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books, tacks, yarn and switchrich curtain railing

23rd of june: tucson gyeorgos hatonn (journal 7 = the rainbow masters by Hilarion - journal 80 = truth from the zogbog - the last one (230) is from 98 and on jews (cahilla hebrews) throughout - he does a token hattip to indispensible native american sovereignty as an afterthought on this one .. won't make up for smearing them with ufologistics and ufolation though, in my opinion)- one of them galactic anti-judaicists

who began this in 96:

if the word prodigious production applies to anybody it must be to this
h-aton-n character, his little riedel in that last PP (over a hundred missing from the archive) reminds me of the bird classifications (carolers, whistlers, pipers, warblers, screechers, and a few more, .. haven't archived it properly), he says jew rule comes by the 77 unity (one over 7 7 times): sponsor-prince, censor, minister, herald, courier, scrivenor, auditor, mute. GH has gotten into litigations over the estimated and collateralized value of his book collection

carolers, whistlers, pipers, warblers, screechers

censor, minister, herald, courier, scrivenor,

Matt 5-7

there is that nice giffie again


Aeon Byte #134-- Gnosis in 'A Course In Miracles' with Rogier Van Vlissingen,
author of 'Closing the Circle' :: Aeon Byte

mp3 preview


Tarot of Portmeirion

Lynyrd Narciso


Kerrie Carbary's Tarot of Mom

Jean Beauchard - Celtic music in Arizona




+18 (Jeff Blankfort in Counterpunch)

on Assange

on FBI comin aknockin

for comments

on Afghan minerals


'certified' walkers: Lisa Connolly

Visiondanz is the greybeard (with a bad vibe) shown on the
youtube footage.

100 acre farm squatted for a gathering (in the UK) last year

might be where the 2 part youtube is from - it is a realistic impression
of what rainbow is (rather than could ((and by now surely should)) be).




Heyall acidheads:

Dechmann took a leaf or 2 out of my hero Hensel's
books as those around him were taking living leaves out of the pacific
northwest wholesale ... (seen pics)

Title: Valere Aude

       Dare to
Be Healthy, Or, The Light of Physical Regeneration

Author: Louis Dechmann

Release Date: February 8, 2005 [EBook #14985]

PROJECT GUTENBERG - Produced by Audrey Longhurst,
Karen Dalrymple and the Online

Distributed Proofreading Team.

Valere Aude




A vade mecum on




Dr. Louis Dechmann

Biologist and Physiological Chemist

Second Edition (Compendium) 1919


Christmas 1918


In response to the chemical consumption of lecithin a new oil flows down the axis cylinders of the nerve fibrils, which are arranged like lamp wicks. The duration of the flow of this oil is, on the average, about eighteen hours. When the cerebro-spinal nerves refuse longer to perform their function, fatigue and sleep ensue, and the current of blood leaves the brain and seeks the intestines. While the cerebro-spinal system rests, the sympathetic system takes up its task of directing the renewal of tissue and supplying the nerve sheaths through the lymph vessels, which draw their material from the digestive canal, with a new supply of phosphatic oil. Thus the brain and spinal nervous system are prepared for another day's work. For the fulfillment of these processes, the magnetic blood current forms the intermediary.

The presence of formic and acetic acid supplies
the blood with fresh electricity to stimulate the nerves. "Under normal
conditions," says Julius Hensel, "this function is assigned to the spleen.
This organ takes the part of a rejuvenating influence in the body in the
manner of a relay station, and does so by virtue of an invisible but significant device. In every other region of the body the hairlike terminals of the arteries which branch out from the heart merge directly in the tiny tubes (capillaries) of the veins, which lead back to the heart again: in the spleen this is not the case. Here rather the arteries end suddenly when they have diminished to a diameter of one one-hundred-and-fortieth of an inch and end in a bulb (the Malpighian bodies). Under such circumstances the sudden stoppage, particularly the impact of the magnetic blood stream against the membrane of a Malpighian body, exemplifies the physical law of the induction of electricity, in accordance with which the blood that enters the spleen is changed into plasma and exudes through the membrane of the Malpighian bodies. The event indicates some fluidity of the red blood cells, which is a change effected in the body by the impact of electric sparks, and one which electrical therapy also brings about locally to prevent increase in the solid constituents of the blood."

The numerous Malpighian bodies in the spleen act
as so many electrical conductors, and the product of their electrical activity is found in the formic and acetic acid of the fluid plasma which filters through the Malpighian corpuscles and supplies the acid tissue of the spleen (pulpa splenica). These acids are the electrolytic division products of lecithin. In the splenic pulp arise the capillaries of the splenic veins whose acid blood is carried directly to the liver, where certain cells formed like galvanic elements possess the property, through the electrical action of formic and acetic acid, of extracting from blood albumen the opposite of acids, namely, alkaline bile. The normal functioning of the liver, therefore, is dependent upon that of the spleen, and since the bile produced by the liver goes to aid the digestive activity of the duodenum, disturbance of digestion must result when the quality of the bile is inferior.



O.K. so Bruce Parry lives in Ibiza and started
out his Tribe series as a Christian, ending it as a "pan-deist atheist"
of sorts:

Parry was raised as a Christian but his experiences among the tribes have led him to believe in a sceptical form of pandeism:

“ When I came back from expeditions, I had some
experiences that made me readdress all that. I'd pretty much known all
along that Christianity wasn't for me. Ever since then, I've been on my
own quest to find another truth. I can't read novels, but I do read books
about cosmology, about astrophysics, about genetics. I'm interested in
altered states of mind, and creation myths. It's all part of the same thing
- I want to know why we think what we think. Now, I'd describe myself as
pan-deist, reluctantly verging on atheist.[5] ”

Parry has since been described, with his apparent
approval, as a "Christian turned sceptical pan-deist turned reluctant atheist" who "sees himself on a spiritual journey."[6]

Bruce Parry reflects on his drug trips

Bruce Parry reflects on the pure boredom of it:


Bruce Parry's Amazon reading/viewing list -- radical stuff.

Bruce Parry supports the Ibiza Perservation Fund
of Spain

I caught a couple of these shows on cable about
6 years ago maybe.... now we can watch them all! - GOING TRIBAL SERIES
ONE (6 hours)




Bruce Parry reports on the destruction of the
Amazon for gold mining:

Bruce Parry's blog for his Amazon series

Bruce Parry does "Songs for Survival" fundraiser
c.d. for Survivor International featuring music from the tribes he visited.

A review of Bruce Parry's book Tribe -- with another interview

Posted by spiraldance at 6:45 PM





The penis inversion was damned funny. Thanks!


The BBC show us this "unspoilt" or "endangered"
tribe and ecosystem so we feel guilty and then bring in the EcoTrotskyism
to Rewild the world and kill off the people.

As for "low carbon", don't get this grumpy Cloudtiger started. Yeah, Drew, I am one of those white middleclass guys "in denial"
about carbon dioxide causing "climate change".

At least Bruce is going in the right direction.

I am just down cause the world is going to Hell
and 95% in the West don't give enough of a damn to cooperate to do anything about it and the 5% are mostly making it worse. Tell me I am wrong.

Harumph! Going out for sunshine to pretend the
world is doing well.

June 20, 2010 8:12 AM



books, tacks, yarn and switchrich curtain railing

add a bit of bemomb bomemb, eehrrrm,
ahh .. demand (yeah, thaddit) demand driven budget for rope and squishy
seats and the lack of and craving for bounce by way of fatherly force of
arms can be met by the tangle toss along the way to targeted lowbrowery
stack ... and that brings me to somebody with the thankless task/mission
of distracting from the most unethical jostle hustle imaginable and getting tired of it:
General MCCRYSTAL. He must be connected to 7 .. as is james joyce .. as is i i learned since i cracked the little 'numerology' (1974) by Austin Coates yesterday 
(mine survived being the Westminster public library copy splendidly, apart from the characteristic indentation their stamp inflicts - check the --'two' trait-- entry near the top of of yesterday .... 5 page-ups from where ((and how)) i am now).

but as most are ( M philips
on gematriaKaballah thingamajig that comes up 55 a lot for instance) this
matrix is too flat, not lively enough. ... guess i am due for a leaf through the BF Fuller (inspired) material ... and play with a bunch of fruit a while ... hang my numeracy/fruitstand and landscape pics and posters. Just invited the arguelles crowd for a conf at my place. ... but just in case i get inpatient and/or thrown out of my present onlineyhood wallop dole out spot .. .a rehearsalish foreshadowing of which happened last night

quicker search functions, camera,
onlinehood, i am ready to spend big bucks on ya ...
specially after ...
....the grief given me last nite by the type
lass who will take any opp to humiliate a man, any and all, bring them
to their knees but pretend these victims put themselves in her way deliberately, the more the merrier, it's the put-in to the drawforth these brave brave souls (not) cannot resist, the sedition by way of sedation, immobilization by way of stuffage
(pride cannot be plastered, but the plastered can fake pride). Suffocatress of stricture and far from friendly squeezes, maybe a missus McCrystal (of cruelties) candidate.

While even onto highest levels (cabinet formation), word of the day the other day (-- ...
or other week, i cannot follow that stink too closely anymore ... i like dispensing good advice cheerfully and cheaply but apply the 'graag of helemaal niet' clause (no gratitude, no continuation)
, like yesterday's was 'perspective', the media cut-up/out and collage has everybody saying it so the semblance of agreement is thereby incessantly repeated, the automaton model reinforced, exemplified and 'had' the only way it can be had at all, fake, with salving, soothing and syrupy words that stick to everything and everybody with it including whatever 'it' can be cracked up to be and become in whosoever's eyes --) was 'tolerance' (in that 'oogluikend toegestane' schietzionist sense of never inapplicable but always unapplied rule that rules), well, that much abused atomization process where o so potent can all show prowess AND thoughtfulness was once again, at vital micro-level, only one where any- and everything matters, affecting me, cut and killed dead down to the (militarily) lowlaylawletter (like Coates on about gunnery and generals a lot but zippo about musical rock grinders and grippies).

rID, let's play pin the balls on the wizard



middle line horizontal = people

middle line vertical = things




drew hempel

4955 854753

23 ---- 32

5 --- 5

1 - sole command - literature

you will have to do your date of birth to finish the job

as your 1 is derived from a fiver pile i would watch out for the subconscious frust of the surrounded one and dilletante ... keep on paying that boozin respect there. Rainbow family has plenny of hoarse indulgents who shamelessly hog the sacred emptiness and what's far worse, the sacred emptying in the middle, dat da placementpriorty i allocate to the musical rock grinder (not surroundings to ashes but fresh ground availabilized mineralstashes to surroundings, HO! tripple frickin HO is next!!).. then again it should swiftly be magically mobile and lure folks out of the pile up and terrorist temptations one and all, the fumbly, rumbly and al/l ways but) humbly varieteaze. Then again, when you're in a good way, it's easy lime-light basker, all over the place, kinda like golden mean on downward and logarithmic/Archimedes on the uptick (did you crib that from Laffoley by the way?) ... double 4 accounts for your mathy interests.

Normally, i save up some youtubes as i hurriedly surf to get all the reading fodder onto my stick to take home to my liddullappytoppie and stay 5 to 10 minutes after the online buttons gets pushed off at the main reception (where, you guessed it, the evil witch holds court 2 days a week .. and rather than conform to colleagues (which she did one week), she goes higher up to the likeminded 'kenau' (and both come at me with full severity the next), equally blind and hostile to any and all measure of mindfullness  ... making them gravitate to jobs in healthcare) the same way the media are the lying lefty media worrying over loss of privacy where they should berate the lack of transparancy or fishing around for the next austerity triggered violence to justify the next strangulation of ultransformz where ideally-like, extreme individualism, discipline, simplicity and highly regimented, strictly enforced, collectivized, and polarized regimentation (oops, said that already) meet, meddle, mate, mold, muddle, morph, mediate, miserate and might as well, some salutary time soon, muster a mugfull of generalizable and soaked crystals, ... mud. Fresh. Now shoot for shade shoed on this list and lean tubtender lender - lubberlander tubbertender and lol around till ripe. The kei is tast, the dag acome klouty.





a wooded (and or woody) set up with lots of tackery and webbery, yarn with colourcoded keyword clouds dangling on slips of paper lead to pages in books and prints at the other end but not before and without being switchrich (over your head but within reach and not boven je pet = unintelligible), that is to say, suspended (bundlable, rearrangeable)

on curtain-railtrack circuitry ... damn look at the lines growing in front of my mind's eye rollercoaster realercoster liebriary
(that is a term Ray invented perhaps but he charted cheating his own inventiveness with the funetik skeemeree).

imagine panoramio fused, merged, partnered and synced with the giffie i have yet to go collect (via 5 page ups).


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