Monday, July 12, 2010

at andy's blog

His last post in april, before the surgery

hope you are recovering ok andy ...

just finished reading your sept 09 entries and turned them into a post.

on one of your vids i meant to comment about pollution caused by siliconvalley and related areas. Not sure which is worse, that, the autism incidence or the fact that your fancies and projections (similar to those in 'live after television' by Gilder, BubbleBiggerBlowhardwarywhore) fall woefully short of the temperment(ality) by the likes of Todd Boyle's 'drill down baby, drill down' amendations (if i haven't tried pointing you thataway before it is hi-time), not to mention mine of course .. .but i did in that post plenny.

siliconhell is not quite enough to find the site i had in mind though .... (now a petplace) ... i checked and discovered it is work done 2000 by the sf bay guardian .. try this link:


anywho, BETERSCHAP!!!! my dear dazzling darling jew

an hour later i had forgotten about this post so far and panicked thinking i just lost another comment ... lostness of which makes me fear the worst about its maker/keeper. I therefore almost sent him this ... but decided to paste it here instead:

hope you survived / are recovering ok
if you feel up to it, a retrieval request .... once again (rather than more ... though i did not forget what last one was about - my dad's aneurysm operation - the butcher butchered ... wish the surgeon had indeed 'hated to work on a rupture' like you claimed in september ... it was his own work that ruptured within 24 hours .... i pray to all benevolent powders muds and happy splashes that be - the stein unto sein to spare you that fate)

hate to impose on an invalid ... a revalidating

by the way,.... why is 'invalids in hot climates' by tom robbins not the biggest hit of the last blastingly lasting duocennium pray tell???????????????????

i once again got caught in the maelstom of open windows ... eh ... browsage to be saving / pasting what i just tried to post on your blog in time before realizing i had overwritten its memory with another copy someplace else.

this library terminal allows me a type of hands tied access/functionality combo due to all sorts of christian duopolist (cow pasture X bibles) prejudices. just getting mail onto a stick to take home requires 8 clicks

so ...

not to confuse your tender and sore eyes ..... please send me a copy from your wordpress account at earliest convenience.... thanks ....

oh, .. .and before i forget .... you may not find what i am pointing at (due to settings you prefer or left as (annoying) default) so i shall repeat the essential bit ....

i posted about you .(at the indexterity blog / link below).. to contrast with Drew once again and am trying to alert you both.

bonobohandshake (blogspot) now knows about you too (vanessa woods).

the comment i posted at your vid (youtube is perhaps too cryptic ...

there is no as i knew it anymore (now a petplace)

but searching in combo with sfbg (=san francisco bay guardian) gets you loads closer.

found some at cnet and

funny, ... via askbutwhy i find another seattle man who equates the weather with money streams .... hidehoo ... that is the right direction bud!

now one more little effort and we can do it the beckerath way ... forget about computers altogether and soon haul no cards and coins either but seed and scions that is the kind of zionism right for any place let alone the most challenging one to try bless with it, if you do it the wrong way. That vortex better not suck too hard on us people.


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