Monday, June 14, 2010

chasing whitehood some more

Jim Giles does a 'show' on Leadership and the White money movement (guy called Duck who he was on the phone with for 2 hours ... although he trusts people of few words .. strictly .. and proving his lack of self-confidence with hourlong .. cough .. shows). This act of self-shaming is hilarious, he is furious and yelling a lot, recounting moving his bees, getting stung a lot and stuck in his own driveway cause a fat white lady is wanting directions and backing up 20 vehicles before she turns towards him, gets half out of her vehicle and asks. He tells her off (aint got time for fat retards that booahj). UPS calls in about queen bees waiting and he goes on wondering about the actionability of him bringing up 'anti-nigger' at the state fair. He sure aint afraid to scream it on his pitiful pod.
a csa white race defender guy called Kievsky (must look for his blog, linked here possibly) ... otherwise gagle: Kievsky - Voice of Reason Broadcast Network

Thu., Jun. 10: Bolshevism and the Ukraine
Matt Johnson
this fella i find pretty solid

shifting a load of registers on this here spectrum:

13 juni:

nother howler in sundy mourn dutch monocultreal radio (someone ranting on it at 4 that mourn already), midday news on about 'niet genoeg draagkracht..' pretending the are in power, democracy really works fine and dandy miracles but unfortunately the balance of power delivers a temporary deadlock ... yeah, like all needs needinesses and needy niceties totally emasculated, circumscribed, -sized and -vented ... cause you know, one must make natural forms of it conform to the political constraints in the interest of a succesful austerity hype. No more needy stomachs to fill, supplies and inventory to move, garden-growing agreements to make, act on and out, contracts to sign, currencies to emit ... all in the service of reflecting the institutions that bridge the sparkgap between spirit and matter, to sustain their paralysis they need to subsume infect and control all the helping hands and minds that could menace their little polarization schemes. In three words: the holy book syndrome.

Lemme take yall 'home' yall usaians…d=75473&cmd=tc
52 year old Martin Linstedt, still going and so is his blog but the site is nixed, this Martin admits being in a nuthouse taking medication from what he now scolds niggers. Ran for senator too. Encompassing terms of contradiction i guess. Vulgar pervert poopiedog cuddling white and christian identity champion/expert .. cough. An hour out of the 2.51 is all i could stand. atrociously low Q audio


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