Monday, June 14, 2010

more suicide soldiers than combat victims

it'the more honourable way if the referees and paraphernalia finaglers aren't into fair fighting ... the us needs to take a leaf from it's own history by way of Sidis and study real hard before firing off a single anything.

Ian masters has two young vets on his memorial day show/slot (Background Briefing on kpfa)
all the money going to new shiny toys for the absentee boyz, while the soldiers themselves are suiciding at a rate higher than ever before, there are more soldiers right now, in the active duty military who are taking their own lives, than are being killed in combat (in Iraq and Afghanistan), more than doubling the latter's numbers reported in the news, and that's not even counting those who killed themselves after they disenrolled and are separated from service which is expected to be just as high. PTSD, mental scars, hideous physical injuries (over a 100.000 victims).

Green-card carriers and mercenaries not counted of course.

Is todd aware of all this??? .. gonna ax him rite now


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