Saturday, July 31, 2010

here ya go drew

there's all sorts of links to israel on Arguelles' website now, a dutch lass travelling with a very oversized drum getting folks to lift their arms to heaven ..... well, fuck him, what do you think palestinians will make of his latest ' luminous friends from beyond' sermon? A very absolute nothing since they lack wherewithall to make anything, not even ends meet. Fuck New Age sermonizing and the overhead & over all heads calculations justifying a guide status. What i make of it is a meme that IS a dream of separation (rather than the remedy). But hell, earth does not mind having a mind thrust upon her ... unless it is part of an even more than hitherto suffocating masque. He counsels not to rebel and let the comets and pole shifts take care of it.

Drew's denial of actual space (even while constantly pointing at cheats going on with tha timin of spacin of timin ad infinitesimalum) has to do with his occupation status. All whites on turtle island share it, most of those from the entire last millenium share but have trouble helping each other actually bear some degree of responsibility for the hell on earth in Gaza.
july 21st:
Drew withdrew his blog once again ... next post these sections: O (6 and 5 page ups and 1 down)

the diff/tension, span, playroom, current and potential between dia- and paramagnetism is where true growth curvature for all of organic life-forms is at, bottom broadness of pyramid, vortex, not the only but best place for appropriate stimulus. Politics however, shirks its duties in this realm and messes up royally with the likes of 'we all win' obama doing the pretty boy fine words on the up and ugly reality on the down side, under the illusion that the starker the contrast, the deeper the cleavage or his pockets or whatev, like, the more he will stand out favorably.

drew opines (repeatedly that bad is nazi is bad is ad infinitum and sidedishwise: --> CONTAINING INFINITY BY GEOMETRY (!)

the absolutely most primal and succesful (talewaging headstart) form of containment happens to happen in the myriad forms of rock, my counsel advocacy and urgings to merge more obvious urges with this thoroughly thought through mud ministry (there is a echo of chapter 4 again) can be said to
unpack geometriculated infinitesimals, iow:
deCONTAINING geometrically squared away minerals
symmetricrystals vs semitochrist stalls
la detent vous fait content, la detent du contents (rock loved to clay) features tendered tensility w tendency to intertain formatively ... discarded cornerstone formality receptive to sunny informalation

delivery speeds of the USAians always on the up and up

it is part of their identity in fact.

wether its is jew-mood-mode inspired and financed, terrorism causing drones, or bluegrass picking, or Les Visible's radio haroooooo syllable per minute rate, Dreeeeeew's commenting rates, ever faster is the device, motto and raison d' etre.

Drew seems to think and try argue his posts are about, are like and simply are music. To emphasize the very conventional empty fleetingness thereof (as opposed to my notions) he erases his posts every handful of months or so.

His mental omnivoraciousness causes indigestion throught mismatches of info gluttonating together. It's his way of blowing stuff up.

When the congregation of conjured up mirrorers and conversants have been conjured, cajoled, kindled ad kidded into a critical mass Drew 'comes' forth and goes back undoing. Info glut im-, op-, sup- and depresses him as much as musical prodigality did.

And while i am on about disconcerting Minnesotans, let me mention that i am troubled and sad seeing Karen Alloy spend way too much time teazing her baby barely one year old girl. Big tease gives birth (infects channels and instills) tricks of the tease trade to liddul one. And so it goes and keeps going.

Just another whity failing to become a native american but staying anyway.

last week i wrote this about you Drew:
His mental omnivoraciousness causes indigestion throught mismatches of info gluttonating together. It's his way of blowing stuff up.

it also causes an obsession related to your drive to read/eat your way out of surrounding glut, namely a wish for a clean empty slate/gut (hence the hemorhoids, very much a result of excessive shit expellery, due to not being deemed good enough to extract any more goodness from than from anticipated feed. This perverts yin yang productive splits and displaces fattening and hardening up a nice thrill and chill producing dildo-like turd).

A wish for harmony and not all these dissonating, non- and disresonant mixtures, bad combos is perfectly natural, the life or death permaculture science, but Drew being very much a multiculturalism believer despite all your reserves and phobic about the types of purity a teutonian would continue to come up with if his 'leefwereld' hadn't been hacked up and monoculturized, cannot see that.


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