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future of money
this Michel Bauwens does a serious heap of output ...
made by future of money -

around the minute 4 mark the assertion in this very smooth and slick theatrical delivery of a snippet(ysnap) read-out, is, that 'money is not tied to anything, hence purely fictitious'.

Well, no, it is as good as the collective policy decision chain ... all the way to enactments and prohibitive punishment upon failure to comply .. maintains a predominance of honest dealings, what was known as value standard stability in the old days, which, if and when gold prospection kept pace with demographics while big riskers kept quiet for a while, worked well.
Problem is the proliferation of patch and crypt, runaway panoply in abstract fissures (an inversion that reflects lack of crushing fresh rock to help reduce the dearth of 'breathability' - if that sounds weird see leave the store, even though that much more distributable (your 'radical transparancy' mentioned in connection to 'rexpedition', whatever that is exactly ... nobody else mentions it apparantly), distributed in highly abstract undigestible and uselessly privatized, one way form (and wrong way form[at], since read-only at the wrong end .. effectively 'hiding' the truth that savings are collective).

So, to recap, command over this vegpatch, foodstore, savings and wealth gets highly centralized, pitched into a GS magnitude heap ... is anything but distributed and so vulnerable to attack from within though eminently armed against skim raid and rob, not to mention real growth feeding it from without.

# outer beauty as hollywood obsession has a directly inverted relation to that inner ugliness of the zionist project i mentioned earlier today and psychoanalysis has worsened rather than helped contain it, it empowers individuals period and is powerless to stipulate the use for good or exploitation.

An effort that reminds of Art Brock:
nittyjee -
People have begun to create "complementary currencies".
An introductory animation.

hah, reminds me of the charts John Zube did in the 60s ... of which i found a fresh version this month .. hang on ... i squirrel away a lot of stuff .... against the day the staff quits goofin and starts to show up in earnest.

part 2 has 357 views and 1 comment:

kingofthepaupers -- 3 months ago
Jct: Sad it? doesn't mention the "United Nations International & Local Employment-Trading System" in the Millennium Declaration C6 Resolution for a UNILETS Time Standard of Money where everyone will be able to trade their Timebank eIOUs globally in units of time that everyone understands everywhere. It's just sad that an Ithaca Hour? is worth US$10 timedollars while the timebank counts 1 Hour = 1 Timedollar. How unfortunately inconvenient.

nittyjee has 23 vids up, the 'Dinkey - Tearing Down' one shows moronically close up footage of a crane removing railroad ties (couldn't he not have walked out on the fucking bridge for a pan shot ... place your viewers firmly into the landscape you buggers .. unless you wanna and aim to have embryonic claustrophobic gestatory and other little feminine discomforts write large on your screen) ... then in the last seconds of the 3 minutes some beardman beanstalk goes: 'i had no idea that these ties were decorated, ... poetry, ... leaves. ...

Innovation opening keynote: The big tectonic shifts
Monday 25 October 09:00 - 10:30 ---- Conference room 1
In this opening session of Innotribe at Sibos, thought leaders will present the major tectonic shifts that underpin our current technology landscape. From push to pull, to generation Y and the new digital normal: how do they influence the shifts in financial services?

guess i missed this thingy in A'dam the other day .. but i can't see how i sould regret it, given it is a todo with DARPA man Nova Spivack and the like. Sibos is a round the world circus apparantly.

Yall emergence(.cc) people (4) have the most erratic and illegible tag cloud i saw so far ... perhaps also a very interesting one - they raised 40.000 from 40 folks thus far and are up since june.

ah, their most recent vid has rosenblith (of ncf infamy) .. hate to see all these guys sacrificed on the altars of DARPA and the like ... but they are too thrilled about being 'bombarded' keynote speakers to notice i am afraid.
CoCreatr has 20 vids up and the one to me is 5th showing.
.. and thus we have gone in a circle (Venessa at start and finish) as wide as the axis berlin-amsterdam X Darpan deadpannery factor .. give (m)or(e) take less unrecyclables ... labels .. did i say labels?

labels at
1396 for glamour
5 for madonna
55 for jayne Mansfield
.. by someone who is obama shade tinted but oriental as well .. clean blog .. no ads .. humongous page .. with pics galore .. many vintage .. seems everybody is there .. but no Anne nicole Smith .. of whom i saw such disturbing footage in that satanism claiming vid noted earlier this week.

Michel Bouwens recommends this one (on the 26th):
oops, that, again, is the one i started with ... time to post this and be done ... i will try and find the circulation chart though ... when i do i will paste it right here:

no luck so far .... grrrrl ... german file perhaps?

these fuckin things are a dime a dozen aint they?
zisk? zisk? zounds familiar ... transaction net people?

“Technology Makes Money Human” (The Psychology of Money) panel discussion
*Video starts at 11:00 minute mark

i mean the scale towards which these eager beavers are rushing is gonna soon admit worse than darpa, pepsi and KiloKai spiced rum

payment pinnovation ----
.. i will do a helpful intro too: the nearly 2 hours demo vid has expensify kicking off at the 9th minute
it's an awesome times to 5 minutes though vulgar lubing up of confie circuiting candidates (bet they bought it with or without a Gilder among them pointing away with his very long limbs, of course he being thrilled to point of shook up by zioshake outs somebody will hit that vacancy).

just the type of thing Anthony tried to pull off.

53rd min shwowp ... echos of josep ( ... mixed message ... curate ...taste ... roll your own .... canadian meme i guess.

.. which reminds me .. hey, folks at kk, don't take it personally, if i sound long in the tooth it is cause i hate hate hate alcohol (again, see jewdas and think distilleries and graintrading jews throughout russia)

plastic jungle man likes the name tag that reads 'another stealthy start-up'

a company that takes titles to a range of target gift cards, throws'm into a mash-up mix and trades them as variously flavoured split tenders ... what's not to love? eh... the endless whiteness of those pages????? Quite endearing to hear the man and one wonders how long he has (and or his kids have) before alzheimers ...

these people have no problem pressing a few buttons ... but wait, .. hiroshima .. wasn't it served by button also?

give everybody rocks and make them promise regular dust 'payments' until you bargained and slavedriven them down to the precipice of perdition by:

a: demanding more dust than can be got from the size rock given

b: turning that dust into goods catering to extravagant behaviour of the puisant riche, ..

the insouciant and filthy shameless exploiters everybody knows an adress or two for ... rothschild may not have gotten rich bycause of but despite of waterloo (as per Adam Curtis, love his work with Nial Ferguson) .. yet doing so tilted the drawbacks of gold into paper so that nobody could actually leave the weight but not the mindset behind.

or into bombs rather than orchards .. presto, crisis .. and not just a fake one that can be solved by lifting lock down reserve cramp (cutting bars into little beady units one can wear in and transfer to other belts) or with a slew of slick innovations or reschedulements Curtis and Ferguson went to Memphis to film comment on so endearingly.

ziocult vs permaquilt in palestine

there is a 'crazy palestinian' at The Farm with a great little set of permie principles.

It would profit the green prophet folks i train my gaze on briefly below, to imprint themselves with rules aimed to give greatest glory to the smallest and oldest links in the chains .. shekels of life ... failing that (and missing it is, very sorely) and even were it not, these folks are obviously just trying to rob such life-loving guidelines' appeal, to abduct and imprison them in abject stinking, sectioned and zoned off 
abodes of zionism.

Christians everywhere are held captive in more or less stringest but mostly milder forms of this cancerously ugly, secretive, purely mental abode of zionism which paradoxically demands flesh and blood sacrifice of both opponents and adherents. high birthrates and punishing attitudes to the neighbours is the health of the Israel state..

is this a green n cleans zionist effort? (since 07 - covers all arab nations)
truly scatterbrain spam makes the front page (under 'recent comments' here - stretching it allot slot considerably too).

.. they obviously cater to people who are messinessphobic and mercifully
spare them .... oops, i (almost) lied, here is a guy
in a Tel Aviv dumpster

yep, these are zionist, nasty cynical and dirtyminded too:

Karin Kloosterman

Olive Oil Lubricates Peace in Israel and Palestine

... like, come on, settlers weren't cutting down and burning olive trees back then???? Like they do more and more, unless they simply harvest in anticipation of owning them:

yep, one of her next items is proof positive (photographic too) that she takes trees all too lightly (danghang the pesky root n footholds already eh?)

is this girl into buttfucks or something? in januari this year she goes:
"..can stimulate and lubricate peace…."

.... yep, she is a perfect pervert, full denialist, absolute adversarialist, type of person i am ashamed sharing a dutch name with

by contrast, take the first and latest pic at

4 poddies thus far, mentioned here ..
though they quit listing write ups about them like they did (for) last year

Palestinians will continue to be treated the way they are as long as a shifty and secretive, mostly and where it matters most (matters, most or matters most, take your pick) semitic demograpulation team helps justify and legitimate the continued presence and ongoing rapacity of white (and multicoloured serfs, underlings and orc-like) workers in red territory.

In other words, this is the principle that culminated recently in putting Deb Frisch in jail rather than .. say .. Rumsfeld (the subtext: it was and still is a ok to supress natives push them aside and jail them if they dare sacriligiously protest against butt-ins that bring up the bigger revenue pile-ups. A rotten core want diversity to tarnish itself with. Let the play begin:  rap sketch w artists as rumsfeld assange .. 88 vids from Oz, none quite so succesful as this one ... visited via nmt (notmytribe - ericverlo on twitter to be axect actually)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

warm up for the main event today

a gawker item: the-creepiest-tv-moments-of-googles-ceo
half a milljinn views for this animation of google toilet humor

perhaps a little redo woulb be in order .. featuring politicians and bankers rather than somebody who likes indian food ... and in the light of the next post (down) maybe we could strike a deal here ... in which case i won't have to promise the lawyer who proves that the youtube skin/theme policies were influenced by views of my pages a generous cut from the proceeds of a succesful sueage. Hah? But if not, i will .. and hereby do. It's wins all around .. not least of which will be googlepride, true to their yell at last, .. so much even that it cannot possibly remain just a nugatorily negligent negation, a mirror to hide behind, a wink to the kidgloves. No, go eagle goyelp.. either way, gogo GO diggity orneyearnyjourneyman and the litigatorey digitants too.

then again, common ground lies way back and if we don't forget to bring our green thumbs along we could all live the garden culture fairytale rather than point to it on some page or other.

no more colourless lies

i know no more killerloose lies than ...
nah... i want no more colourless lies PERIOD.
Mark Thoma
i posted 13th and 14th (of, as of now, 19) comment .. on this article at Mark's own site (just a link there) but mercifully they were nixed next morning and google did not yet have a cache of the item

..2 sorta messy comments taken from my sept file (Gardiner on QE&fraud*) but mercifully they were nixed next morning and google did not yet have a cache of the item.

* - i wrote on the wild success of the Iz flag being a better fraud than the innocent and common ... blah blah variety Gardiner is on about with his characteristic and sympathetic mix of rigour and swag (reffing Galbraith and a recent law by Good... man or heart)

though i stand by my opinion Iz is a fraud dressed up as a fraud - naked truthselling being all the rage, i hate, .. no, .. prefer to avoid to have somebody conclude i want to kill the perps.

All it takes (to get some prejudice fueled inflammatory shortcircuitry) is leaving out and off the human half in a 4 second first soundbite call-to-account response, for the impact, charged and sparked by a calamity, to ruin careers and saddle the rest of reportage on it with a mudslide of past grievance, a burden burying fact-finders under an insurmountably rising tide of preliminary and tension building mishaps, the whole mess resulting in 'obscurnalism')

... such as the kind we commemorate this very day of historic flamage in holland (detained asylumseeker center burnt down 5 years ago.

'iron rita' caught hell for saying workers were not to blame ... uttered onsite to comfort survivors, workers who hadn't abandoned the scene and rescue workers ... but taken as too self-exculpatory (to try stop an immigratory flood was and still is (by hard lefty war for ((crazy)) demo((ni))cracy liberals) considered too merciless.

prolly close to 50 cars burnt in Haarlem last night and 25 people died on sumatra cause they listened to a cleric saying it wasn't gonna rain rock soup, hot ashes and rock, rather than to the govt which called an evacuation.

i posted that first comment before even reading it once (triggered by remembering Gardiner's piece on QE ... then introduced the second, more matter of fact one which is almost adjacent, just above the first one found in my september logs with a caveat more or less as follows:

trying to find out what triggered the above outburst i come across atlanticwire thread with 125 comments on jewish banksters saved (but not looked at) around that time.#
here is a sample (also posted blind):

Notlike [Moderator] 7 months ago in reply to revmjcarlson
Is this good insight? What I doubt these kind of discussions ever lead to anything good. When people start to discuss specific stereotypes it usually only ends up perpetuating them. An interesting discussion on how to deal with stereotyping people:

i should have prolly posted this one (the other version) .. etcetera

now that i looks lightly (i mean look slightly) closer ... the first comment - to which this (moderator) responds - sports a hilarious jungian slip: it says 'ethic' instead of ethnic origin ... and claims the squid made it to bloodsucker status in russia long before jews. May well be (given that jews are a relatively young ... ehh .. phenomenon, something like last in e- first in devolution), but unless you want to obscure the work and existence of recently voted 3rd most popular russian, stolypin (who went to great lengths and expenditures to settle jews at densities more conform to host comforts) you would not suggest that migration is A ok. ... surely, to make sense of the tentacle tangle, not to mention propagation strategies of other species that can be ascribed mobility, such as through runners, creepers, etcetera, requires arguments beyond ethnicity indeed, .. and where ethics has as much a place at the table as postal services, tabs of tradition ... carved, etched, cut and burnt offerings as installation arts of longings, deferments, missing parts and command chain stretch to mail male meel poof gone.

Other interesting sounding articles at Mark Thoma's place:
* "Are You Happy Or Angry That The Government Has Made 8.2% on TARP?" (82)
* The Dollar, Multiple Reserve Currencies, and Obama at Halftime (12)

How to Think About: Jewish Bankers
By Michael Kinsley | January 29, 2010 2:59pm
How to Think About: Jewish Bankers Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

last 2 comments collected just jow:
nanda1 [Moderator] 2 weeks ago
THe chosen people!!! Is that not what jewish people claim to Be?????? I have personally worked with Jewish bankers.....u know what... they are ruthless..... Religion does serve to guide us in our moral behavior and when u have a race of people that honestly believe they are special in the eyes of GOD, and no sense of morality when it comes to financial success then you get unabashed greed. I am not anti-Jew... I have business partners that are Jewish and have been wonderful partners. So this does not pertain to all jewish people. I think Jews see things in terms of us versus them..... and they seem to have a relapse in judgement when it comes to making money... Personally I have my guard up when I deal with Jewish people. You just have to watch them more closely it seems.. to make sure you understand all the angles.
1 person liked this. Like Reply Reply

Ananda1 [Moderator] 2 weeks ago
Hey... My brother in law is a Jewish attorney that is greedy and ruthlessness. He kicked out a entire family from one of his rental properties on Christmas Eve. He is arrogant and truly believes his people are the only chosen people in the eyes of GOD. I maybe anti semitic but it is out of experience not rumors. I was in business for 15 years with two other individuals that were Jewish and they both conspired against me when we were trying to sell to larger company. I don't care what anyone says .. Jews think differently that most Amercians, and they still to this day have selective dealings with only Jewish people. Howard " my brother in law" only will see a Jewish doctor, Jewish banker and even hired a Jewish builder for his commercial office. So when talking about Jews lets not forget many of them are Anti gentile.... they still like to keep there business interactions amongst one another... I guarantee if you were to research this last comment, you will find a large % of jews dealing with Jews most of the time....
* - Inside the American Bubble Machine Matt Taibbi, --- Rolling Stone
* - The Real Vampire Squid Jan Herman, --- ArtsJournal
* - ADL Rebukes Limbaugh --- JWeekly

White lies
why try get-you-through-the-aggreGate?
why try counter the semite in(nerd)grate?
why try do battle with a super-semite slate?
why bite the update net-G-host bait?
why start a final aggregate-truth-war trouble?
cause. its real bubble. beautiful. change.
mature. unmolested. live-in. stands.
'IT' stands the anti-anything test,
puts the anti-semite test to rest
bonafied-anti-terrorist undermines anti-semi-test
rootspacerace knows semites
rootspace gracers know semites know how to dig credit (up)
rootspace gracers (s)pace and employ semites
decorated (anti-?)semite 'smiter' (?*)
speculative-semite 'fighter' (?*)
Let us forget, omit nor obscure the Russian record proving they know what is good for the world too, and a whole bunch better than the Axis/allies many a time.

(?*) - charmer, soothsayer, healer, employer, sugar-uncle ... dutch 's(w)ay-so' contains (but cannot really contain and so merely pretends) dads are too decent to leave their brood ... even if they can send filthy lucre back by way of compensation .. that's what a lone stray uncle is good for.

What's a white lie more or less matter at this stage (of s((t))ink)?

untrue, good-willed statement
(idiomatic) A deliberate, untrue statement which does no harm or is intended to produce a favorable result. ?
[quotations * 2008, Jacqueline Stenson, "The Whole Truth: When is it okay to lie to your kids?," Newsweek, 15 Jul., An occasional little white lie such as Weston's probably won't cause any lasting damage. And at times, telling the truth—particularly the whole truth to a child who's not at an age to handle it—may do more harm than good, they say.]

jewry is a young concoct, a constantly skin shedding and kameleontically shadeshifting multi-layered intercultural construct .. a true IT .. but it has stubborn and a fully reflexive, reactionary core underneath trauma filled flesh and blood layer deflecting many a well-intended outreach#, dressed up in the anything but clean bill of goods sense cargo covering flaggage. Still, that is no reason to treat it like a child forever. Keep alcohol away from indians, keep the top in banking industries off-limits to the youknowwhatnots with their incalculable slicks, algae rout'm tricks and twatnoughts.

Stolypin's did too by the way. He did not chain them to the compost heap tightly enough (as i intend to) ... allowing them to go collect material for 'it' would prolly already be a mistake ..

'it' being sup- n complementary to 'IT' (which in similar rants i used to make white to denote light, sun, transparancy and honest accounting, info processing relatedness

... we'll just have to muster(/'instdrill') discipline to bring rock and refuse, detritus, excrement and all things organic too large for a personal heap to them .. hopefully city growth and jewmographics will subside and diminish apace, obviating the need for the specialty ... but once they acquire and enjoy exerting the skills of mixture and have a few demo plots making scents that contrasts with the douleur of malodeur, some deliveries will be late no matter how much improved society will run, things might look up for all .. i mean .. plumber of depths and scaler of heights ((Red See anybody??)) earning upkeep by keeping conduits open should keepee capi kippie them thoroughly thrilled and satisfied .. kibbel kibbel .. gobbel gobbel, .. send a whity out to sea and see the sucker sink - good laugh .. next bet.

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rainbow family revisit

looked for footage from that scene intermittently for over a year but now .. here it is in all its g(l)ory:

the rest of this post has impressions from gathering in the states (mostly new mexico 09 .. but there is plenty up about this year's repeat Allegheny one (my first 'national')

rainbow gathering germany 2005
11.22 artistic rendering (heavily manipulated by a jerk ... ehrrr, i mean, by 'Reel Groovy Films' jerkily)
1 of 9 by blisscup ... yeah .. new sequence!!!!

hey, .. a soap commercial

reminds me of the richard powers book i believe i did not finish

intriguing, ... google interrupts my stream of already way over 10 vids on gatherings with a soap commercial?????

am i allowed to deduce they think hippies are smelly and in need of??

anyway, .. learn a little american history this way ... andy pettitte patooty slings that stuff ... but it aint as live as with bits of clay .. on a wooshy willow whip .. .. that is like comparing regular building with cob (see the eminently settler version of rainbow vibe conveying film 'first earth')

let a trezillion cryptocrackles leave
rock go green
the give a rock a drink boom
a choice other than think gloom
let a bazaoilion heresies, as many borders again, tiny untraceable harbingers or the trace that matters in all races of all species

saw an encryption article at technoccult today and this is pertinent too:

been to rainbow with a pricey camera and he calls it wonder
13 short gathering vids
.. doesn't realize that what goes out of man, his mediation, yet fails to (help worm and root) reach below the surface of rock is a fail, a self-immolation .. failing to aim for it is sacrilege .. failing to teach it is mortal sin and giving mining a bad name with gold antic is downwrong diabolic. .. How's that for a heartsong?

here's another polyrhythm Drew
don't mind the lassie rubbing up against the back of her man drummin
serious number of short ones there ... and a funny (BIG)belly dancer thing as the present opener .. features the obligatory wingswing and of course, ... a hole load of shakin goin on. Usury, money supply escalation ... the stimulation and failing that the simulation of sex, sold to us by the folks who impose ruthless demographics on every race and space they encounter, even that of their first cousins. ... speaking of which .. why not go for some links on the stink
nother delusional whity where he should not be (NZ) and who doesn't notice there were many that shouldn't have either before him .. leaving not a single mature tree standing ... but he whispers all rapt ' lush ...' blah blah.
28 vid rbg series .. looks like it is done by a hare krishna .. who focuses of males fucked up in ways compatible to how he himself is

... woow, rbgvids are coming fast and thick now.
pretty soon you will be 5 clicks away from your favorite book from my collection with your lastest favorite person's favorite music playing (or mine too)
part 21 - shows robin playing mandolin and gets a few words in later.
serious rainbow vibe channel ... old timers ... the old grandpa, i mean him no disrespect, but he annoys the fuck out of me ...following law enforcement vehicles crossing and recrossing but giving the female talent little time.
New Mexico Rainbow Gathering 2009
84 Photos By inspirit
Last updated: 432 days ago

this one will prolly require a proxy:

thehighpriestess22 - 50 vid account of Missoulan harp and fairy lovin hippies is a collective in Austin Tx operation insidebooks (provides prisons)
7 minute vid -- From: FluxRostrum | March 16, 2009 | 7,844 views
threatened with eviction (under the pretense they ae not up to code .. they recycle too much of course) .. they are actually on ground they own due to their clean-up work

at this point i cannot imagine sticking my books in a prison someplace .. but ..
Youth Organizing Philosophy 101
2 weeks ago
similar thing in New Orleans
all their vids again via ... basically, they are everywhere
nother visual joy of a page

Rainbow Part II
6 min - 13 Nov 2009 - Uploaded by MountainSeaProductio
Rainbow Family and some history. Part of a full length documentary due out by 2011 called What's a Hippie, anyway ... - Related videos
70 vids .. lots of street muscicians in santa fe

hey, the ny purple gang schlepped an entire band up the mountain
too bad nobody managed to find dry (or the time to dry wet) firewood .. assuming somebody among those 50 people might know how to .. that IS embarrasing (which is what Drew calls all rainbowism i guess)
the juke here has loads of songs and 'may the beauty in your heart' is sung by a lass who decided to clone a famous voice. She sounds just like Joan Baez.

you know the type ..

Annotated Catalogue of 'Bows

AbstainBow (tells you all that's bad for you)
BrainBow (knows everything you don't)
ChainBow ("please dose me round the clock")
DrainBow (you'll feel it when one got you)
EntertainBow (won't let you in to sing a song, no matter what)
FeignBow (wears store-bought Hippie outfit, uses "dig it, bummer, groovy man")
GainBow (ground-scores inside your tent when you're not there)
HumaneBow (thinks leash a cruel way to keep the dog from shitting in your kitchen)
InsaneBow (can be observed to boldly argue with a crew of selves)
JustPlainBow (eats a lot, doesn't say much)
KitchenStrainBow (frantic, wiped out a week before the Fourth)
LameBow (already carries bliss cup, thus can't carry wood)
MainBow (prominent functionary and authority)
NameBow (regards more words a better name -- DreamyGazelleFawnTurtleSong)
OrdainBow (initiates you on the spot into whatever mystery you want)
PainBow (profoundly sin-aware, and vocal too)
QuartrainBow (expert in all matters prophecy and Nostradamus)
RefrainBow (tells you what YOU ARE N!O!T! ALLOWED to do)
StainBow (your stuff won't be the same after one touches it)
TrainBow (will show you how it's done, whether you want to know or not)
ÜberRainBow (won't notice Bows of less than thirty gatherings)
VainBow (seen floating past you on exalted tribal status cloud)
WaneBow (fizzled out Bow you'll stumble over on the path at night)
X-RayFameBow (will know you inside out the instant s/he sets eyes on you)
Y'allStayin'?Bow (carries itinerary of all shows and goodies times for every camp)
ZanyBow (will tell you "all you need is love" after you tumbled headlong down ravine)

Know any more? Well tell us!

note to self:
did selections from 9 pages for "rainbow family" (setting the time to a year)
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