sympathize, gives meaning, volume, impetus and momentum to the saying 'beste stuurlui staan aan wal' .. for those who happen to, like me, see us as one and agree that Marten Toonder has more exportable import to holland than all of its culture so far combined ... i (victim of high(ly hypered) and hyped but otherwise or therefore as good as hidden) hope could easily see him work 'us' out but adressed him way too late, half-heartedly and ineffectively, not to call it plain failingly).

A one line history of money:
A huge and primary part of the success, raison d' etre and worth of money consist of defining not the (PurPow) freedom it affords but what the owner commited to giving up for it in advance of 'spending' it as his promise (before anybody apart from speculators and gamblers perhaps, traded on this particular skill, substance, location, development and/or outcome), in other words, we all would like to know what this here, that and the other money over there stand and are good for and what's more, keep up with their evolutions over time .. but remembers the gamblers do clockwork too and they can usually afford a faster beater.

Soon as too much of such 'pesky' specs (blessed little factoids really - ad-world antidote, hollywood cure, the real not reel keepers) go without saying (foreshortened by short sighted shortsellers) so the bland (non-descript, one size fits all, monomeaningless megalomusterbluster) money flows, steady as she knows, the whole sorry load of contradictions will continue to provide cover for criminals to remain seated in places they favor, those of highest authority and in plain sight, violations keep on sailing under flags that read: integrity but act out invasion, occupation, extermination, that is the secret of nations ... as is, much more powerful that the security councils of nations where volunteers aren't allowed to voluntarize.

Turmoil and mixage set up a calamity din that favors hi-tec, surveillance and mass- anything or as close to just about anything as possible, characterizing such ventures as distinction maintenance, etcetera, but making life hell on earth. Just saw the word 'predacity' for the first time in a book about Prussia (the title i could not remember the other day is 'the thousand year conspiracy' a must (Req.R) to get the hidden hand - hidden god - holy land complex in perspective). That's not reptilian, that's plain primally gaseous or gasbageous, that's why it will be seriously therapeutic if we let the ambient, fluid, semites, semi-semites and 'semitoidality' friendly folk -- found on the edges of availability, where scarcity ups the price or where it goes without saying so much that marked and marketed erosions are not remarked upon enough to begin motivating remedy -- work on the wesseldiwesseli wonder ... i am a little uneasy about easy power but hey, better than nukey turning, same as i prefer seeing digital credit bombs a churna churnin over the nukey kinds ... still ... i am in fact a little more than uneasy about keepin on mentioning truths like these every time i do and in keeping with my growing misanthropy, but ... hey... now that more people than ever think about depths and pressures this proposal is nothing if not opportune to get a non-monopolizable start, air is more like water than seed and surface to grow it out. It's like giving everybody a key to the federal ... no .. the galactic reserve and (you know) who needs water anything if you can milk all (you know), right?

*# To maintain distinctions despite contact is of course a sought after merit, but being reliable and consistent is not automatically a guarantee for easily indexed baskets if you set the timespan too low (kinda like an alarmclock with worn and weak spring). After all, a well cared for and carefully loaded gun can last a long time too (the most prudent use being the parade and display, not the use. Hi ho rainbow square tianaman man.

(Perhaps not) Apart from that (reason for as heavy as heady adjustments) there is a panoply of ever growing eco criteria, sprouting fresh term-crops, like diverse (i'll shorten a few here: sust, de-cent) and lately 'resiliant' ..i know it is officially spelt with e but none of the less supine terms i tried to promote like grip instead of hip has made it yet .. and lemme be a grouch for a minnit, the world is punishing itself for not trusting itself to give in to the sort of divine guidance that would be their generously and warm-heartedly 'parted with' (Hah haah!) lot were they to trust themselves instead of suspecting i will smoke illegal substances, disrespect the sanctity of marriage and put entirely dangerous ideas into the tender and receptive little heads of their o so vulnerable children (the ruination of whom they tend to hog, monopolize and perp by their own hands if they can help it)

Instead of ('centralization plans')... or as the perfect opening move along a way towards .. perhaps not overstating the goal but exasperatingly stating (their gross misunderstanding of it) over and over, the govts should practice scalable and/cause principled contractuality .. not take hold of but focus on a select number of worthwile stock(ed dust)piles (like nurseries) and simply help these type honorouble businesses move their inventory*, giving credits for the explicit purpose of turning public or way too monoculturally managed (and therefor lawfully disownable) land into replicas of basic necessity (re)localization (and therefore temporary supply line) set ups. Gvts must of course also totally punish pollutors out of business, make the detox intense, mandatory and preferably pre-emptive. All this in order to create prize property, planted with planned out, millenia spanning lifetime 'sitchawayshine' for trees, aiming to, in 30 or 40 years have newly grown support limbs beginning to outweigh just as rapidly dwindling (unconverted - died .. the jewvert killed it) armature and such poisionous projectile gadgets (like fertilizer gizmose, the dutch call 'm artdung spreaders = kunstmest strooiers).

*holland had lots of deals by way of 'laser' (subsidizing up to 90% of purchasing prices for land and trees) ... but it was tailored to the rich and not those who need to make a living from what was to become semi-public space. At the very least subsistence in the most diverse sense think- and practicable would simply become such a permanent attraction and urban problem (di)solver, you'd think concessions towards this way of 'landschapverfraaiing' would be dead easy... if and as long as you forget we are dealing with a bunch of hypocrites suffocated by their own century old bi-culturalism pastureland and bibles .... We all need to forget that for as long a timestretch is we can manage.

earlier this morn, this next line was the third one i wrote (i should use wiki and keep a succesion of versions).
when this long long overstretched lie balloon loses it's air in a weak whisper while toxic shreds of it rain down upon us in mental mayhem#, it's mythical status will just disappear no matter the amounts of proppy money (costs our mother nature and moral hygene in general more than all the wreckage by way of poppies) it has been propped up by all these ages, is climaxing all around us, even now trying to maintain that 'germany agressed' while all the latter did was mirror/join the imperial competition, protecting it's trade routes and trying to lift blockades, unblock stopped and clogged up supply lines (using threats against continuing the squeeze on, not of market freedom ... and this reason 'gets' conveniently ignored in order to assert what this nice size sentence began with ... remember?)
# -- recently saw a 'jewvert' turn truth around and worry about the toxic fall-out of ... no not the publishing or financial shinanigan industries ... volcanos ... that's almost as dumb as saying jewry or numeracy is dangerous --

Oily terminoil terminal all out ailment fighting spirit .. i much prefer to die from sadness (exactly what i am doing) and speaking about dying (process((ion)) and conversion):
long chains to most consistent single element simple massage is the politics of pressure .. a hard(ening) game by nature and trying to set soupy and souped up standards with reckless lying has escalated from crisis to crisis since the demise of heir and herr to the largest amassments of clout to date --- son of slavotto nimrud a la Kaulins or a la Robert Graves some sort of 'romite' ?? .. who cares .. either way .. the sun of god got associated and confused with some of the first humans to actually do something about right of way and growth by way of photosynthesis (rather than just be ritually slaughtered ((renewed, replaced)) sacred ((spoiled! to compensate for dreadfully exact and scripted departure point)) calendric gods). A sun-god to merit the title and become first-fruit born near the end of a very long and twisted long tail tale.


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