Wednesday, July 14, 2010

genius rulegion: conversion by womb

ok, something obviously made me mad at jews once again ... what it was? A satire on israeli tv about ken o keefe

everybody knows who the world champs of producing irresistable women are, totally uncontested (grin), plain and simply too seductive, quite exactly as tempting and attractive as a blackhole void AND/BYCAUSE/by contrast their male counterparts are scheming repulsive little shits.... like every body working on this program ... i think the inescapable conclusion (or at least feed for deduction, extrapolation in that general direction) is that jews are expert traffickers and unlike others who will, in a pinch at most, trade their own; jews however, prolly look on/at them kinds of times as familiar, homey, top, best, not just cause it is then they manage to drive prices highest, but bycause more likely than not 'it' started amongst themselves and so the closer tides of polarization ricochets towards their doors the more the feel consistent and justified to look on old times as good ... never mind this was the moment a sword came between him and his mate ..... breeding programs with great ups and deep downs could, did and prolly will start more cultural oscillations, set up slave trade, refugee and roust- and routage, desperate and zealotic migration and reckless exploration periods with relatively calm diffusion to punctuate those eras.

ok, i have calmed down now .... maldistribution is a given forever already though (summer thunder storms), therefore constant measurement (try the french pronunciation folks come on) is born from need, necessity and necessarily a drag on radical change of practice.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - 200 Years Together - Chapter 18. During 1920's
not the most telling part of that book but this one and chapter one are the only bits available in English so far apparantly.

Before 19th century - translated! by R. Butler and J. Harris. See the original site


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